Mania of the Zombies Book Two

January 4, 2013. A year has passed since the zombie crisis in New York. As Gretel Harding, Kath, and the other teenage soldiers attempt to survive at all costs, the danger of the raving undead begins to take its toll on everyone.

The sequel to Mania of the Zombies.


2. Danger comes to the barracks


When ​Kath hugged me, I knew I wanted her to be safe. She gazed at the risers, (zombies, that is); she became nervous, as General Ian Harding gripped his air rifle in his gloved, right, hand; she was focused on the raving undead who were biting their rotten fingers; she cringed at the terrifying sight. "They have to die", Mark Pearson, a fifteen year old soldier said. He glanced at me. "I'm not against gay people, you know". I nodded. Kath was my girlfriend. And she and I knew that since the first time we'd had met last year. We didn't bother in the politics of gay rights; we had a job to do. And that was all that mattered as society was breaking down in front of our eyes. The growing terror we all felt became a large part of growing up. And, for us, the nightmare of the zombies' mania caused mayhem across Lower Manhattan.


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