The Burning Flames in Hell A novel

Marjorie Clements is a thirteen year old girl who lives with her parents in Louisiana. When she meets a group of strangers, she finds out that she's not as normal as other girls are.

The new fantasy novel by Robert Helliger.


3. Rowena Franks




Ralph Geer grabbed the gold coins. "Thank you for the gold, Zara". Rowena Franks smiled. "Oh, thank you Sir! It was a horrible time you know", she said. David smiled at her.  "All I wanted was to save you, I failed". Rowena shook her head. She kissed me. I was about to stop her when she knew the truth. I was a human again. For now. "The amulet prevents me from turning into a demon. If I take it off my neck, the demonic powers come back. I can't let that happen to me", I said to her. Zara stared at us. "Here's twenty gold coins...for now". David nodded. "I'd like a room for the next evening". April nodded. "Five gold coins". David paid. her. Rowena gazed at me. "Who are you?", she asked me. "Marjorie Clements. I'm a fire demon", I answered her. And she gasped in surprise. And she headed to the fireplace...and warmed her hands.


Dee Firestone sipped her ale by the fireplace. "It's not that bad, Marjorie", I stared at her. She gazed at the stricken boy; she gazed at him as if knowing what she had been through. "It's not the end of the World", she said. David nodded. Rowena cast a jealous look at me. "I don't want to marry David", I told her. Rowena's angst at the news evaporated. "That's good", she said. "As long as he wears that amulet, he won't turn into a I did". I smiled at her, as she relaxed. "Let's eat, Rowena", David said. And she nodded, as both of them headed to the bar to eat their dinner.


Carl Jaeger Firestone shook his head. "The human is marked, My Lord". Lord Hell didn't dismiss the grave news; it gazed at the bar, "April, I'll have some fire ale, and beef pie, please". "Yes, My Lord". It gave her one hundred gold coins. "I'd like a room for a week or so, plus meals", it said. And she nodded, as she attended to the orders. 


Lady Redwood glided towards the bar. 'May I have some stew, and some ale, please April. And I'll pay for another night at the tavern?", she asked her, "Certainly, My Lady. Eleven gold coins", she answered. She took out twenty gold coins out of her small bag. "Keep the change", she added. Once she sat down on the seat, she felt the heat of the fireplace, and ate with her friends.


I walked towards Zara. "We have to be careful about the demoness". I stared at the front door. "The Blackened Woods is dangerous", I said. Suddenly there was a loud knocking on the back door. We looked anxiously as Lord Hell walked to the door. As he opened it, he saw a young boy. "Help me! The dark elves attacked my village". And I walked to the boy. "Come inside", I said to him, 

And he smiled weakly....and followed us into the tavern.


Rowena watched the boy with a keen interest. "What's wrong?", she asked me. 

"A boy has been attacked by dark elves. We have to keep him safe", I answered her, Rowena stared at him. "I'm Rowena, you're safe here. What's your name?". 

"Quentin Seer". 

"The tavern is a safe haven for all travellers", I said. Quentin nodded. "I had to get food for myself since my family died due to the frost. I was asleep in the woods when I heard the dark elf leader yelling at me. I awoke quickly, then I saw thick black smoke coming from the village. I knew I had to escape. I'm ten years' old". "I'm twelve", Rowena said. She shook her head. And then she smiled. "If you want to rest, you can sleep near the fireplace. I'm Marjorie Clements". And he nodded, and fell asleep immediately.


I fell asleep by the fireplace. I didn't know if Quentin had nightmares. Maybe he did. Three hours had passed when there was a knock on the front door, April opened the door. A group of dark elves smiled at her. "We're after Quentin Seer", the first dark elf said. All of them wore a grey coat, grey breeches, and black boots on their feet. Their ears were pointed. Zara gazed at the dark elves with anger. "Marcher, it's been a long time", Zara said. "Two years...and counting", he said. He smiled at her. "Quentin is sleeping. He won't be bothered at the tavern". Marcher grinned. "He is wanted for sealing food from our camps in the Blackened Woods". Marcher felt a sense of triumph in its voice, as it headed towards the bar...and paid for rooms for the cold night.

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