Isn't she lovely

A text about a girl, based on what i heard from a boy i know.


1. About her😊

And in that moment i hugged her, i smelled the sweet scent of her perfume. I felt her brown wawy hair. Soft as a silk sheet. I felt her back. Her little waist. I felt the ribbed material on her shirt. I felt her one arm hugging me. I remembered all the times staring into her eyes. Those brown almond shaped eyes. They sparkled in the light. Yet there were something in those eyes. Something so mysterious. Something so Different. Fellings. A fire, a pain and happiness all at once. But Its hard to see. The window to her soul. The beautiful soul. They are protected by long thick eyelashes. Because not everbody deserves to see the treasure that hides in there. Not even me. And not to talk about thoose lips. Those plump lips. They speak. They speak all kinds of words. Words of intelligence. Words of kindness. Unique words. Because she is unique. From the way she talk, to way she move.

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