Mania of the Zombies Book Two

January 4, 2013. A year has passed since the zombie crisis in New York. As Gretel Harding, Kath, and the other teenage soldiers attempt to survive at all costs, the danger of the raving undead begins to take its toll on everyone.

The sequel to Mania of the Zombies.


1. January 4, 2013


The ​zombies weren't dead. 

I watched Kath was looking out of the dirty window of the old barracks. She looked out into the gloom. "The zombies are still on the loose", she said to me. We noticed a zombie girl who looked about eight biting its right finger with its sharp teeth; it ignored the taste of blood. "Hungry!​", it uttered. I aimed my air rifle at the zombie girl. It moved forward. Then it stared at the dull grey dress it was wearing; it watched us. "​Shoot!​", I ordered. Kath fired into the air; I saw the zombie flinch. And then it stumbled on some rocks. And fell downward....until the mania begun all over again.

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