Life as Young Assassins

This is about friends who have been chosen to become assassins and their adventures they take.

credit to my good friend for helping make the story.


8. Is That Him?

Evanna POV:

    “Evanna?” a familiar voice called. “Evanna.” I woke up to see who it was. I jumped in surprised. It was Paris. “Hurry up, sweetie,” She said while pulling the covers off me. “We’re picking out your dress and do your makeup.” I groaned and I jumped out of bed.

“Do I have to?” I asked her.

“Yes because today is the mission that you agreed on,” she replied nicely. “Let’s go.” I hurried on my routine and meet Paris in the front door. She opened the door and a helicopter was already set. “This is my ride.” I ran towards it and observed it while Paris walked closer.

“Wow,” I said as the door opened. We both walked in and every girl ran towards us.

   “Could we come,” Acacia asked. I looked at Paris and she nodded. We all made room for all of us and we were able to fit in. After a while, we landed at a special dress shop.

“This is the only shop that has a manager that could find your personality dress,” She explained. We walked in and Paris talked to the manager.

“Please come in, Evanna,” the manager said to me. I followed her in the back of the store. “What is your personality like?”

“I’m a tomboy, but if I’m wearing a dress it has to have a jacket with it,” I replied. She nodded and stopped. I stopped and she asked me to spread my arms out.

“Please make it a little baggie on the jacket,” Acacia asked. “Evanna has lots of muscles.” I blushed in embarrassment and the manager nodded and went away.

“What do we do now?” I asked.

“We just wait until she gets 10 dresses here,” Paris replied while sitting down in the nearest chair. We all waited until the manager comes in with a few dress. Most of them don't look like my type. “Is that all you got?” Paris asked nicely.

“Sadly yes,” the manager replied. I felt so bad. I walked closer to her.

“I’m sure I’ll like one of them,” I said while looking at one of them. She nodded and hanged the dress. Roxy chose first.

“This dress looks like what you would wear as a dress,” Roxy said while pointing at the dress. I looked at it and I was surprised. She’s right, it does look like my type of dress.

“Good choice, Roxy,” Lele said to Roxy and they both gave high fives to each other.

“Evanna?” Paris asked. “Do you like it?

“Yes,” I said surprised tone. “I didn’t know there were any dresses that are my type.

“Like I said, she is the best of the best on dresses,” Paris said while pointing at the manager. I thanked the manager and tried on the dress. I walked out of the fitting room and everyone stared at me. “What?” I said while blushing.

“It looks so cute on you,” everyone said with a big smile. After Paris paid the dress for me and we all left the store until I suddenly stopped. “What is it?”

“What about your dresses?” I asked.

“Only you, Samuel, Bill and Avery are doing it,” Paris replied while we walked to the helicopter. “The other rest will just be in the background.”

After we went back, we all ran to our rooms and change while the boys and Avery already change into the nicer clothes. Paris followed me and help me with my dress, hair, and makeup because I don’t know how to use makeup. After I was done, I walked towards the stairs.

Roxy POV:

I went downstairs where I met with Kegan. He waved at me and I walked towards him. “You look handsome.”

“Thanks, You look really pretty with a furry outline in your dress,” He said while I blushed. We both heard high heels walking towards upstairs. It was Evanna. She looks so pretty. Everyone stared at her while walking down the stairs. I look at her eyes and there was suffering in her eyes. It’s probably because of the high heels that she’s not used to. When she finally went down the stairs, we all went to private jets and flew for I think 5 hours. It was boring but luckily Mr. Pusher brought new phones to everyone but Bill and Avery to use. I looked over at Evanna, who is writing in a small journal about something.

“What are you writing about?” I asked her. She wrote a little more before she speaks.

“Our story, silly,” She replied with a smile.

“How are you feeling about the mission?”

“Scared but confident,” She stopped writing. “Are you guys going to watch me?”

“Yes, only in the background,” I said to her. “You should focus on the prince.”

“True,” she said as we landed to a place.

“We’ll get out and get inside a limo that the king provides us,” Mr. P explained while getting out first. We followed him to the limo and waited until we reached the kingdom. “This is it. Remember stick with the plan.” He minds linked us.

   “Why can’t you tell us in person?” Avery asked.


Evanna POV:

“Because we don’t know if the driver is the prince’s spy,” I mind linked towards Avery. After the car stopped, Everyone walked out but Mr. P, Paris and I. We all nodded and Mr. P left.

“Follow me, my dear,” she said while walking out of the limo. I walked out and she helped me get out of the limo. We both hold hands and walked in the party. It was a classic party. She let’s go of my hand. “See you later.” She said while leaving me alone. I walked towards the party and look for Samuel. In 2 minutes, I only found Avery.

