Life as Young Assassins

This is about friends who have been chosen to become assassins and their adventures they take.

credit to my good friend for helping make the story.


3. First Day of School

Evanna POV:

I woke up at 5 am and did my morning routine but this time I have to change into my school uniform. It took me 15 minutes to do my routine. I walked out of my room and sneaked to the front door.

   “Miss Thao,” said a mysterious voice. I looked behind me. It was Mr. P but in his... pj’s. “Care to explain?”

   “I’m here to wait on my team and get ready for today, sir,” I said while looking straight at Mr. P’s eyes. His face doesn’t show any emotion but his eyes do, I took off my eye patch and read his eyes. Mr. P closed his eyes. “Why don’t you show your emotion?” I asked him while teleporting towards him.

   “Evanna, should you be waking everyone up,” He asked while covering his face. I nodded and ran towards everyone’s room. I knocked softly at Roxy’s door. Roxy opened and she was already dressed.

   “Want to help me wake everyone?” I asked her. She nodded and smiled. I love her smile, it always cheered me up, I smiled back at her and we both split to wake up everyone. I ran towards Samuel first. I stand straight and knocked his door. I pressed my ear to the door and I heard foot steps. I move away from the door and walked towards Acacia’s room. I knocked at Acacia’s door and she opened immediately.

   “Good morning, leader,” She said while she bowed down in her school outfit. We smiled.

   “Good morning to you too,” I said to her. “Can you help me get everyone else at the front of the living room?” She nodded and went to work. I teleported towards Daran’s room and knocked.

   “Coming,” He said. He opened that door and bowed at me immediately. I nodded my head and he showed me the watch that everyone would be using.

“Bring it to the front living room,” I said before teleporting towards the front living room. I waited until everyone was in front of me except for one. “Where’s Avery?” Everyone looked at each other. I teleported to Avery’s room. Without knocking, I opened the door. Avery screamed. “Avery, we are going to be late soon.”

“I don’t care,” Avery said. I growled.

“Fine, no breakfast for you then,” I said while teleporting away from Avery’s room. I walked towards Daran and Daran nodded.

“Here’s the watch that I made,” He said while handing out the watches that he made. “This watches can transform us into a human-looking person and our mission looks, and the watches may look like a normal watches, but it’s not when you turn the gold knob.” Everyone, but Avery, transformed into their human form. Daran whispered in my ear, “Where is Avery?” I sighed.

“She coming,” I said. I looked at everyone. “Okay, we should eat breakfast now.” Mr. P walked in and nodded. We all walked towards the diner and breakfast was already served. I whispered to Mr. P, “Don’t let Avery eat breakfast, she doesn't deserves breakfast today.” Mr. P nodded and we both sat down. After we finished eating, Avery went to the diner. “What took you so long to be here?” I looked at her. She looked like a clown with a lot of makeup on. “Oh my,” I said while gasping. “You look like a clown!” Everyone laughed. Avery walked to me and grabbed my collar.

“It’s just makeup!,” Avery said. I laughed and teleport behind her.

“Don’t ever grab me like that again,” I said in a serious tone before I leave the room.


Roxy POV:

   “What was that all about?” I whispered to Lele.

   “Avery made a disrespected move at Evanna and Evanna is warning her not to get her on her bad side,” Lele replied. Everyone but Avery stood up and walked away.

   “Guys?” Avery asked while running towards us. Everyone kept walking away from Avery until we reached Evanna.

   “We need to get to school now even though it’s 7:00 a.m,” Evanna said. Everyone but Avery nodded.

   “Wait, I haven’t eaten yet!!,” Avery screamed. I walked closer to Evanna.

   “What’s with the attitude?” I asked her.

   “I don’t know..,” she replied with a sigh. “She always has the same attitude towards me, especially after I beated her up when I was a kid.” I looked at her with a surprised face. She looked up at me, “What? That’s who I was before. I don’t see why you’re surprised that I've been in a fight before.” Daran gave Avery the watch and she transforms into more human like but she’s not wearing makeup.

   “You shouldn’t use makeup because now it’s gone,” Barrett laughed. Avery looked at the closest mirror and screamed. Evanna and I sighed.

   “Let’s go,” Evanna ordered. “We are going to be late.” She said while she grabbed a bag that has her name on it. I followed her lead and grabbed my backpack.

   “Hey, we should decorate our bag,” I said to Evanna.

   “Sorry, can’t we both are very busy,” she replied with a sad face.

   “Hate being a leader?” I asked her.

   “Kind of,” she answered in a soft, sad voice. I don’t know what to say. I would’ve felt the same way if I was a busy leader like her.

   “Cheer up, Evanna,” I said while trying to encourage her. Everyone walked on the bus and the bus drove us to school. “You were chosen because you have the skills to do things that are impossible to us.” Evanna looked at me for a few seconds and smiled.

