This test is for simulation purposes only, If this was a dare, Choice, Or just forced, Then welcome to the office...


3. My L.O.V.E for you

“I’ll take care of these guys”Zane says “be careful”Rose says “i will”Zane says with a smile “inferno daggers”Zane chants as 4 of 5 swords come off his back and each splitting into 500 daggers then the daggers set fire he points in front of him looking to the side trying to look as cool as possible(for Rose) several of the Computers are hit and killed as the turn to ash Zane turns around and smiles a Rose distracted,he gets shot 3 times “got damnit”he says in pain Rose rushes to heal Zane but before she can she has a shotgun touching her forehead”ROSE!”Zane cries “Za-“ before she can finish her head is blown off And it lands in front of Zane. “Oh no”says Spiden “Why her?!”Zane wails “Why not just kill me!?”As he says this a bullet is fired at him just then a clock made of lightning appears behind Zane floating,Zane looks at the bullet it stops midair he takes a step towards it every thing stops he walks over to the computer with the shotgun and slashes him diagonally nothing appears to happen he does this to several other of them then falls unconscious.


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