Zone Girl in the Apocalyptic World Book Three

New York, 2012. A new year has arrived. When Stella Kincaid, Cara, James, Trish, and Rich, struggle to survive in the new world order...they battle the Government's rogues who threaten their lives.

The second sequel to Zone Girl....


2. The war comes home


​"The war has come home...", I said to Cara.

She knew it; I knew it.

It seemed to me that the rogues were eager to arrest me. This war wasn't on my terms. It bothered me that the truth was that Carter was borderline crazy. He had to seek me out to further his agenda. I didn't have any kind of agenda; I wasn't alone in New York City. Penn Station; Central Park; Upper and Lower Manhattan; Staten Island; Long Island; and The Bronx, had taken a bad hit once the apocalypse begun to take its eventual toll on everyone. And the doomsayers were quick to say that 2012 was the ​year of disasters. All of the Catholics crammed into the churches; all of the religious worshippers prayed to God, and Jesus Christ, hoping to believe that death wasn't on the distant horizon; that death's grip on all of us was a symptom of the constant wars we battled everyday...and every night; that the apocalypse was a necessary by-product of the Times. 


By the time I gazed out of the black windows, the zones in New York was guarded by rogues. It was something that bothered me; it was something that bothered all of us. And the threat of war was something that the High-Definition cable television news broadcasts were on the New York 1 channel played on in a loop cycle 24 hours a day. My I-phone 5 was broken. As I remembered thinking of the war as something that took me back to the bad days before the world die in heavy smoke and fog, I picked Cara up...and I took her to the dusty window. "​See the fog, Cara; see New York exploding...", I said to her.

"Yes, Mom". 

"Once it clears, we can move onto another place where we'll be happy...and safe".

"Will we", Cara said.

"Yes!", I said. 

And I hugged her again...and we waited for the city to be free of the warzone.


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