   “You’re right, Roxy,” she said while grabbing a box. She opened the box and it was Pocky Sticks. I looked at the box and Evanna grabbed one but she suddenly stopped. “Want one?”

   “Sure,” I said while I grabbed a Pocky stick. “Thanks!”

   “De nada,” She said in Spanish. “How are you Spanish skills going?”

   “Okay, I guess,” I said with an unsure tone. “I haven’t been in school for two days.”

   “Well we have foreign languages in our school but we have to do all of them,” she said with a happy tone. “I only know two maybe three.” I sighed and the bus stopped. Evanna got out of the bus first and everyone follows. “Since everyone has the same schedule as mine, then we all get to go to class together.” She made a portal and we all teleport to the office.

“Why are we here?” asked Avery.

“We are new students which mean we have to go to the office first,” Evanna said with an angry tone. “Be quiet and I’ll do my job.”

Kegan looked at me and hugged me.“Since our parents aren't here, I’m going to give you a hug,” Kegan whispered. I blushed. Evanna walked towards the principal and they both chat. After they chat, they turned towards us and Evanna nodded at Samuel. Samuel made a portal and the principal and everyone walks in. We were at the front of our first class, which is German class. The principal opened the door and we all walked in.

“Excuse me, students and Mr. James,” He said. Mr. Parker nodded and turned his body towards the principal. “This is your new classmates and you must respect them or else there would be consequences.” I looked at Evanna and she was crossing her arms and was....smirking!? The principal leave and the teacher sent us to the back. Evanna sat next to the window and was looking outside. The German teacher came up to Avery first and said something about introducing herself.

“Umm...uhhh....,” Avery said while looking at Evanna for answers. Evanna wasn’t even paying attention to Avery instead she was too busy about looking at the beach, but she had her phone out to record Avery. I laughed a little. The German teacher skipped Avery and went towards Evanna, who stood up and took a small deep breath.

“Ich bin Evanna Thao,” she said confidently.

“Sehr gut, Frau Thao,” the German teacher said.

“Danke, Herr James,” Evanna said while sitting down. He looked at me and I stood up nervously. I looked at Evanna and she was talking to me in my mind.

“Say, ich bin Roxy Anma,” she mind links with me.

“Ich bin Roxy Anma,” I said in a normal tone.

“Gut,” the German teacher said.

“Gut means good, so you did a good job,” Evanna mind links with me again. “Say danke.”

“Danke,” I said softly and sat down. After the German teacher asked everyone to introduce themselves, the bell rang and everyone packed up. I follow Evanna and Evanna stood in front of our next class. “English class?”

“Yep,” Evanna replied. “But the teacher said we have to wait outside, so we can introduce ourselves. Just like in anime or Japanese schools, I think?” She's really obsessed with anime but it's okay I like anime too. The tardy bell rang and Evanna started to walk in. We all follow her in. Evanna walked up to the teacher and said that we were new students that are working for the government and the teacher shouldn't be talking about it either.

“Class,” the teacher said. “This is the new students and I must ask that you treat them with respect.” Evanna walked in the front of the class. “Please introduce yourself,” the teacher asked. Evanna nodded and she started off first. She is one confident person.

“My name is Evanna Thao,” Evanna said. She mind linked me and the others.”Do you want me to introduce for you guys?”

“Yes,” everyone mind linked back to her. She introduced us to the class.


After school was over and went on the bus, I noticed that we were supposed to have homework but Mr. Pusher said not to. Why though? I looked at Evanna and asked, “Why didn't we have homework?” Everyone stared at us.

“Mr. Pusher and I had a meeting about homework,” Evanna said while looking around. “He asked me if I think we should have homework and I said no, because we have missions and we might not be able to finish it on time.”

“OMG, YES!!,” Avery cheered. Evanna looked at Avery and gave her a copy of our homework. “What is this?”

“Homework,” Evanna said in a serious tone. “You were disrespectful to me, so I gave you homework to finish, Good luck.” It was 10 pages long and Avery started to complain. Luckily the bus stopped and we got out by that time, she was about to yell at Evanna.


Evanna POV:

I gave Avery the homework and smirked after the bus stopped. I walked out of the bus and everyone followed me to our mansion. I didn't say anything until I reached Mr. Pusher.

“You guy can do whatever you want,” I said. “I need to chat with Mr. P.” Everyone but Mr. Pusher left.  Mr. Pusher looked at me with a concerned look.

“What’s that matter?” He asked while we both walked towards the living room.

“It’s me,” I replied to him. “I think I’m not good enough to be a leader.”

“What are you talking about?” He said with an angry face. “Do you want to leave? If you do, then it’s too late. I see you've used powers before any of your teammates can even control theirs.” I looked down.

“You haven’t even seen me fight yet, so how would you know?” I said while giving him an attitude. Mr. P sighed and stood up.

“Follow me,” He said while he walked away. “I want to see how capable you are.” I followed him and noticed that 8 people are watching me.

