The Girl in The Maze

Have you ever wondered how you met the love of your life? Well Crystal sure does. She remembers like it was yesterday.


The box comes to a halt and opens.
T: "Who is it Newt?"
N: "Its a girl" He looks up at Thomas.
The girl lays there unconscious and then begins to stir.
C: "Where the heck am I?"
She slowly gets up and
looks around at the group of boys staring down at her. Her eyes linger towards Thomas and cocks her head.
C: "Thomas?"

End of flashback

My interpretation of The Maze Runner
(Cover made by Zireee)


15. WCKD’s Lab

Thomas’s POV

“Why does everyone pick on me. It’s not fair.” I folded my arms, sat on the ground and began pouting like a little kid. “Jesus! Stop acting like a little kid. If you continue, I’ll have Mama Newt and Papa Min Min put you in timeout.” Crystal said and whispered to the kids who laughed at the joke.

Newt and Minho were down the hall when the heard their names. “You wouldn’t.” I said. “Oh I would.” Crystal laughed. “Anyway, the kids are waiting.” “Fine.” I said. “Great! I’ll get Newt and Minho.” Crystal got up from the couch but Newt and Minho were speeding down the hall, jumping and crashing over each other.

“We haven’t heard those names in a while.” Minho said. Newt nodded and they both sat down. Crystal and I laughed. “Anyway, let’s get back to the story.” I said.


We are almost out of the Maze but we have to fight off the shucking Grievers at the Cliff (Griever hole) so Crystal and Chris can punch in the sequence.

There are millions upon millions of them so it’s a lot of work. Jeff and several other Gladers die fighting. The remaining 20 of us open the door and find ourselves in a lab filled with corpses of the Creators.

We look around until Crystal kneels down and picks up a bloody knife. “Geez, did they have a knife stabbing party and stab themselves to death.” She giggles waving the knife around and stabbing the air. “Ooh I’m Ava Paige and I killed all of my coworkers because they were doing a horrible job. Hahaha.” Crystal snorts and trips over her feet onto the floor.

“Cut it out Crystal. This is serious.” Minho says. “I don’t see anyone stopping me.” She retorts back. “Alright but if you stab someone, it’ll be your fault.” Minho warns. Crystal looks at everyone with a twinkle in her eye. “Oh don’t worry I won’t.” She smirks sitting on the floor and plays with the knife.

Minho turns to me shaking his head. “Control your sister man” he says. “What do you mean?” I ask. Minho nods over at Crystal who was on the floor admiring the knife. I walk over and kneel down a few feet away from Crystal. I try to calm her down with anything I can think of but she won’t listen. I don’t know what’s going on with her.

Crystal got up from the floor with tears in her eyes.

“You left me alone to deal with mom’s illness and let WCKD take me. How could you do that to me! Your own sister!” Crystal cries.

“What was I supposed to do? Not go. I’m sorry for leaving you when we were younger but I’m here now and we can fix this!” I yell back.

We continue yelling at each other which led to crying, punching and pulling of hair.

“You should’ve died like dad!” Crystal comes at me with the knife in hand then suddenly stops in her tracks.

“Crystal give me the knife” I say holding my hand out. “Sorry.” She holds the knife out and I grab it. “I don’t know what came over me.” “It’s ok. I deserve it.” I say wrapping her in a tight hug.

All of a sudden, Newt turns screens on and a video begins playing in the background as we look at it.

“Hello, my name is Doctor Ava Paige. I am Director of Operarions of the World Catastrophe Killzone Department. If your watching this, that means you’ve successfully completed the Maze Trials. I wish I could be there in person to congratulate you...but my favorite duo is there to congratulate you.”

Everyone tries to figure out who the duo was. Newt looks at one of the screens. “So they were watching us.” He says. Minho nods. After a while, a glader asks, “Who is this duo she’s talking about?” Newt and Minho look over at Crystal and I. “Hehe surprise” we say together. Some of the Gladers walk towards us when Ava Paige butt in.

“...You may not realize it, but you are very important. Unfortunately, your trials have only just begun. As you’ll no doubt soon discover, not everyone agrees with our methods. Progress is slow, people are scared. It may be to late for us...for me...but not for you. The outside world awaits. Remember: WCKD is good.” There was a gunshot in the video. Crystal and I turn and see Ava Paige laying on the ground.

End of flashback

“Oh my gosh! That’s so sad.” Annabelle said. “Yea but hopefully you all got out of there safely.” Austin said. “Oh we did. But there was one problem.” I said. “What was that?” The kids asked. “Jack.” I replied. “Since we started the story of with Crystal, I think we should end with her as well.” Minho said. “Awe I don’t want to the story to end.” Annabelle whined. “Don’t worry sweetie. We’ll have plenty more stories to tell.” Newt smiled.

Crystal walked in just in time. “So did you all finally escape?” Austin asked. Crystal nodded. She sat down next to Newt. “I think it’s Uncle Minho’s turn.” Crystal said holding Newt’s hand.

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