Mania of the Zombies Book Two

January 4, 2013. A year has passed since the zombie crisis in New York. As Gretel Harding, Kath, and the other teenage soldiers attempt to survive at all costs, the danger of the raving undead begins to take its toll on everyone.

The sequel to Mania of the Zombies.


3. Zombie mania


Mark ​stared at the other zombies. "There's too many of them", he shouted. I shook my head; I shot at a male zombie in the left knee. It stared at me for a long time. It ignored the blood that came out of the flesh wound; the blood dripped downward. "Hungry!​", it said. I fired one more time. It fell near my feet. Kath aimed her air-rifle at the zombie; I watched for it to move. It didn't; it remained still as a statue. And, as we waited for the other zombies to attack the barracks, General Ian Harding yelled: "GET AWAY FROM HERE!". And, after we ran to the barracks, we knew one thing was certain. That the mania hadn't gone away.


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