“Let’s have a conversation about random things, so the prince doesn't suspect a thing,” I mind linked Avery. She nodded and started to make random conversation until the prince walked towards us and started flirting with us. Avery played easy to get and the prince wasn’t interested in her. In the other hand, I saw Samuel and tried walking towards him but the prince walked in front of me and introduced himself with a long speech. I looked over at Avery, who ran to him to distracted him, and I walked away to catch up with Samuel and Bill.

“How are you going to the princess?” I asked Samuel.

“She wants me instead of Bill,” He said in a sad tone.

“Don’t worry,” I said while holding his hand. “You can do it.” The prince grabbed my right arms. We both turned to me and bowed to him “Hello, Prince…?”

“Prince Ace,” he said while bowing. We stood up. “Who might you be?” He asked while he touched my jawline. Samuel gave him and disdain glance as the prince flirted.

“Well, my name is Evanna,” I said innocently. The prince smiled until Avery walked in and distract him. “We should go somewhere else. Let see if he likes hard to get girls like me.” Sam nodded and walked with me on the dance floor. We dance to the music until the princess wanted to dance with him. I waved bye at Samuel and walked passed a bunch of other guys.

“Hello there,” they said to me with a smirk. I ignored them and hurry my way to the prince from the other side. The guys followed me. “Come one now. Talk to us.” Again, I ignored them. They all followed me until I suddenly stopped when the prince was facing towards me.

“Why are you guys following me?” I asked them innocently.

“Wow, even her voices sounds cute,” One of the boys said while grabbing my arms forcibly. “What’s your name?” I wanted to punch them but I can’t. I have to act innocent.

“Could you please let me go,” I asked nicely. “You’re hurting me.”

“Aww, the little girl wants us to let go?” the second of the boys said. “Too bad, we’re not letting you go because you belong to us now.” The first one holds my wrist harder. It didn’t hurt but I pretended that it hurts. Sam saw and tried helping me out but Prince Ace came instead.

“What are you guys think you’re doing,” Prince Ace said. The first boy lets go of my hand and I stood in the middle since I walked to watch them fight.

“Mind your business,” they said to him. Sam grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the fight. The prince and the boys looked at Samuel with a mean face while Samuel tried fixing my dress. I looked at Samuel and he let go. He walked away but I followed him.

“Where are you following me?” He asked in a mean way. I stopped following him while watching him slowly walking away to go with the princess. The prince put his arms around me.

“Evanna, right?” He asked. I nodded. “Forget that mean person, come with me.” He said while showing his money. I gave him an disdain look as I denied him.

“I don’t like that much money,” I replied. He looked at me with a surprised face. I looked at me. “What is there something wrong with me not liking money?”

“No, not at all,” He hesitated. “It just I really like you.” I faked blushed. “Would you care for this dance?” He leads out his hands towards me. I gently place my hands in his hands and we walked towards the dance floor and dance. “You’re a good dancer.”

“Thank you,” I said while looking away and fake blushed. After the music stopped.

“I was wondering if you could be my girlfriend?” he asked me.

“Of course,” I said. He holds my hand and we both walked to the king.

“Father, I found the one,” Prince Ace said. The king nodded and showed us the stage.

“Ladies and gentlemen, my son, Prince Ace has found a new girlfriend,” the king said. I hid behind the prince. The prince laughed. The queen walked in and smiled at me. I looked at the king while the prince looked at his mom. The king winked at me for the signal that we planned out. I nodded and went back looking for the prince. The prince leads me to a table and we both talked for a while. I looked in the crowded and looked for Sam.

“What are you looking at?” He asked me while gently touch my chin to make me look at him. I looked at him with a smile.

“There are so many people that you could choose from but why me?” I asked.

“Because you’re unique in your own way,” Prince Ace said. “Are you from here?”

I mind linked Mr. P. “What should I say when he asked am I from here?

“Just say that you just move here and ask what school does he go,” Paris replied.

“Hello?” The prince asked.

“Sorry, I daydream a lot,” I said while playing it cool. “I just move here.”

“Oh, that’s cool,” he said before he took a sip of his water.

“What school do you go?” I asked. “I would like to go there since I just moved here.”

“Washington High School,” He replied. “I’ll make sure we’ll have classes together if you come.” He winked and we smiled and I felt an angry stare at us. I looked in the crowd to see who is angry at us. Prince Ace looked at me carefully and stood up. “Want to do down there, huh?” I nodded. He took his hand out and I placed my hand on his hand and stood up. As we walked down, I saw Roxy and Kegan dancing.

“May I go talk to my friends a little bit alone?’ I asked the prince.

“Sure,” Prince Ace said as he let go of my hand. “Make sure you come back up there in 4 minutes.”

“Okay,” I said while a big smile. I walked towards Roxy and Kegan.

