Life as Young Assassins

This is about friends who have been chosen to become assassins and their adventures they take.

credit to my good friend for helping make the story.


11. Girl Trouble

 Evanna POV:

    “Snoring?” I said in my head. “Why do I hear snoring?” I woke up right away. I looked around and I was at my table. Everyone was in my table sleeping. I chuckled. I looked at the time and it was 5 o'clock in the morning. “Wake up guys.” No one woke up. I tried pushing them a little. “No use.” I said to myself. I slammed my hand on the table and everyone got up.

    “What? What is it?” Bill said in a sleep tone. He looked around. “Oh.”

    “We have to get ready,” I explained. “We have 2 hours to get ready for school, except for Sam and Avery.” Sam groaned. “Sorry Samuel but it will be just another week.”

    “Okay, but I’m only doing it for you and the mission,” He replied.

    “Anything else?” I asked. Everyone shook their head and left my room. I did my morning routine and jumped on the railing of the stairs and waited for everyone. I turn on my phone and read my notifications until the prince texted me.

“Good morning. Hope to see you in school,” He texted.

“Good morning. I hope to see you in school too,” I texted to him before everyone was downstairs. I looked up and everyone did their hair neatly while my hair was in a normal low ponytail. Luckily, they have uniforms for school, so Avery can’t make us late.” We walked out and Paris drove us to school. We walked out in front of the school and everyone was crowding at a car right behind us. Paris drove off, leaving us speechless and nervous. We walked in the office to get our schedule. The crowd started to become even louder than before.

“What’s going on?” Roxy asked me. I sighed and looked outside and the prince appeared in front of me. I jumped back and bowed down. “Hello, Prince Ace,” I said while bowing down. Everyone bowed down to the prince and the prince bowed to us.

“Evanna, you’re here,” He said while holding my hand after I stood back up. Every girl squealed as he kissed my hand. I looked at him confused. “Let’s walk to class together.” I stepped back but Roxy pushed me closer.

“Um, sure,” I said nervously. I never been this nervous in my life. He’s holding my hand.

“What are your classes?” He asked while walking passed the crowd.

“History, English, Art, Math, Science, Photographic, and Gym,” I replied.

“We have only 4 classes together,” He said while Roxy tried to catch up with me. I looked at her smiling a little. “It’s History, Art, Photographic and Gym.”

“That’s cool but does this place usually get this crowded?” I asked while we walked to history class. Roxy was able to come in and I let go of the prince’s hand and grabbed hers. “Are you okay?” Roxy nodded and we both looked at the prince to make sure he doesn’t think we’re faking everything. Prince Ace smiled and showed me and Roxy where to sit. Roxy sat next to me, which is good, but when a girl with lots of makeup and better body figure came in. She was not having it. She turned to me and stormed towards me.

“You, new student!” she yelled at me. “That’s my seat you’re sitting in.” Prince Ace cleared his throat and the girl held my hands as if she was my bff. “Hi, Prince Ace,” she said like she was trying to fool the prince.” I rolled my eyes. “Be nice to Prince Ace.” She yelled in my ears.

“Calm down,” Prince Ace said while hugging me and the girl let go of me. “She’s my girlfriend. You should’ve came to the ball to see her. She was so perfect for me.” I blushed. The girl grabbed my long hair and started pulling. Roxy got up and grabbed her arms.

“What are you doing?” Prince Ace said while helping Roxy to make the girl let go. Roxy dug her nails in the girls skin and the girl let go. Prince Ace hugged me while I rubbed the back of my head. “Why did you hurt Evanna!? She didn’t do anything to you. I’m calling security.”

“No, don’t,” I explained. “It doesn’t hurt that much. I’m sure, I’ll be fine.”

“Are you sure?” Roxy said while helping fix my hair. I nodded. I mind linked her.

“Why did you dig your nails in her? What if you made a mark?”

“Don’t worry, I healed her already, so there’s not a scratch.” Roxy mink linked back. We turned off our mind link and the prince let go. “We should at least report, Evanna.”

