The Girl in The Maze

Have you ever wondered how you met the love of your life? Well Crystal sure does. She remembers like it was yesterday.


The box comes to a halt and opens.
T: "Who is it Newt?"
N: "Its a girl" He looks up at Thomas.
The girl lays there unconscious and then begins to stir.
C: "Where the heck am I?"
She slowly gets up and
looks around at the group of boys staring down at her. Her eyes linger towards Thomas and cocks her head.
C: "Thomas?"

End of flashback

My interpretation of The Maze Runner
(Cover made by Zireee)



Thomas’s POV

“Tommy I don’t think it’s a good idea” Crystal sounded worried. “Sis, if you don’t want to listen then go in the other room.” I said. Crystal sat there for a moment and thought about it then said, “No I’ll stay but I won’t say a word.” “Alright.” I smiled then turned to Austin and Annabelle.

“Kids, you better buckle your seatbelts cuz it’s going to be a bumpy ride.” I said which made the kids laugh.


Crystal was near the bonfire when I grab her hand. I hear a few catcalls from Will and Ace. I smile but shrug it off as Crystal and I walk towards the kitchen.

“What was that about?” I ask as we reach the kitchen. “What was what?” Crystal asks. “What you said to Newt about WCKD.” I reply. “Look I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything. I’m so stupid.” Crystal groans putting her head in her hands. “It’s ok. I’m still trying to get my memories back as well as the others.” I wrap her in a hug and she leans against my chest.

I look over at Newt and the other boys who were staring. “Let’s go somewhere else.” I say. “Fine by me. I hate being stared at.” Crystal chuckles. I grab her hand as we walk past the Gardens into the Deadheads.

As we come upon the Deadheads, I can feel Crystal clinging to my arm. “Are you sure there’s no crazy Gladers here to kill us?” She says. “I’m sure. When I was the new Greenie, I was almost ransacked by Bryan who was stung by a Griever. But don’t worry I’ll protect you.” I smile. “Of course you will.” Crystal grins.

“So why are you here?” I ask as we sat down against the trees. “I want to find out why WCKD would put you guys here and how you lost your memories.” Crystal replies. "I'm trying to figure out why you're here and how you remember me." I say. "How's that going?" Crystal asks. "Idk." I shrug. "Have you ever been in the Maze?" Crystal asks. I nod. "Minho and I were in there a few days ago trying to a way out and I think we did." I reply.

All of a sudden, Crystal's eyes light up making her grin ear to ear. I look at her. “What are you thinking?" I ask. "Why don't we work together!" Crystal exclaims. "Why would we do that?" I ask. "Because in the end we both get what we want." She replies. "What happens if we get caught? What if we get thrown in the Slammer, or worse, the Maze for a night?" I ask. "Trust me. We won't get in trouble and I have a plan." "What would that be?" I ask. "We should meet up at midnight and sneak into the Map Room. Maybe we'll find something that will help us." Crystal explains. "I'm down. I will protect you no matter what." I squeeze Crystal's hand and she smiles back.

"So do we have ourselves a deal?" Crystal asks putting her hand out. I think about it for a moment. I look at the ground then back at her. "Deal." I shake her hand. "But we have to keep it on the down low because the other Gladers are going to get suspicious." She says. "I promise I won't say a word." I say.

It’s getting super late. I'm pretty sure the bonfire got extinguished for the night and everyone went to bed. It was a peaceful night as well. Crystal and I decide to stay a bit longer to look at the stars. I look over at her smiling and laughing at nothing. I feel like kissing her but I know Newt likes her and I can’t betray my best friend like that.

Honestly, it didn’t matter though. Crystal looks so beautiful in the moonlight that I lean in and kiss her anyway. She returns the kiss then leans back a bit. “What was that for?” She asks. “I don’t know. Just felt like doing it I guess.” I reply. She smiles and faces me. I grab her waist and pull her into my lap.

“Are you sure about this Thomas?” She asks. “Oh I’m sure.” I lean in again but Crystal stops me. “What about Newt? What’s gonna happen if he finds out?” She asks. “He won’t. I promise.” I reply. Crystal sighs. “Ok.”

With that, she wraps her arms around my neck and I lay her down on the ground gently. I start by giving her love bites on her neck and caress her thighs. Crystal’s wearing shorts and a tank top and my hands begin venturing down her body.

“Crystal, are you sure about this?” I ask getting up. “Well you’re already halfway there so you might as well finish.” She gets up as well.

I walk towards her, push her against the tree, pull her shorts down, and insert making her moan. I pick her up as she wraps her legs around my waist making me grunt.

