Playing around with the words inside my head.

A collection of words


2. Did You Ever ?

Did you ever feel Useless?

Like the words don’t come out right

Like the world is stacked against you

And you’re fighting to stay alive


Did you ever feel pathetic?

When you can’t achieve your goals

When things slip through your fingers

And you’re left crying at the roadside


Did you ever feel in a fog?

Where you can’t work out the way to travel

Where misinformation lies

And you can’t fathom what’s real or fake


Do you ever feel useless?

Like you don’t make people happy?

Like you’re a millstone around their necks

And you’re boring as hell


Do you ever feel hopeless?

That people only tolerate you

That they just smile with vacant eyes

 And wish you’d go away


Do you ever feel tired?

Like life is getting too much

Like you’ll never achieve the goals

And you feel like giving up


Do you ever struggle?

Feel the weight on your shoulders

Feel like being crushed by expectations

And panic rising in every breath


Did you ever feel a failure?

When life unravels between your fingers

When the night takes so long

And you’re wanting the day to break


Do you ever feel lonely?

That no one is there for you

That you’re crying in a vacuum

And you’re the last person on earth.

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