“Nah, It’s fine,” I said before the teacher walked in. Everyone settled down but the girl that pulled my hair. She walked up to the teacher and tried to explain what happened and showed the teacher her arms, but when the teacher looked at her arms, there was not a single scratch. She got very angry and pointed at me for making her get hurt.

“Sit back down, Julianna,” the teacher said. “Be nice to the new students.” The teacher called the prince up to him and they chatted for a long time. “I see. Thank you for telling me.” Prince Ace sat back in his seat and the teacher started to teach. It was about the Holocaust. I know what the Holocaust is already. I read many books about the war. It really interested me. “Evanna and Roxy?” both of our heads shot up. “Do you?”

“Yes sir,” I said confidently. “It’s about Germans killing Jews and the American and French helped the Jews to fight back the Germans or that’s how we remembered it.”

“That’s correct,” he replied. “I supposed you studied german classes.”

“Yes and we read a lot of books and wrote lots of papers about the Holocaust,” Roxy said.

“Wow,” the teacher said while fixing his glasses. “Such young ladies, with strong hearts about history.” I looked at the girl that pulled my hair and she gave me a disdain face. “Anything else you learned.” Roxy looked at me for help. I looked down trying to remember anything.

“Not really,” I explained. “I mostly studied the Asian wars.”

“I see,” He said while giving me a big grin. “I’m sure that will be our final.”

“Final!?” Everyone screamed.

“Yes,” Everyone will choose a war to write and talk about. “It’s a good one page essay. You’ll start it next week and will be due in 2 weeks. Simple?”

“Totally,” Prince Ace said while raising his hand. “Will there be extra credit too?”

“Why would you want extra credit when you think it’s easy,” I whispered to him confused.

“It’s just a backup if I fail it” the prince replied. I looked at Roxy. I mind linked her.

“Afterschool, I have to go with the prince,” I explained in my head. “Could you please back me up? Maybe in your wolf pup form.” Roxy nodded and the bell rang. I got up and walked with Roxy to English class. After we got there, everyone in our group was there.

“How was your first period?” Lele asked.

“Terrible,” Acacia replied meanly. “There was so many boys staring at me all the time.”

“Gym class?” Roxy asked. Acacia nodded. “That must really suck for Barrett.”

“Actually,” Acacia said in a sassy tone. “He’s going to start a fight.” Barrett walked closer to Acacia. She walked closer and they both hugged. We all awed until Acacia came back to the circle. We stared at her with a smirk on our faces. “He does that all the time when he's jealous,” she replied while blushing. We looked at each other and laughed.


Roxy POV:

    After school, Evanna walked away with the prince and I followed them around with my wolf pup form, which is fun because I'm tiny. Evanna sat down in the park and they both talked for a while. I looked at my watch and realized that I’ve past my time limit. Why didn’t my watch warn me? I tried turning back but I couldn't. I started to panic and called Daran for some help.

“Daran, I’m stuck in my wolf form and I past my time limit,” I explained on the phone.

“Come back quickly,” Daran said while he hung up on me. I mind linked Evanna quickly.

    “Evanna, we have to leave now,” I said to her in a fearful tone. “It’s an emergency.” She said bye to the prince and ran far away from the prince and I catch up to her. She made a portal as I told her what happened and we walked in. We were in Daran’s room.

“Daran!” Evanna yelled for help. Daran walked out of the trap door. Everyone was already there. Evanna and I walked in the trap door and Daran already made a new watch for me. Evanna took off my watch and cracked it in her own hand. As she observed the watched, I felt pain in my head. Evanna looked at me and squat down to check on me.

    “Dang,” Daran said in the background. He cleared his throat. “Try transforming back with this watch.” He said as he handed over the watch to Evanna, so she could put in on. I closed my eyes and think about myself transforming human but when I opened my eyes, I was on the ground in Evanna’s lap. I took a deep breath after the incident.

    “Did it work?” I asked Evanna. Evanna looked at me while she shook her head.

