Zone Girl in the Apocalyptic World Book Three

New York, 2012. A new year has arrived. When Stella Kincaid, Cara, James, Trish, and Rich, struggle to survive in the new world order...they battle the Government's rogues who threaten their lives.

The second sequel to Zone Girl....


1. The New World Order-January 1, 2012


​The old man held up a tattered white sign that read:


I wanted to think that the New World Order was upon us. Last year came and went. Cara was older; I was now sixteen. Trish focused on the grey road, eager to find a shelter for us all. The rogues were still around New York. They had struggled to take care of other teenagers; they weren't going to make sure we had been cornered like caged animals. "​It's not like we cared about them​", James said. I watched Cara walk towards a Hot Dog stand. "I want a Hot Dog, Mom", she told me. "You can't sweetie, the owner's dead". She begun to cry. And, like a mother should be doing, I had to feed my daughter. "We'll find a place to eat". Cara nodded. She didn't complain too much; she watched a group of six adults walking down the thin, dirty, road. I saw them were dressed in stained black robes; I saw them dressed in black boots on their small feet. I noticed their tired eyes. "Who are you?", one of them asked me. "Stella Kincaid", I answered him. "Seamus Dole". All of them were wearing grey googles that protected their eyes from the ferocious dust; all of them wore dinted helmets on their heads. Because of the impending threat of the rogues, we didn't have any money for helmets. "You're escaping from the Government because of the plague?", I enquired. "The plague killed my parents two years' ago. I was forced to go underground with my friends; I had to live. And, then, the vicious dust storm of 2010 happened. And everyone went into the air-raid shelters. I was bad news", Seamus said. I nodded. "This is my daughter Cara. And Trish, James, and Rich; we're survivors of the plague". He nodded.

"You're too young to be a mother". 

"Cara's parents are dead, so is the rest of our families". 

"I'm with Angus, Delia, Harold, Mark, and Vickie". Our group put on our gas masks on our faces. "We've got some spare goggles to wear", Seamus said. 

"Thank you", I said.


Angus gripped onto a scanner. "The Internet's down". He shook his head. 

"Typical! I want to use Facebook", Delia said. She glanced at the swirling dust. Her long, black hair was covered in grime; her hazel eyes focused on the rogues who were holding onto their air rifles in their black gloved hands. "Careful! The Government's agents are here". I saw them. "Mom, I'm scared", Cara said worriedly. I hugged her, then we walked down the road towards the air-raid shelter to our far right of us.


By eight-thirty AM, Seamus flicked on the bright light. 

Three brown tables were in the middle of the shelter; three lamps illuminated the left of us; two more doors were to the right of us. "We can store enough food and supplies for a year or more", Harold piped in. He surveyed the spacious area; he pointed to the sleeping mats on the hard ground. "We'll sleep here. There's warm blankets nearby", he added. I was too focus to notice the Iron Doors. "They're closed permanently", Seamus told me. "Really", I said. "Yes", he said. Cara noticed a bag of cookies. "Can I have one?", she asked me. "Go ahead", Seamus said. Cara opened a bag, and ate one hungrily. "It looks like you haven't eaten for awhile", he said. Cara nodded. "Yes", she said. "It'll be alright, Cara. I was hungry two years' ago when the plague happened; I saw people scavenging for food in the supermarkets. They were stealing food, and the Government let the rogues do what they wanted to do. And that was the wrong thing", Angus stated. Delia smiled at her. "I remember when I was a girl. Mom and Dad knew I was attempting to scour the Internet for clothes; I was an average girl at six. Or seven; I'm fifteen now". I nodded. "I'm sixteen...and Cara's the shining light in The New World Order", I said. James nodded. He was showing jealous signs when Seamus smiled at me. I didn't blush because I wanted what was the best for me; I never blushed when I was with a boy I liked. Suddenly I noticed Vickie's blue eyes on me. "Are you dating, Seamus?", I asked her. Vickie stopped saying anything. Then she spoke. "We were going out three months ago, then he cooled off", she said. I nodded. ​Don't get involved; don't get involved; don't..., ​I said in my mind. And, after taking a long, deep, breath, I knew what I needed to do. I had to make sure my daughter was safe...and everyone else was too. I knew that the growing dread filled my bones. Seamus stared at the Radiation Zones outside; the green jeeps were broken down on the dusty roads. By eleven o'clock AM, I heard the sound of footsteps. They came closer....closer...closer. And then they stopped outside the air-raid shelter. "It's a raid!", Seamus yelled. 

And, as everyone gripped their air-rifles in their gloved hands, we knew the war had come to us.


Carter opened the front door. He smiled at us. 

"Stella Kincaid, I should've known you'd be here with the outsiders". I didn't think that he was gone from New York; I didn't know he cared about me. Seamus turned to me, as if seeking answers. "You know her?", Seamus asked; Carter bellowed with laughter. Then he smirked. "Yes, we have a history. She is a danger to you all", he answered him. Cara stared at him. "Bad man", she said. Carter ignored her. "Now, we're here to arrest Stella". I gasped in shock; I gazed at Seamus...then to Cara; then to the others. "No deal", I said. Carter waved at the other rogues; I waved at the small group...and I aimed my air-rifle at Carter's knees. "Go away...or I'll shoot", I ordered. Carter knew I was deadly serious; I saw him back away. "This isn't over, Stella". And he walked out of the air-raid shelter's doors...and headed to the jeeps. Once the rogues jumped into the vehicles, they put their black seatbelts on. And, as huge amounts of dirt covered them, they started to cough. Then Carter drove towards their own shelter three miles away to the north of us.


"Are you dangerous, Stella?", Harold asked me.

"​No. ​I lost my family members die because of the plague; I lost everything. And then I saw Cara. Her family were also lost. And she is my daughter since I was fourteen. That was two years' ago". And I waited for them to say something; I waited until there was an eerie silence. And, once they hadn't objected to my story, fate stepped in, and Seamus knew I was going to the others as well.


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