Point Guard

Amanda Brown is a normal senior at high school. But it's her high school that isn't normal. The nerds were highly appreciated, and the person who "ran the school" was the best. It was Amanda herself. She was the nicest, smartest, and the prettiest. She was the best player on her basketball team, as she is the captain. Mason Williams is the boys' basketball team captain. He ran the school as well. I know what you're expecting, Amanda and Mason and the best couple. Well, wrong. Amanda and Mason are both single. But what happens one day when the door lock is broken and traps both of them inside?
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Chapter 1

    “Are you ready for the Winter Formal?!” Louise, Amanda’s best friend, asked. 

    “Ehh, not really,” Amanda replied.


    “Why are you so excited anyways? For the Creep Dance on Halloween, you weren’t that excited.”

    “Cause it’s our last one! We’re leaving this hell after this year and the Winter Formal is always my favorite,”

    “Louise, you said you Summer Formal was you’re favorite?” 

    “Sometimes I change my mind.”

    Amanda sighed and followed Louise in the hallway of Bonham High of Los Angeles. It was lunch, which meant the hallways were crammed and everyone was trying to talk to Amanda. 

    In this particular school, everything was the opposite. The nerds weren’t bullied as they were highly appreciated, and the mean girls didn’t run the school, but Amanda was basically the “queen” as some people might say. She was captain of the girl’s basketball team and she was amazing. At the finals in Arizona, they were losing by 2 points. Amanda scored the winning shot- a three-pointer. In another match, when the Bonham Tigers were losing by a point with 2 seconds remaining, Amanda shot a lay-up and they won gold. Because of Amanda, the Lady Tigers were the fiercest there ever was. People were very confused at her skills in basketball because she was very short. But she was still awesome, and not only at basketball but at everything else. She was the smartest in her class, amazing at painting, and people say, the prettiest. She had straight blonde hair (usually in a ponytail), paired with brown eyes. She was originally from San Jose, a city not so far from LA, but she moved cause her father had gotten a job offer. Amanda also came from an amazing family. She had a sister, Lilian Brown, who just started her first year of college, her father, Mark Brown, who owned the company Ford, and her amazing mother, Cassy Brown, who is head of a bank. 

    Amanda wasn’t the only one in school who was popular. Mason Williams was too. Mason was the captain of the boy’s basketball team. He is great at basketball too. But he wasn’t like Amanda. He wasn’t very smart, but he is very handsome. He had straight hazelnut hair, that was always in a quiff, and has blue eyes. All the girls swoon over him. He was tall which led to him being great at basketball. He was from New York, but they had a lot of relatives here so they decided to move.

    People first thoughts are usually that Amanda and Mason are together. But they are wrong. Amanda has a crush on Shaun Gillman, but only Louise knows this. Mason is single, saying that all the girls at school aren’t his type. 

    Louise and Amanda sat down at one lunch table for three. They weren't waiting for anyone, so all the guys tried to sit there. But Amanda being the confident girl she is, would tell them to shoo. 

    “Let’s go shopping today for dresses!” Louise yelled excitedly. 

    “You know I don’t wear dresses, Louise.”

    “But make this an exception. Please?” 

    “Do I really have to?” Amanda asked, rolling her eyes. 

    “Yes!” Louise answered back not a second later.

    “Fine but you have to get our lunch this time even though it’s my turn.” Amanda and Louise took turns in getting each other’s lunches. Yea, it’s weird, but they did it anyway. 

    “Yay!” Louise said jumping up to get their lunches. Amanda laughed but immediately stopped when Shaun walked into the lunch room. He was very handsome, well at least to Amanda. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. Typical. But Amanda couldn’t help it. She loved his personality as well. He didn’t drink, like Amanda. Amanda thought it was stupid. He was very funny, but yet he was the only boy that hasn’t tried to ask Amanda out. She couldn’t understand why. He walked passed her table without even glancing at her. Yes, Amanda was the most popular girl at school, but Shaun made her feel like she wasn't. 

    Amanda lost her train of thought when she heard a tray bang on the table. She looked and saw Louise with their lunches. 

    “Why is he so hot?” Amanda groaned. 

    “He’s not even your type. Stop whining,” Louise replied. 

    “Why do you get so pissed whenever I talk about Shaun?” Amanda rolled her eyes.

    “Cause maybe I don’t wanna talk about boys.”

    “Jeez, okay.”

    They ate their lunch in silence and all that could be heard were people screaming and yelling. 


    Amanda grabbed her things from her locker and headed to the gym for basketball practice. On her way she noticed something. The halls were not quiet. She looked around and saw Mason heading to the gym as well. He was on his phone with someone Amanda couldn’t quite put her finger on. Amanda shrugged and then realized what was happening. Did Mason finally get a girlfriend? Amanda stood in shock as the pair passed by. Chance Martinez, his best friend, walked up to Amanda.

   "Don't worry. They are not together!" He yelled out to the hallway. He winked at Amanda and walked off behind Mason and the anonymous girl. 


    Amanda walked into the gym, smiling. She picked up her Nike Hyperdunk 2017 Kay Yows and walked into the girls changing room, which was connected to the gym and currently had her backpack. She quickly slipped them on, tied her hair in a ponytail, and went to play. 

    Amanda's coach, Ms. Rose, loved to make them practice conditioning. They did this one thing called lines. Its where you start and the end of the gym, and run to the nearest line. Then they run back to where they started, and run to the next line, run back, and so on. Amanda hated it, but it was a great conditioning drill. 

    "Girls! Huddle up!" Coach Rose called out. She was a short woman with dark, chocolate skin, dark hair, and brown eyes. She was the gym teacher too. She had a whistle around her neck, a clipboard in one of her hands, and a pencil in the other. "Today we'll be focusing on dribbling and passing. If Lillian can kindly grab the balls from the equipment room?" Lillian nodded and exited the gym. The equipment room was in the school hallways and not the gym. "While Lillian grabs those, can I speak to Amanda?" she looked at Amanda and Amanda followed her into her office, that was also conjoined with the gym. 

    They discussed drills, plays, and position. Lillian came way before that, but Amanda already knew all the stuff Coach was trying to teach them. She eventually got out of her office and helped her team learn. She was leaving next year, so she needed to teach her abilities to them as best as she can. 



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