Life as Young Assassins

This is about friends who have been chosen to become assassins and their adventures they take.

credit to my good friend for helping make the story.


1. Goodbye Home

~The Bell Rings~

Evanna POV(Point Of View):

After I heard the bell rang, I packed up my stuff really fast and was about the leave but everyone stopped when the teacher started to yell.

   “Make sure every one of you watches the government’s channel,” she yelled before dismissing us. I started getting worried, but Roxy cheered me up by waiting for me at the door.

“Hurry up Evanna, I want to watch the government’s channel,” Roxy said while walking with me.

“Why?” I said while giving a smile but really I’m scared if I’m chosen because Roxy’s and my parents signed us up to be in the assassin group.

“I know that we are scared, but we have to do it for our parents,” Roxy said. “It might be good for us.”

“I know but today kids around our age will get picked and we have to go to assassin schools.”

“I know.” We both walked in our bus and sit in the front. I pulled out my phone and we both watched the government’s channel while the bus was moving. “Oh. Look they’re going to call the names.” I put the volume up, so Roxy and I listen carefully.

“Barrett Jones, Acacia Gracia, Lele Goldwind, Daran Cleverton, Samuel Heartfilia, Bill Jonathan, Avery Mason, Kegan Icer, Roxy Anma, and the leader of the group is Evanna Thao,” the government slowly said on the speaker. Everyone looked at Roxy and me.

“We got chosen,” we both gasped.

“And Kegan too,” Roxy said while thinking about him. I rolled my eyes. “Hey, be nice. At least we know some people,” Roxy pouted.

“Are you kidding me?” I asked Roxy. The truth is that I knew everyone that the government said. “I actually know everyone that they called out.”


“Yeah, I know them before I went to this school,” I made a weak smile. “At least my squad will meet each other again.”

“True for you to say that,” Roxy sighed. “I only know two people.”

“I know. I know,” I replied. The bus stopped at our bus stop. Roxy and I ran home. I opened my door and my parents were waiting for me.

“Hello father and mother,” I said while little tears dripping down my face. “I guess you heard that I am the chosen one.”

“Yes, we have,” my father said while keeping himself from crying. “Remember don’t cry. Crying doesn’t do you any good.” I nodded and hugged him.

“Sweetie” I looked at my mom, weeping. “I’m so proud of you.” My brother and sister ran downstairs. We all hugged and kissed one another until a worker from the government broke in.

“Evanna Thao?” I walked towards him.

“Yes, that’s me,” I said before he pointed at a small bus. I turned around trying to say goodbye but I was pushed outside of my house by the worker. I knew what this means, it means walk faster or dies. I ran towards the bus and see no one. “I must be the first on.” I heard an ouch from a familiar voice. ROXY. KEGAN.     

   Roxy POV:

   I saw Evanna running towards her house. I walked towards my house my parents were in tears. “Mom? Dad? You must’ve heard my name being called in the government’s channel,” I said softly.

   “Yes, We knew we could have raised you better than this but we don’t have enough money so-,” I interrupted my parents’ sad speech.

   “It’s fine guys,” I said confidently. “I’m going to try my best to help you guys get money for you without worrying.” My brother overheard me.

   “I love you, Roxy!,” my brother said while hugging me with tears in his eyes. “But please promise me to stay alive for us.”

   “I promise,” I said while a man walked in my house.

   “Roxy Anma,” He said. “Come with me, NOW.” He pushed me outside of my house.

   “Ouch,” I yelped. I saw Kegan and run towards him. “Hey, what’s happening?”

   “We're getting forced by men from the government to leave without saying goodbye,” Kegan said while he catches his breath.

   “Go to the bus or die,” one of the men said. We both hurry onto the bus and saw Evanna.

   “Evanna!” I yelled with happiness.

   “Roxy!,” she yelled while hugging me. The bus was small maybe it’s a limo. “Let’s all sit here,” I pointed at the blue seats. We all sit in the blue seats which are big enough for us three. Kegan and I saw new people and we were nervous about them, but not Evanna. She knew what she's doing. After everyone was here, Evanna spoke up and introduced us to her other friends. I was really comfortable after Evanna introduced us to them but one of them catches my eyes. It was Avery. She looks like the type that you don't want to mess with. Evanna whispered, “Don’t let Avery mess with you. She's a total jealous freak and she hates everyone but Samuel.” I gulped.

