The Burning Flames in Hell A novel

Marjorie Clements is a thirteen year old girl who lives with her parents in Louisiana. When she meets a group of strangers, she finds out that she's not as normal as other girls are.

The new fantasy novel by Robert Helliger.


4. Quentin Seer


​Quentin Seer awoke from his dreams.

He saw Marcher grinning at him,

"It's over, boy", it said. Quentin watched the dark elf leader. "Don't hurt me. I'm hungry". He looked at me. I opened my eyes; I stared at Marcher. "Leave him alone", I said. Marcher grinned. "And who are you?", he asked me. "Marjorie Clements. I'm a fire demon", I answered it. I gazed at Zara. She looked at Marcher. "Go to bed, Marcher. It'll be better for you to do so, along with your  company". She didn't smile at it. "Fine by me". And it headed to the bar. "How much is it for a room?", it asked "Five gold coins", April answered it. Marcher gave her fifty gold coins. She gave the money away. "Rooms 12, 13, 14, and 15, is free". Marcher nodded. And it smiled. And walked to their rooms without any kind of issues,


Rowena gasped,

"Are you alright, Quentin?", she asked him.

"Yes", he answered her. 

"I don't want to die in The Blackened Woods". I stared at him. "You won't die, Quentin", I told him. He looked at me; he nodded.

"Who are you?", Quentin said.

"Marjorie Clements. I'm a fire demon", I said. And he shivered, as I saw the seat was seared by fire. Then, as it burned, Zara poured some water across the seat. And I backed away as I was on fire, as I was used to being abnormal in Louisiana.

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