“How did it go?” Roxy asked.

“It worked but how are we going to be in the same school?” I asked her.

“I don’t know,” she said while thinking of a plan. “I’ll ask and we could speak about this later.” I nodded and walked towards the prince. He put his arms around me and the princess.

“Who is that?” He turned around to see who it was.

“Oh this is my sister, Jessica,” he introduced. I bowed down.

“Hello, Princess Jessica,” I said in an innocent tone. She bowed to me and we stood up.

“Find your man yet?” Prince Ace asked.

“Yes,” she replied while Samuel walked towards us. We made eye contact until I broke off. “Do you know him?” She asked us.

“No, I don’t,” We both said without hesitating. I looked at Samuel and he looked kind of upset about that. Ace holds my hands and we walked to the royal table and sat next to each other as well as the princess and Samuel. Since Samuel sat next to me and we both mind-linked with everyone but it took awhile to reach them.

“What should we do now?” Sam asked Paris.

“Roxy mind linked me about the prince is hoping to see Evanna in his school,” Paris said while Samuel gave me an angry face. My heart started to feel like they were stabbed by knives. “Calm down kid, it wasn’t her fault. It was Mr. Pusher’s fault.” Mr. P. groaned in the background.

“We could move here you know?” Mr. Pusher said in the background

“How?” Acacia said while Barrett was talking to Daran in the background.

“Did you guys not remember that my dad makes mansions?” Daran said in the background. “I was the one who made our mansions. Which mean I could make the house fly to a big spot in here. You’re welcome.”

“I’ve already set that up,” Mr. Pusher replied. “Thanks to the king, we have to live in the hills which means we’re far away from the kingdom but that’s a good thing.”

“How is it a good thing?” Avery asked.

“We’ll be able to see if the prince is coming.”


“Okay, then go back to work,” Mr. Pusher yelled before Paris turned off the mind link. The prince and princess were too busy bragging about both of us that we got bored and sat back and relaxed for a little bit until the king stopped the fuss. As the king turned to the people, he made a speech about the party was going to end in 1 hour.

Roxy POV:

The king explained to us that the party was going to end soon. “What do we do now?” I asked while mind linking Paris.

“Look for them and tell the prince that she has to leave,” Paris replied on the engine sound in the background.

“I’ll get Evanna,” I said while looking over at the royal table. I watched over towards Evanna. “Kegan,” I called him. “Could you go get Samuel while I get Evanna, so the prince and princess don’t suspect them together?” Kegan nodded and went after to Sam to get them. After they came back, I waited for 10 minutes to pick up Evanna. As I walked in there, I looked at Evanna. “We have to go,” I said to her while she nodded. She got up and bowed to the prince and princess. I bowed too.

“Thanks for today but sadly I have to go,” she said while the prince hugged her. “Bye. I guess I’ll see you later.”

“Wait, when are you attending school and will you come here tomorrow?”

“I’ll try, on Monday, I’ll attend it,” She replied before leaving him. She looked back and the prince waved at her. She turned back to me. “He acts really normal.”

“Yeah,” I added. “He’s not interesting as you thought he would be.” She nodded and Paris picked us up.

“Did you guys have fun today?” Paris asked.

“The prince was quite annoying sometimes but he’s okay,” Evanna replied. Samuel looked at Evanna. “Why were you giving me mean attitudes lately?”

“Nothing,” He replied while turning away with an angry face.

“Fine, be that way,” Evanna said in an angry tone. “Just so you know I haven’t done anything wrong, I was just doing my job.” She looked away and everyone started to become worried. I mind linked them.

“I think Samuel is jealous,” I said.

“He is but he wants to deny it because he doesn’t want her to know but it ended up hurting both of them,” Barrett said.

“Well I would act the same way too if my crush was going out with someone better than me at some things,” said Bill who is looking outside of the window. “

“What can we do now?” I asked them. “If they keep this up, they might lose their friendship. Worst. Regretting that they ever liked each other because they look good together.”

“True but I think Paris or Mr. P will have to do that because both of them aren’t going to lose a fight that easily. They are so stubborn when it comes to filling,” Daran said.

“On it,” Paris said while stopping at the mansion in the hills. Mr. P. walked out and we all walked in and do our night routine while Samuel go with Pais and Evanna go with Mr. P to explain them something. I didn’t want to disturb them but I’m so curious that I walked with Evanna to hear them but Lele and Acacia stopped me from that happening. I went back to bed and stared at the ceiling thinking about Evanna and Samuel. Why do they have to fight? Is there a better way to fix them? I was thinking about them until I thought about the prince. What will the prince do to Evanna? Will she okay with him? I’m so worried about her that I didn’t realized that she was in her room until she slammed the door. I hesitated and tried to sleep peacefully.

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