       After a long ride to the airport, we all went to a private airplane. We flew towards an assassin’s school and we have our own rooms in a mansion.

       “This mansion is beautiful,” Every girl said but Evanna, who’s not interested in rich stuff.

       “Your PJs, school and training uniforms, and normal clothes ready for you, but today at 6:00 pm, you must dress nicely and Daran. Your parents transmitted you’re transforming machine here to use to hide you and your group's’ Identity. Is that clear?” One servant said before leaving us. Evanna looked at Daran and he pulls out his invention. It was a small machine until he activated it. Barrett went first. It has laser scans us up and down to change our looks and give us power. After everyone but Evanna got scan, Evanna was a little worried.

   “It’s okay, Evanna,” I said while pushing her towards the scanner.

   “Okay,” Evanna said in a worried tone. She took a deep breath and nodded her head to tell Daran that she was ready. The scanner scanned her but there was a problem. The scanner was still processing to choose her powers but then the scanner started to explode. The scanner broke into sharp pieces. Everyone backed up really fast but Evanna stayed and fell to her knees, putting her head, and covering her face.

   Everyone but Avery ran towards her. “Evanna! Evanna!” Everyone said. Evanna put her head up. Blood dripping from her scar in her eyes and her cheeks.

   “Did the scanner pieces cut you?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

“Well at least you have the power to heal fast like Roxy,” Daran said coldly.

“Okay, That was mean,” Kegan said.

“It’s fine, Kegan,” Evanna replied while standing up. “That’s who he is.”

“Yep,” Barrett said. “I guess that’s how you explain who Daran is.” Evanna’s face stopped bleeding and a light spark where her scar is.

“Look,” Acacia squealed. “She healed, but what power does she have?”

“According to my research she has all powers from my scanner,” Daran said.

“Which means she could also be part animal,” Lele finished Darren's sentence.

“Well, we need to hurry and dress up like the butler just said,” Samuel said. Samuel has portal magic, so he made a portal to our room and we all get dressed like we were in a ball. We meet up in the hallway and a maid was waiting for us.

This is what everyone looked like but only when they are on a mission

“This way, children,” She said. I looked at Evanna’s eyes and we both have different colored eyes.

“Evanna?” Samuel said. Evanna blushed. I knew what that meant. It means she likes Samuel.

“Yes?” Evanna asked.

“Are you okay after that explosion?” Samuel said in a worried tone.

“Yep. I’m okay. Why?”

“Well-” Samuel got interrupted.

“Hey Samuel, let’s ditch these people and hurry to the diner room,” Avery said while flirting. Evanna looked at me.

“So you really do like him?” I asked her.

“Yeah, but Avery wants him,” Evanna whispered while walking away. Kegan and I speed walk towards her.

“I know you’ve never had a boyfriend but it’s okay to have one,” Kegan said. Barrett, Daran, Acacia, and Lele overheard us and ran towards us.

“Who likes who?” Lele asked.

“Evanna likes Samuel but Avery is taking him away from her,” I replied.

“Awww,” Acacia said. “Well, we can get him to pay attention to you more.”

“Wait, where’s Bill?” Evanna said. She bumped into someone. “Ow. What was that?”

“Me,” Bill said in an angry voice.

“Sorry Bill,” Evanna said softly. “I didn’t see you,” Bill smirked.

“You owe me,” Bill said.

“She doesn’t have to owe you anything, Bill!” Acacia yelled.

“Fine,” Bill said while walking away but he was blushing behind Evanna’s back. We looked at Evanna.

“I could’ve done that myself,” Evanna said while walking away. We followed her until we get the in dining room. Everyone settle down and Samuel was right next to me.

“Hey, switch spots with me,” I asked Evanna.

“Why?” Evanna asked.

“Because I want you to sit next to Samuel and me,” I said. She got up and switched place with me. Now I sit next to Kegan and Evanna.

Evanna POV:

   I stood up and got out of my chair and switch with Roxy. So, now Samuel and Roxy are right next to me. Someone cleared his voice.

   “Children please be quiet,” said a man. I looked at the man. It was the same man that pushed me out of my house. I looked at him carefully, observing him by looking at his eyes. “We need to get over the rules first, then we can eat.” Everyone but me made a disdain face. He taps his spoon on a wine glass. “Listen carefully children or you die without getting paid.”

