Life as Young Assassins

This is about friends who have been chosen to become assassins and their adventures they take.

credit to my good friend for helping make the story.


6. Kill That Man: Part 2

Evanna POV:

“What was that?” I said while Mr. P and I ran towards the gunshot was. I split off from him and teleported at the roof that we heard a gunshot from. A man that looked like Mark walked into the car and the car started. I jumped off the roof and ran towards the car but the car began to move. “Mr. P, turn on your watch and call for others,” I yelled while chasing the car. “Don’t worry, I got this.” Mr. P nodded and stopped running. I turned back and run for my life towards Mark’s car. Mark noticed me and pointed the gun at me. I turned to the right and turned myself invisible. After 3 minutes of running the car stopped and I was able to jump inside of the car since Mark left his back window opened. I accidentally kicked a bag of money and made a huge noise. I froze as he looked back.

“What was that?” He said while facing back in the front and drove on. I turned on my watch and signal Mr.P. I quietly waited until he stopped at a beach. There was a ship but I know that it’s not his ship; However, though, he took his bag from the back and walked towards it casually. I teleported closer to him and follow him. After we both settle in the ship called “Ship Tina” I checked my watch.

“When will we come back?” a commander asked.

“At 6 pm of course,” said the Captain. “Don’t worry you’ll be back with your family later while I can handle the rest. The commander smiled and left, leaving the Captain making sure everything is all set to go. I record myself.

“Mr. P, I’m in a ship of Tina,” I whispered in my mic of my watch. “It’ll be back at 6 pm tonight, please be there on time, sir.” I turned off the recording and looked at my power limit bar. It was going low. I turned off my invisibility and stay cover. I stayed quiet for a long time and no one saw me. Finally, the ride was over and I turned on my invisibility and followed Mark around. Mark went in a different car and change my clothes into magnetic clothes and stick on the top of the car. It was actually quite fun. The wind breeze through my hair. The nice feeling when I run sometimes. I took a small deep breathe with a smile until my watch had a notification. I looked at the notification and press on it.

“We’ll be there,” Samuel said. “Right now, keep yourself unseen at all time.” The car stopped and I turned off my watch. I turned my clothes into a black ninja clothes and follow Mark until he walked in his home. If I go there, I might get caught. Might as well stay in his trees for now. I climbed the trees and follow Mark every window where I could see him.

After a few hours later, another car came and I turned on my invisibility goggles on. I saw EVERYONE. I mind linked Roxy.

“Roxy, listen to the dog whistle,” I said while taking the dog whistle out. Since Roxy could hear everything due to her wolf ears, she’ll be able to hear the whistle. I blew on it and Roxy quickly follows the sound with everyone with her.

“Evanna, we were worried sick,” Bill said while tried to get me off the tree. I looked at Mark in the window and he was still in the bathroom. “Why are you in a ninja outfit?”

“I’ll explain later. Mark is in the bathroom,” I said while jumping down. “This is our chance to get in and strike him, but there might be cameras inside.”

“Nice work, Evanna,” Mr. P said with a thumbs up. “See this is why you are a good leader. You always think ahead.” I actually think while I do but I'm just gonna go with it.

 Roxy POV:

“Nice work, Evanna,” Mr. P said with a thumbs up. “See this is what you are a good leader. You always think ahead.” That’s not true. Why is she proud of it?

“How are we supposed to do that?” Avery complained and not helping with our situation.

“Well, I’ll go in first and turn off the cameras, while Evanna and Roxy will go in and kill him. Acacia and Lele, you two stay out and keep an eye on Mark. Kegan, you have a good hunting skill, so you’ll just shoot the bodyguards outside with the arrows and make them fall asleep. Barrett and Daran will distract the inside guard, and Bill and Samuel will teleport to Mark’s room to check some clues. Avery,” Mr. P sighed. “You do nothing because you are not even ready and you’ll mess everything up. Clear?”

“Clear,” Everyone but Avery said. We all split up and it was just me with Evanna.

“How are we going to kill him?”

“If he’s taking a bath then we’ll use his electronics to kill himself,” she whispered coldly.

“What if he's not?” I asked.

“Do I have a thread on me,” she asked. I look in her small bag for a thread.

“Yes?” I’m so confused. Why would she need a thread? We teleported to his room and peek through the door. “Wait what if he’s naked?”

“Don’t worry, I already teleported an invisible blanket to cover him up or he’s taking a bubble bath. He is in the bathtub which means we have to use electronics,” she mind-linked. I put my supervision on and study where Mark’s radio is. “Anything?”

“Evanna, the radio next to him,” I said while getting the thread out. “You have to make a small portal toward the radio and use this needle to magnetic around the radio.”