“Sir, I think we are being watched,” I said softly.

“Let them watch,” he said. I nodded and I stopped when Mr. P stopped. I looked at him and he opened the door. “This is one of our indoor training centers, and yes it’s big enough for Barrett to break a lot of things.” He said as he turned around. “You guys can come out now, but you guys cannot, I mean cannot interfere the fight that Evanna and I are going to have.” Everyone but Avery walked out of their hiding spots. “Where’s Avery?” I got out my watch and teleport Avery here.

“EVANNA!!,” Avery yelled. I laughed and walked into the training center. Mr. P walked in with me and we went towards the center of the room. Everyone ran towards the bench and cheered for me, except for Avery. Mr. P looked at me and I transform to my mission self.

“Ready?” I said after I took my hair pin off to hide my eyes from Mr. P.

“Ready,” He said and I took off my eye patch. He attacked me first. I started to read his mind: right punch, tornado kick, left leg. I blocked his right hand first, duck down to avoid the tornado kick and press down on his back pressure point as soon as he was about to make a landing after the tornado kick. He fell down and he was frozen. Everyone looked at me and I looked at my hands. How did the heck did I know pressure points!? Everyone and I ran towards Mr. P and helped him up.

“Mr. P?” I asked while helping him up. He shook his head and looked at me.

“See I told you,” He said while patting my head. “I told you that you have the ability to do things different from everybody else. That’s what makes you special, Evanna.”

“I know, but are you alright?” I asked him with an innocent face.

“Evanna, you are not innocent, so stop being innocent,” Avery said.

“Can you ever stop picking up a fight with Evanna for once!?” Roxy said in an angry tone. I looked at her with a surprised face. This is actually the first time I saw Roxy this mad.

“Let’s have a chat Roxy,” I stood up and grabbed her hand. I walked out of the training center with her. “What was that?”

“Sorry!” Roxy said while she covers her mouth. “I couldn’t hold it.” I sighed and hugged her. I transform back into my school uniform.

“Thanks,” I said in embarrassed tone. “Thanks for helping.” Roxy hugged and we both break our hug and walked back to the training center. I walked up to Avery and looked at her. “I already gave you homework and no breakfast. I warn you and you still couldn’t figure it out. Why is that Avery?”

“I don’t need a short girl like you to order me around,” Avery said while trying to punch me. I grabbed her fist and looked at her with my red eye. “What the?” Avery gasped in surprise.

“I have the ability to control your powers, so don’t waste it or else I’ll take it,” I said while letting go of her.

“Damn,” said Daran, Barrett, Acacia, and Lele. “She just got you there.” They laughed, making Avery even madder than before.

“That’s enough,” Mr. P said. “Evanna, if you feel like you don’t deserve to be the leader then remembering what just happened today.”

“OMG, that’s true, she doesn’t deserve to be a leader,” Avery said. “I should be because I think way faster than her.”

“First of all, you struggled in German, French, and Spanish class,” I said while showing her my phone. “I record you too.” Avery tried to take away my phone but I put my phone away before she could. “Anyway, I’m hungry, so let’s go eat,” I said towards Avery. “You better eat fast or else that homework would be count as a zero in your grade.” Everyone but Avery walked away while Avery stood still. Avery started screaming and I jumped really high. I closed my eyes and I felt that someone caught me. I slowly opened my eyes, it was Samuel.

“Careful there Evanna,” He said with a small chuckle. He put me down and Avery was right behind him. Samuel didn’t notice and held my hand all the way to the dining room. I ignored Avery. I looked at Sam’s eyes and he looked at mine. “You have really pretty, rare eyes,” He said while moving my hair away. I blushed and all of the girls except Avery, who was jealous. We were at the diner room and we all sat down.

“I hope it’s Thai food today,” I complained while leaning on Samuel.

“I know right,” He said while looking away and blushing.

“EVANNA!!” Avery yelled across the room. I stopped leaning onto Samuel. We all stared at her. “Get your stupid body off of him, he’s my man!!” I smirked and leaned back onto Sam’s shoulders.

“I just stole yo man, Avery,” Everyone but Avery laughed. She ignored everyone and sat next to Mr. P, who is dragging his chair in the opposed direction towards Avery.

After dinner and doing my routine, I looked over to my notes for tomorrow until a portal opened. I looked over my shoulders. “Samuel…!?” I whispered in surprise. Sam’s eyes were red like he was crying. I got up and walked towards him, asking him what’s wrong. He put his head down and wept even more. I felt sad and worried, so I pulled him to my bed, and laid him down, comforting him. I closed the portal and laid next to him. I hugged him until he fell asleep. I guess he was fine with me hugging him to sleep. I looked at him and blushed. I wiped his face and fell asleep hugging him. Hopefully, I woke up before him. This would be so awkward in the morning if he saw me in bed with him.


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