   After the man said all of the rules, we were all hungry. “Okay, Let’s eat. Dinner tonight is steak with mash potatoes.” Everyone cheers but Samuel and me.

“Why didn’t you cheer like everyone else did?” I whispered to Samuel.

“I’m used to eating our culture’s food,” Samuel said under his breath. “What about you? Why didn’t you cheer?”

“Same reason as you,” I said. The food was severed. Samuel and I had trouble eating it while everyone happily eating their food. After a while, we both manage to eat our dinner. “I think I need to go throw up,” I said in a sick tone.

“Same,” Samuel said while leaning on my shoulder. I felt my inside starting to panic. Samuel sat up straight and looked at Avery, who is eating like a pig. Samuel pointed at Avery and I looked towards Avery and her plate, that is full. So full that it looks like she hasn't eaten yet. We were shocked about her.

“Oh, Geez,” I whispered while cringing.

“Yeah,” Samuel whispered. “What room did my Portal put you?”

“Room 23,” I replied. “What about you?”

“Room 24,” Samuel answered. “What color is your room? Mine is red and some blue.”

“Mine is more on the blue side and my bed and window are red.”

“Cool,” Samuel said before he was interrupted by the man that pushed me outside of my house.

“Okay, kiddos, we have your school schedule for you, and you guys will call me, Mr. Pusher,” Mr. Pusher said. Everyone laughed.

“No wonder he pushed me out of my house without saying goodbye,” I said to Samuel.

“I know right,” Samuel laughed. A maid came in and handed out our schedules.

“Remember kids you all have the same classes,” Mr. Pusher said. Avery raised her hand.

“Umm sir,” Avery said innocently. Everyone but Avery groaned at her. “How many types of uniforms we have.”

“Well you guys have training, school, our uniform was given to you, and you own Assassin uniform that Daran’s invention gave you,” he replied with a serious face. “That reminds me, where is your invention, Daran?”

“Well sir, Evanna went last and it exploded on her so she has a lot of weapons and power in her right now,” Daran said while pointing at me.

“Maybe that's because Evanna was too ugly for it,” Avery said while laughing. Everyone glared at Avery.

“That was mean,” Samuel said.

“Yeah, Avery, that was mean of you to call someone that powerful, ugly,” Bill continues Samuel’s sentences. I stared at Avery who is still laughing.

“Is it because I'm different,” I asked.

“Yeah,” Avery said after she stopped laughing. “You're so different than all of us.”

“Good, because I like being different rather than being like a snotty girl like you,” I said calmly. Avery was shocked.

“How dare you!” She yelled. “I'm not snotty.”

“Oh please, you are snotty,” Lele and Acacia said before I stopped them. I stood up.

“I dare!” I said loudly. Everyone looked at me surprised. “I dare myself to call you snotty. So what if I called you snotty.”

“Oh it's on,” Avery said. “Winner will be Samuel’s girlfriend for how long as he wanted.” Everyone looked at Samuel, who wished he had disappeared. I clear my voice and sit back down.

“Challenge declined,” I answered. “He shouldn't be in our fight, Avery.” Avery got even angrier. She points at me and tries to spark her lightning on me but I have portal magic. So I made a portal that goes right behind her. Her lightning went in my portal and she got tazed from behind.

“Smart move,” said Barrett.

“Thanks,” I replied.

“Okay. Back to business. You will sleep at 9 pm every day. Any time after that we will kill you or punish you.” Mr. Pusher said coldly. “Since tomorrow is Saturday we will go to your school to do a tour in there then we head back and maybe look around this mansion, but only if we have time. Understood?”

“Yes sir,” everyone said before leaving the diner room. We looked at the clock. It was 7:30 pm. We all went to our room and do our nightly routine. I finished and walked out of my room to look for Roxy. Roxy stepped out of her room.

“Awww,” Roxy said. “You have pandas in your PJ.”

“And you have a wolf,” I smiled.

“Yeah,” Roxy said. I looked at the time it was 8:45 pm. “Well, we better get back to our room or else.”

“Yeah,” I nodded. “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight.” I walked off and closed my door. I jumped on my bed and curled up. I stared at the wall and tuck in myself under the blankets.

“Goodnight family,” I whispered before I fell asleep.

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