The Girl in The Maze

Have you ever wondered how you met the love of your life? Well Crystal sure does. She remembers like it was yesterday.


The box comes to a halt and opens.
T: "Who is it Newt?"
N: "Its a girl" He looks up at Thomas.
The girl lays there unconscious and then begins to stir.
C: "Where the heck am I?"
She slowly gets up and
looks around at the group of boys staring down at her. Her eyes linger towards Thomas and cocks her head.
C: "Thomas?"

End of flashback

My interpretation of The Maze Runner
(Cover made by Zireee)


6. The Gathering

Crystal’s POV

“Ha! I’m not explaining it” I laughed. “Why not? You’re the one who came up with the plan in the first place.” Thomas said. “True but I will probably cry.” I said. “But it happened 10 years ago!” Thomas shouted. Thomas and I began bickering until Newt yelled at us, “Shut up you shuck heads! If you two don’t want to talk about it, I’d be more than happy to tell the kids.” I turned to Newt. “You already had your turn babe.” I said and turned back to Thomas.

After the continuation of bickering finally stopped, I looked at the kids. “If you kids really want me to tell it, I will” I smiled. “There’s a good sister” Thomas joked. I glared at him then began the story.


Thomas and I follow Newt out of the Map Room at a distance. We begin whispering. “This was a bad idea.” I groan. “Well it was your idea.” Thomas states. “I know, I just didn’t think we’d get caught.” I say. “Now look what happened.” Thomas says sarcastically. “You know, you’re starting to be a sarcastic pain in my butt right now.” I glare at him. “Sorry?” He apologizes. “It’s ok. What’s gonna happen? It’s Newt.” I say as I catch up to Minho. Thomas looks confused but shrugs it off and catches up to Minho and I.

As Newt, Minho, Thomas, and I come upon the Homestead we walk inside. The other Gladers are talking and laughing when Newt walks in holding the piece of paper. He’s followed by Minho but after a while, the laughter dies down and eyes are glaring as Thomas and I walk in.

I lean over to Thomas. “It’s so quiet” I whisper. He looks at me then replies sarcastically with, “Gee I wonder why.” I elbow him then look around at the other Gladers. “Ow!” is all I hear and Thomas is rubbing his shoulder.

Newt is talking with Jack and shows him what he found in the Map Room. “The thing is I just don’t know what the bloody hell is it though” I heard Newt say. “Well who was with you when you found it?” Chris asks. Thomas and I were mimicking Newt until he pointed to us. “I knew she was a spy!” Jack exclaimed. Everyone but Thomas, Newt and Minho shout in response.

There’s a lot of shouting and yelling which makes me freak out. Thomas sees and calms me down while Newt yells at everyone to shut up.

Once it became quiet, I calm down. “Listen shuck heads! None of you know me..” I look around the room. “So don’t jump to conclusions whenever you feel like it. I’m trying to help you shuck heads out here by trying to find a way out. The paper that Newt has in his hand is the answer.” I say. “What do you think we should do Newt?” Jack asks. Newt was at loss of words when his best friend and soon to be girlfriend stood in front of him with seconds passing by.

I look at Newt with tears in my eyes and say in a calming voice. “It’s your decision Newt. Do what you feel is right and if that means throwing Thomas and I in the Maze for a night then that’s fine.” I walk back over to Thomas and sit next to him.

Newt was thinking about it for a while and I could tell he didn’t want to put Thomas and I in the Maze because he likes me and he doesn’t want me to get hurt. Jack and the others want to see us get punished. “What are you thinking Newt?” Jack asks. Newt looks at him and the other Gladers then at Thomas and I.

After a while, Newt makes up his mind. “Here’s what I think, until we can figure out what the hell this paper is, Tommy and Crystal will be in the Maze for the night.” He says. Thomas and I look at each other. “Looks like we’ll both die tonight.” I say sarcastically. “Well we can’t get out of it” Thomas replies.

I stare Newt down as he’s talking with Minho. Newt looks over at me as I walk up to him. “You’ll regret this” I say sternly and walk out of the Homestead with Thomas on my heels.

End of flashback

“Wow mom! I can’t believe you told dad off!” Austin exclaimed. “Never saw that coming.” Annabelle said. “Me neither. I just didn’t tell your father off but everyone else as well.” I replied as I sat down on Newt’s lap. “When you told Newt off I could tell he was pissed but sad at the same time.” Minho said. “Yea I was. I still regret the decision though.” Newt replied. “But look on the bright side, at least you got the girl.” Thomas smiled. “Yea I did.” Newt looked into my eyes and kissed my cheek.

“Awe how sweet” Annabelle and Minho smiled. “Ugh get a room you lovebirds.” Thomas choked out. Newt and I looked at him and laughed. “So what happened next?” Austin asked. “Yea!” Annabelle exclaimed. We all looked over at Thomas.

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