I slide my hand down to her area and stick two fingers inside to see if I can fit which I can. Crystal moans again as I pull them out, sucking on them.

“I’ve been holding it in for a while now and I think you’re the one Crystal.” I say. “Whoa! You’ve only known me a few days and you think I’m the one for you?” Crystal snorts. “What’s so funny?” I ask. “Nothing. Now stop letting me on and just fuck me like you mean it Thomas!” She replies.

I give her a sexy smirk. “With pleasure.” I say plunging myself into her small, wet, tight pussy.

Crystal’s head leans back as her eyes roll into the back of her head because of how big I am. Gripping my muscular arms to hold herself up, I stroke Crystal roughly, showing no mercy.

Anyway, her pussy is soaked at this point. She doesn’t want it to stop. I pull out then take her hand and lay her down gently on the ground behind some bushes for more privacy. I spread her legs apart leaving wet kisses along the inside of her legs.

I whip her around griping her thighs with my strong grip; positioning her knees so her ass is in the air. I then insert her soaked pussy so roughly. She throws head back with a loud moan. “Fuck!!” She yells.

“What’s wrong!” I stop midway. “Nothing. Keep going!” She says. I move her so fast and hard. Backward. Forward. Backward. Forward. In and Out. On and on. It feels like juices are flowing out of my dick.

“Now that’s what I like!” She exclaim. “Me too. Soon it’ll be my turn.” I say. “Harder...faster.” Crystal moans. I do. She’s not gonna last any longer. “Thomas” She whimpers. “Yea.” I breath heavy. “I’m coming.” She moans. “Hold on.” I go over to my pants and retrieve a condom from the pocket, put it on and insert yet again. “Just hold on Crystal. Almost there.” I say. My dick is hard for her to handle; it feels really good.

By the time we’re done, we are both sweating. Crystal is lying next to me while I cover her. “You were fantastic but we can’t let Newt find out because he will flip out.” She says. “Why thank you. You weren’t too bad yourself. I won’t.” I kiss her.

After a minute or so I say, "Newt's jealous of us.” "Why is that?" Crystal asks. "He hates the fact that you and I spend a lot of time together." I reply. Crystal laughs then mumbles, "If you only knew..." "What do you mean?" I ask. "Nothing. But Newt needs to stop being jealous. He doesn't know anything." Crystal says. I’m confused and look at Crystal. She looks at me. "Don't worry it'll all come together in the end.” She smiles and puts her head on my shoulder.

I couldn't help but look at how peaceful Crystal was. What does she mean about if only I knew and Newt doesn't know anything, and it'll all come together in the end? I wasn't sure but I'll probably find out soon enough. Crystal is still clinging to my arm so I couldn't move it. I look over at the bonfire to see if the Gladers are still there and they weren't luckily.

I accidentally move a bit making Crystal suddenly wake up. "Stop moving man! I'm trying to sleep!" Crystal shouts. "Oops, sorry." I apologize. She glares at me. "We should get back to the Homestead." I say. "Ugh! Fine." Crystal says and gets up. We walk out of the Deadheads towards the Homestead. I make sure the coast is clear first.

After we make it to the Homestead, I go over to my bunk which is next to Chris's and lay down. “Where should I sleep?” Crystal whispers. “I think there’s an extra bed where Ace and Minho are on the second floor.” I whisper back. “Great! See you at midnight.” She kisses my forehead and heads upstairs. I watch her go then darkness came upon me and soon enough I was asleep.

End of flashback

“Now I’m getting tired.” I yawned. “But we both had to sneak out.” Crystal laughed. “Yea. Good times, good times.” I grinned.

Uncle Tommy! You kissed mom!” Austin exclaimed. “Yes but I didn’t know she was my sister at the time.” I said. Everyone laughed.

"Mommy?" Annabelle asked. "Yes sweetie?" Crystal turned around. "Is there more to the story?" Annabelle asked. "Of course! But I think it's time for you and your brother to go to bed." Crystal said. "But mom, we want to hear Uncle Minho's part." Austin whined. "You will tomorrow when you get home from school." Crystal said. "Why don't Uncle Minho and Thomas tuck you kids in." Newt suggested looking at Minho and I. "Can you please Uncle Tommy and Uncle Minho!" Austin exclaimed. I looked over at Minho and we both grinned. "Alright. Come on kids. Who wants a piggy back ride?" Minho crouched down and Annabelle hopped onto his back and I did the same with Austin. The four of us left leaving Newt and Crystal alone.

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