    “Try one more time,” Daran said in the back. I turned back to a sitting position but then my eyes started to turn red and blurry as I got up. I looked at Evanna for help but I ended up trying to bite her in the face. “Whoa, watch out, Evanna,” Daran said in the background. Evanna backed up away from me. I started growling at her and slowly followed her as if she was my prey.

“Roxy?” She whispered to me. I wanted to stop but I can’t. I slowly walked to her a little more, then attacked her but I was stopped by Kegan’s gripped. I never knew he was this strong. “Nice going, Kegan,” Evanna said as she crawled closer to me and grabbed my head. I tried wiggling my head away from her, but she put her head on my head and we both closed our eyes. She went in my mind. “Roxy?” She said while looking at me in my head. “Roxy? Can you hear me?” She said as she walked around. I growled at her but didn’t attack her due to chains wrapped around my hands and legs. She turned to me and she touched my head and my eyes turned to the same color as before. “Are you okay?” I felt relaxed a bit after she touched me. I got up and she broke my chain. I was so tired that I fell to my knees. “Roxy!?” She screamed like I was going to die. “Are you okay?” I nodded but laid down.

“I’m just tired,” I replied to her. “Lay down. You must be tired too.” She laid down and we both talked about how we both met.

“Anyways, someone probably has been adding stuff to the watches,” Evanna explained. “Because, while I crushed the watch, I saw something that Daran will never do like adding bugs into the watches to eat our circuits.” I gasped as I sat up. “Avery has to be it. She hasn't been hurt yet.” We went back to our own body. We both woke up and Kegan let go of me.

“Daran, You should check all of the watches. I believe that Bill and Avery are trying to sabatosh the watches that you made.” He nodded and started to analyze all of the watches. Avery backed away from us. Evanna looked at me and I smirked at Avery. Avery looked guilty and ran off. Everyone looked at me as I smirked at the door. “Don’t worry,” I explained to them while looking at them. “I got this.” I ran after her. Evanna explained to Daran about everything. It was like 3 minutes that I went after her and she was tired of running. So, I grabbed her and dragged her back to Daran’s room. “Found her,” I yelled proudly and I push her in the middle of the room. Everyone looked at her and we all scolded her for what she’s done in the past few months. We scolded her so loud that Mr. P and Paris had to come in to check on us.

“What are you guys doing?” Paris asked while picking Avery up. “Do you guys realize how loud you were while scolding her?” We all laughed a little.

“She deserved it though,” Evanna said without hesitating. She walked past Paris, giving her a smirk. She walked out and slammed the door. On the other side, we heard Evanna said, “Oops. Sorry, Daran.” We looked at each other with fear in our faces.

“What’s her deal?” Paris asked. We looked at each other but I knew what’s up.

“Don’t worry,” I said while walking to the door. “She's strong.” Mr. P and Paris walked out and Evanna teleported back here with a big smile on her face. “What are you smiling for?” I said, teasing her, while she walked towards me.

“Why don’t we explained about our plan again because it seems like some people are not following it?” She asked while looking at Samuel. “Let talk about how we feel about each other, but the truth.” She looked at Barrett. “You start, Barrett.”

“Why me?” He replied. Evanna gave him a scary look and he started to speak. We all had our turn until Samuel. “Samuel?”

“Don’t worry,” Evanna said. “I already know about his feeling about this. He doesn’t have to speak up.” Everyone but Kegan and I groaned and She teleported somewhere.

“We should leave,” I said to everyone. “We should let Daran have time to himself to fix the watch.” Kegan and I walked out first. “Do you mind if I go to Evanna’s room for a little bit?” He nodded and I walked towards Evanna’s room. As I opened the door, Evanna was sitting down on her bed and look for more anime to watch. “Hey, why did you asked everyone but Samuel about how they felt about the mission?”

“I want to make sure about something?” She replied while laying down on her bed.

“What was the grin for then?” I asked while walking towards her and sitting down.

“Don’t know,” She said like she was confused also. “I texted the prince before I went towards you guys.” I laid my fingers on my chin and thought about something until I gasped.

“You like the prince?” I started to freak out. “You can’t like him, you like Samuel.”