“So, you’re saying is that I control the needle around the radio and try pulling in towards him?” I nodded. We high five each other and Evanna made a portal towards the radio. We tied a needle and thread together and Evanna controlled it to go around the radio. Evanna pulls the thread towards Mark but stopped “I got it. What should I do now? It’ll hurt you.” I let go of the thread and the radio dropped down. Mark screamed in pain for 3 seconds and then he was silent again. I looked with my supervision and he looked dead. Evanna controlled the needle back towards us and clean off the doorknob, so her fingerprints are gone. “Let’s get out of here,”

We both teleport outside and meet up with everyone.

“Is the job done?” Mr. P asked.

“Dead as a ghost town,” Evanna said. “Does plan A always work when you became an assassin?”

“No, it rarely happens,” Mr. P said while looking at Mark’s house. The guard inside awoke and looked for Mark. “Time for us to go back. Don’t worry, we have helicopter coming,” Mr. P said. “Since you used a lot of your powers, let Samuel do some portal magic for now.” Samuel nodded and made a portal to a helicopter base. It was quite windy in the base.

“Guys, Help me,” Evanna yelled in fear. Everyone looked at her backing far away. She tried teleporting back but she kept backing away from us, due to her being light and short. “I would love for you guys to help.” Everyone but Samuel laughed while Bill ran towards Evanna.


Evanna POV:

“Help,” I yelled while I’m backing away from everyone. I tried teleporting back but I’m legit still flying away from everyone. Everyone but Samuel laughed at me. “I would love for someone to help.” Bill ran towards me but Samuel teleported behind me and caught me. “Thanks.” We hold hands and everyone but Bill and Avery cheered. We both teleported back and the helicopter stopped. We all went in and flew back to the airport that we were before

“Well that was an interesting mission,” Lele said to Acacia.

“Totally,” Acacia said to Lele. “But the most interesting part was Evanna flying away from us and Samuel saved her.” Samuel and I blushed.

“This is not Dora the Explorer, guys,” Avery said in a mean way.

“Said the one who didn’t participate the mission,” Barrett and Daran laughed and fist bump each other.

“Score!” cheered Lele and Acacia.


After a plane ride, we wanted to sleep but since it’s daytime in the island, we have to go to school.

“Do we have to go to school, Mr. Pusher,” Avery complained.

“Yes,” he said. I showed him Avery’s agenda. “Evanna wrote that you have homework that is due, so might as well go to school and turn it in.” Avery groaned.

I said confidently. “I was the one who said that you have homework and I gave you homework to do. I hope you finished it because we are going to class in 2 minutes.

“What did I do?” Avery complaining.

“You didn’t respect her,” Lele explained. Avery groaned and the bus stopped.

“Try not to get in trouble guys,” Mr. P said before driving off. We all walked into class and the teacher walked in with a test. The teacher handed out our test about greeting in German. It wasn’t that hard, pretty much my team but Avery aced it. After everyone finished the test, the teacher left and everyone was on their phones until he came back with a box.

“Why did he brought food in when his class when his classroom rule was not to bring food,” Avery asked. Roxy and I sighed.

“Do you always think about food at a serious moment?” I asked her while the teacher looked at me. She nodded without hesitation. “Wow.” The teacher called my name.

“Evanna,” he said in a happy tone. He doesn’t usually be happy or would be this happy. I got up and walked towards the front.

“Yes, sir,” I whispered.

“I want you to give this to your team,” he whispered. “I’m so glad that you and the older guys helped my family and my lovely neighborhood.”

“Do you even know who’s my team is?” I asked in concern. He shooked his head.

“My team is Roxy, Kegan, Samuel, Bill, Avery, Acacia, Lele, Barrett, and Daran.”

“Why do you have younger kids as your team,” he asked. “Aren’t you new at this?”

“I don’t know but they’re not that bad actually,” I said while taking the box. I walked away but I stopped. “I did work with adults but we have to chase Mark, so they were useless at that point. Sorry if you didn’t expect us to finish the job as you wanted.” He nodded.

“Roxy, Kegan, Samuel, Bill, Acacia, Lele, Barrett, and Daran,” he yelled out. Why was he calling my team out but not Avery? Was it about the test or something else?

“Why are you calling them,” I asked him. Everyone looked at my team as they walked to the front.

“Just watch,” he whispered. “I want you all to be like these kiddos. Smart and talented. All of you guys keep partying and failing this class, you might not even be able to attend real assassination work.” Avery stormed towards the front while everyone went back and sat down.

“How come I wasn’t called,” she said in jealousy.

“You have a C- in the test,” he groaned. Samuel laughed.

“She’s going to blow,” he whispered in my ear.

“How is that possible?” She yelled at his face. Everyone but us got out their phone. “I’m way smarter that Evanna, she should’ve had a C too.

“Nope,” he said confidently. “She aced it.” He showed my test to Avery. Avery grabbed from him and ripped it.

