Poetry Attempts

These are just some of my poems that I found in my room while cleaning and so I decided to put them on here. And yes, I do know that I'm not a good poet. But I tried to write anyways...I hope that you like these, but sorry if you don't.��


4. Poetry Attempt 4: A Great Day

A Great Day:

When is the last time that you had a truly good day,

A day that you just wanted to shout "Hooray"?


A time that you couldn't stop smiling,

And you felt happy thoughts piling?


How long has it been,

Since you felt like you were in the win?


While today is a great day,

To just get out and slay.


Today is a great day,

And you don't even have to pay.


Today is a great day,

Just to go back and lay.


Today is a great day,

For a great day!



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