The story of Life and Death

Life and Death happens to be right next to us, here´s the story


1. The story of Life and Death

On a clear night with moonlight shining down, two unspeakable creatures met.

One dressed in the most beautiful white dress with shining blue hair,

the vibration of life, was everywhere around herfollowing her like a begging dog.

The other one dressed in the darkest black with long black horns on his forehead,

death shivered around him and following him on his path.



Once the two creatures met in the middle of the rangeThey sat down carefully and looked out over the range. Life shook her head and looked at Death with the stars shinning in her eyes and asked with wonder in her voice” Death, why do people love me, but hate you?” She looked at Death, waiting for an answer, till a little bird with blood on its chest landed in her hands. Death looked at her and picked up the little defenseless bird, while responding” because Life, you are a beautiful lie” he took a deep breath still holding the bird in his hands and looked out over the range one more time, before the first daylight would cover it, as it did the day before and will the day after. Death then looked one more time at Life and almost as a whisper, he said” and I'm a painful truth.”

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