Zone Girl in the Apocalyptic World Book Three

New York, 2012. A new year has arrived. When Stella Kincaid, Cara, James, Trish, and Rich, struggle to survive in the new world order...they battle the Government's rogues who threaten their lives.

The second sequel to Zone Girl....


4. January 2, 2012


​The new day was gloomy. 

I awoke thinking it was Monday. Instead it turned out to be Tuesday. I focused on the other survivors; I knew what it meant: the war was going on. And, as I saw Cara yawning, I let her sleep. I didn't have any kind of idea of the time; I watched the sun's rays in the early morning sky. It was dawn. "It's six-thirty AM, Stella", Seamus said. I nodded. He was watching the cable television news was intermittent; it was going in and out of power. I lingered on the grey windows; I lingered for too long. "I want to protect you from the rogues". I shook my head; I shook it until Seamus begun to sigh. "I have to take care of Cara; I have no time for romance". Seamus sighed. "I thought we need each other; I have no girlfriend to see, you know. There's no baggage that I'm carrying during the apocalypse". I stopped thinking; I waited. "You're not...". "No​. Can you and Cara trust me?", Seamus asked me. "Yes!", I answered him. And he grinned, as I gave up...and let him inside my own, fractured, world. 


Cara awoke.

"Mom!", she said. 

"I'm here, sweetie". She got out of the bunk. Then she walked to the window. James shook his head. "It's breakfast time", he uttered. And we ate and drank orange juice...and waited for New York to fall victim to the rogues.


Delia shook her head. 

"How can the rogues have so much power? Only the President in control of America". 

"He passes laws that forces us to do his bidding", Harold said. I ignored the talk of corruption. America was a country of freedom; America was the land of the free and the brave. I didn't see any American flags blowing in the southerly wind; I didn't see any patriots singing out songs. "You're dead if you go outside", Rich said. I didn't think we were dead; I didn't think that death was inevitable...yet. I saw some rogues talking to a group of homeless people; I saw them give up, as they were forced into grey jeeps...and taken away to their own fate. 


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