This test is for simulation purposes only, If this was a dare, Choice, Or just forced, Then welcome to the office...


1. The first day

Spiden is in a field holding a gun and he is running around dodging bullets from two friends, He shoots one and almost gets shot, He dodges it and Zane appears as he stabs the other one... The field turns into a square and plain room... Franklin comes in "Great job so far, You'll be in green zone in no time" Franklin says "I'm waiting for rose before I go to green zone"Zane says looking at roses training room, "Zane and rose sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G" Spiden sings grinning and Zane walks away so done... Rose comes out a level 3 as Spiden, Franklin, And Zane are level 5 "Why do WE harvest to wait Zane?" Spiden asks "because we have to!" Zane says

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