Poetry Attempts

These are just some of my poems that I found in my room while cleaning and so I decided to put them on here. And yes, I do know that I'm not a good poet. But I tried to write anyways...I hope that you like these, but sorry if you don't.��


3. Poetry Attempt 3: The Girl Out Your Window

The Girl Out Your Window:

You see a girl out your window,

Throwing rocks up,

As you peer out

She's smiling,

But only because she sees you

You open up the window,

And she yells three words,

But you don't even know her,

She says that she loves you,

But you don't know her name,

When you tell her this,

She yells, "Sophie",

You tell her your name,

And she says that she knows,

LAnd so what will you do,

Do you take a chance,

Or just pull the curtains,

And it all goes away,

So what,

It's all up to you.



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