Poetry Attempts

These are just some of my poems that I found in my room while cleaning and so I decided to put them on here. And yes, I do know that I'm not a good poet. But I tried to write anyways...I hope that you like these, but sorry if you don't.��


5. Poetry Attempt 5: Haunted House (Without Using the Words ''Haunted'' or House'')

Haunted House:

Through the dark night I walk,

One foot in front of the other,

I'm shaking with fear,

And yet I follow through with it.


I'm going up the mossy, cracked path,

And right up to the broken door,

Barley hanging onto the hinges,

Too scared to go at first.


Eventually I creak it open a little,

And slip right through the opening,

Inside the ground is in tattered,

With weeds growing up through it.


I'm so scared,

I feel like someone is going to jump out,

But thankfully that doesn't happen,

Yet I swear that I see a ghost.


But it must just be my imagination,

Because when I go to take another look,

The shape is gone,

Chills still run down my spine, though.


I continue to take steps,

All the way up to the no-longer-grand staircase,

And I begin to think to myself,

This place must've been nice once.


But it is no longer,

And as I look up to the long hallway,

I think that I hear laughter,

Why did I say that I'd do this?


My legs carry my up the stairs,

And they begin to creak and groan,

With each and every baby-step,

And I get even more frightened.


But not of the building,

More of what may lie inside,

So far I haven't seen anything, though,

Finally, I make it to the top.


After looking in either direction,

I tiptoe across the moaning floorboards,

Now all that I have to do is go up another floor or two,

I don't know if I can do it, though.


I pass old photos of families,

Most of which are barley hanging on the wall,

And it gives me chills,

So I walk a little bit faster.


I pass mostly empty rooms,

And I can't stop myself from wondering,

What once was in the rooms,

So I speed up once again.


After what seems like ages,

I reach the next set of stairs,

And I'm almost sprinting now,

So I hear one of the steps begin to break.


Immediately I stop,

Not wanting to fall through,

And so I took the smallest steps I could,

All the way up to the top.


Afterward, I do it one more time,

And I'm finally at the top floor,

Now all that I must do is go to the balcony,

 I inch towards the doors that must lead to it.


I open the doors up slightly,

And I walk out to the very edge,

Careful not to go too fast,

For I don't want it to break.


Once I've arrived there,

I look out at the sky and see the beauty,

And it's so great that I almost forget the journey,

Then I realize that this is why she sent me here.


Because the purpose of any destination is the journey,

And how it's all worth it in the very end,

And so I slowly pull out my camera I was told to bring,

And take a picture of why it will always be worth it.




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