Zone Girl in the Apocalyptic World Book Three

New York, 2012. A new year has arrived. When Stella Kincaid, Cara, James, Trish, and Rich, struggle to survive in the new world order...they battle the Government's rogues who threaten their lives.

The second sequel to Zone Girl....


3. Food and supplies


​We ate food from the supplies that were in the brown cupboards.

It was Midday and we were hungry. Everyone ate brownies, chips, and spaghetti in tins. "There's a small oven deep in the air-raid shelter", Seamus said. I hadn't seen it. He turned on the burning flame. "There's some plates in the small kitchen", Harold said. I nodded. Half an hour later, we cleaned up. Once that was done, we headed to the Restrooms that were to the left of us. And, as we washed our hands, we dried them with red towels that were on the creamy walls. Then we saw the bunks...and went to sleep.

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