“He likes the princess,” She looked over her shoulder. “There’s no difference right?”

“Not reall-,” I said before I got interrupted.

“First of all, I don’t like the prince but he does like the princess,” She said while sighing really loud. “Too bad, I really do like him but he’s with the princess.” we hear someone knock on the door. “Could you get the door and tell someone that I’m busy please?” She said in a soft sad tone. I got up and opened the door. It was Acacia and Lele. I walked out of the door and closed it a little. Just leaving some space so I can go back in.

“What is it?” I asked softly. Acacia and Lele giggled. I sighed. I have no idea how to control them. They’re so unpredictable.

“Could we come in?” They both asked at the same time.

“Sorry girls but Evanna wants to be alone right now,” I said while trying to hide Evanna.

“Are you sure?” Acacia asked. “Why are you in there then?” She has one smart mouth.

“I was just talking to her about something,” I said to her. I know she can sense truth and lies from others but I know for sure I’m not lying to her.

“Oh okay,” She said while looking at Lele. “When’s the right time?”

“After dinner, I guess,” I said after looking back at Evanna.

“Okay,” Lele said before leaving. “I’ll see you and Evanna after dinner.” After Acacia and Lele walked away from the room, I went back inside, locked the door and the ID locker.

“You might want to make a force field if you don’t want them to go in our business,” I said coldly. Evanna sat back up and looked at me. “I’m just saying because they were giggling like they heard about what we just said.” She nodded and made a force field.

“Let’s work on our homework,” She said while grabbing her backpack from the other side of her bed. She made a portal and I stick my hand in it and grabbed my backpack.

“How’s photography class?” I asked her while we were doing our math homework.

“It was fun, I guess,” She said while pointing out the ones I missed. “We just took pictures with our phones all day and edited.” We both finished our math homework and went to History homework. After a while, Evanna started complaining about her writing skills.

“Don’t worry, child,” I said playfully. “It’s not that hard.” I looked at her writing and fixed all of her grammar mistakes. “Just fix those and you’ll be good.”

“Thanks, Roxy,” She said in a happy tone. “I’m glad I have someone to help me.”

“What about Acacia and Lele?” I asked her.

“They’re not good with writing nor anything about school work,” She replied.

“But how do they get good grades?” I asked while she handed me her paper.

“Daran,” She replied coldly. I laughed a little and handed her paper back . “Thanks again.”

“No problem,” I said while packing up my stuff. “You helped me with math, that’s at least I could do.” Evanna packed up and sat back down and watched Asian dramas.

“I didn’t know you are into Asian dramas,” I said while we both laid down on her bed.

“I just started,” she said while her eyes seem to be into the drama. “You should watch this one with me, Asian dramas are just like a slice of life and also so dramatic than other countries’ drama movies or shows.” She was so excited to watch that she made me stay with her while we ate dinner in her room. Definitely not in her bed though. I could see how she's into it but it’s harder for me because they speak so fast that I barely could read the english captions.

“How do you read this so fast?” I asked her since I know that she’s not watching her own language drama.

“I guess I kind of got used to it from watching anime,” she said while she went to her restroom in her room to wash her hands. “Wait how do you know this isn’t my language.”

“I heard you speak your own language before and it doesn’t sound the same,” I replied.

“You are some smart observer,” she said in a surprised tone. “Usually people would ask me if I understand it even when I had the English captions on.”

“Wow,” I said in an angry tone. “That’s rude a little.” The maid comes in and cleans up our table and I washed my hands before going back to Evanna’s bed. “One more episode before we have to do our night routine.” Evanna nodded and we watch the next episode. It was a sad episode. I began to cry a little. “You’re right, it is dramatic but it’s so realistic.” I looked and Evanna and she cried little too. I smirked and got my phone out and recorded her “Ha, finally caught you crying.” I said while turning my phone off.

“Hey, it’s hard to be a tomboy,” she explained while cleaning off her tears. “There are times that I have to be girly, I’m still a female.”

“Sure,” I said while walking to the door. “well, good night.” I smiled and closed the door.

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