“Hey,” I yelled at her from the back. “That’s my test. If you studied like I did, you don’t have to worry about this. Plus, I took German class for summer school already like you were supposed to but you skipped German class all the time. That’s why you barely past it.” Avery stormed towards me but Bill carried me like a baby and went far away from Avery before she got closer to me. Kegan and Roxy tried not to laugh.

“Calm down,” Mr. James said. My cold sweat flow down my face. I was still holding the box, Bill put me down quickly and tried to open it. He hit the box in anger and dropped food all over the floor.

“Nice job,” I told him in a serious tone. “Pick it up.”


We all came to the mansion with Mr. P stomping his toes up and down.

“Why did I call today about you guys,” He said while he looked at me. I put my head down in guilt. “In the training center and kneel down.” We all went to the training center and kneeled there until Mr. P walked in. “I’m going to call your name. You will stand up,” he said while he stood in front of me. “Barrett, Daran, Bill, Acacia, Lele, Kegan, Roxy, and Samuel,” he yelled out. Lele whispered Kegan and Roxy about something. No one but Bill didn’t move. Bill stood up really tall and smirked. “Why aren’t you guys moving?”

“Well, sir,” said Daran in the most confident tone. “We all agreed that if you call Evanna name, we’ll stand.” I looked at me in surprise.

“Yes,” Barrett finished Daran. “We agree that she didn’t deserve the punishment.”

“We think that it should be Avery and Bill, sir,” Samuel whispered. Mr. P nodded.

“Okay,” He said out loud. “Bill and Avery must kneel down while everyone that wasn’t called come to my office and explain.”

“Why is that?” Bill yelled. “I didn’t do anything.”

“Just kneel,” Samuel said in an unsatisfied tone. He helped me up and Bill kneeled down with anger on his face. “What?” A maid walked in and Mr. P told us to go to the office. While in the office, we told him what happened in the first period. He wasn’t satisfied with that.


Roxy POV:

“So, you guys are saying is that you guys had a German test, all but Avery aced it, and she attacked you,” He said while looking at me. “Where the treat?”

“Bill dropped it,” I explained a sad tone. Mr. P sighed.

“Go to your room until dinner,” he said while walking over to the door. We ran out and Evanna opened her door. Everyone walked in and talked mostly.

“So, why are you guys in my room?” Evanna asked everyone.

“Because your room is huge and we can hang out here for a while,” Lele stated.

“How’s writing, Evanna?” I asked.

“Not quite working on it,” Evanna sighed. “We don’t have laptops or phones anymore.”

“If you guys wanted one, why didn’t you asked?” Mr. P said while walking in the room.

“I have lots of laptops and computers in here, and it’s new and not used,” he explained while sitting down on the ground.

“What kind?” Kegan asked.

“Pretty much anything,” He replied. Evanna gave him a surprised face. “Evanna, your computers are going to be set up tomorrow anyway, why are you surprised?

“Computers for what?”

“I don’t know,” he said without guessing. “All I know is that two has a screen like a computer and also an iPad due to it’s touchscreen which is good use for drawing, while the other is just touchscreen and not used for drawing a lot.” I want to cheer. I love to draw.

“How many are we talking,” Acacia asked.

“At least 8,” he replied. “Maybe you guys should have like a study hall in here and work together since you guys pretty much have the best relationship than Bill and Avery in the way.”

“That’s true,” Evanna explained. “We’re like a family together without them, we should totally use this huge space close to the door as a working spot for only us.

“Exactly,” Daran said. “We should have a big circle table where we could discussing our plan and put food and water here, so it won’t get dirty on the computers.”

“As long as you guys clean your mess, I’m okay with it,” Evanna added. “We should also have like a machine tell the maid on what we want to eat or drink since we don’t want to go back and forth to my room and the kitchen.”

“I’ll make that arrangement,” Mr. P said while texting on his phone.

“Without us?” Bill and Avery asked. Everyone looked towards Evanna’s door.

“Who invited you?” Evanna said in a serious tone. “Yes, without you because you guys will just bother us.” Everyone agreed. A text notification noise came out of Mr. P’s phone.

“Okay, it’s settled,” Mr. P said. “The plan is already arranged, you can’t change it. I guess that you guys aren’t invited.”

“That’s not fair though,” Avery complained. “Aren’t we on the team?” We all nodded and went back into talking about will we arranged my room for a study hall. She got mad and walked in. Everyone turned to her and sighed. Mr. P got up and dragged her out of my room.

    “I’ll arrange an ID cards for you to get in and out of this door,” He said while closing the door and locking it. “It’s shouldn’t be that hard to make. Unless we use our face but we won't needing it because first of all, we are assassin, we shouldn’t show our faces.”

    “I also need a laptop too,” Evanna said. “I might need it to work on planning things while in public.” Mr. P nodded and text what Evanna said.

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