Mania of the Zombies Book Two

January 4, 2013. A year has passed since the zombie crisis in New York. As Gretel Harding, Kath, and the other teenage soldiers attempt to survive at all costs, the danger of the raving undead begins to take its toll on everyone.

The sequel to Mania of the Zombies.


4. Zombie mania-2


​"Gretel, we have to fight", Kath said. 

"I know that", I told her. We saw then risers feeding on their fingers. They had sunken eyes; they gripped onto some razors in their dead, rotten, hands; they threatened us with the weapons. And then we begun to shoot them dead. Afterwards, we watched the risers walk slowly towards us. And, as the darkness arrived at six o'clock PM, we had enough of the gunfire that shattered the eerie silence of the shelters.

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