The Girl in The Maze

Have you ever wondered how you met the love of your life? Well Crystal sure does. She remembers like it was yesterday.


The box comes to a halt and opens.
T: "Who is it Newt?"
N: "Its a girl" He looks up at Thomas.
The girl lays there unconscious and then begins to stir.
C: "Where the heck am I?"
She slowly gets up and
looks around at the group of boys staring down at her. Her eyes linger towards Thomas and cocks her head.
C: "Thomas?"

End of flashback

My interpretation of The Maze Runner
(Cover made by Zireee)


2. The Bonfire

Newt's POV

"Babe you should tell the kids about the bonfire. I think they'll enjoy it." Crystal smiled at me. "Alright hon." I said.


It’s Crystal’s first time at a bonfire and she is sitting alone over in the corner. I am standing near her. Thomas goes and sits next to her and she asks him what she looks like. He says, "Well let's see you've got shining hazel eyes and beautiful blonde hair. Oh and you have the most amazing smile." Crystal looks down and couldn't help but smile. I was annoyed.

Then I walk over and sit in between them. "Hey guys" I say looking at Crystal and Thomas. Thomas glares at me as if saying to leave but I don’t. “Well this isn't awkward at all" Thomas says. Crystal chuckles. "Crystal!" I hear Minho call. She turns and looks his way. "Come here" he says. "Be right there." Crystal calls back. She gets up and walks over to the bonfire. Music begins playing as I watch Crystal dance with Minho and the other Gladers. I finally realize that I was in love with her.

While Crystal’s dancing, Thomas scoots next to me. "Hey man" He says. "Tommy, there's something I need to tell you.." Thomas looks at me. "You’re my best friend Tommy but why are you always spending time with Crystal? I love her, but I'm terrified of the possibility she may not feel the same...I mean, who would love a boy with a limp...?" After a while of listening to me, Thomas finally says, "Newt, she’ll come around don’t worry. I’m trying to figure out why she’s here, same as everyone else. I understand you’re jealous but you need to pull yourself together.” Thomas says angrily. He glares at me then gets up and storms off.

“Hey Newt, can I sit down?” Crystal walks up to where I’m resting. Sure” I say and look at her. She could feel my gaze as she sits down next to me. Crystal looks at her hands and realizes that they are only a few inches between her hands and mine. After a few minutes, Crystal could still sense I was looking at her.

“Newt stop staring, it’s inappropriate.” Crystal says without looking up. “Sorry” I apologize and look away. “Boy I’m messing with you” she laughs which makes me laugh. I then put my hand on Crystal’s chin to have her look at me and start to lean in. I hear the rest of the Gladers ohh and awe. Newt, what are you doing?” Crystal asks furrowing her eyebrows. “Nothing!” I reply quickly and look away.

It was quiet for a moment. “So how do you know Thomas?” I ask. “He used to work for this organization called WCKD but he doesn’t anymore because he lost his memory somehow.” She replies. “You mean the Creators?” I ask. “Omg! I didn’t mean for that to slip out. I’m so sorry.” Crystal looks at me then the other Gladers. “I’m going to walk away now.” She says scrambling up and walks away.

I sit there dumbfounded because I was just given info that Thomas had worked for this WCKD organization. The boys all stood there quietly not saying a word. Thomas runs over to Crystal to talk to her while Minho comes over and sits next to me. “Did you hear what she said?” Chris asks with wide eyes. “We all heard her shuck-head.” Minho replies. “I told you she was a spy. We can’t trust her now.” Jack states. “Slim it Jack. All we know right now is that Thomas worked for WCKD. We don’t know if Crystal works for this WCKD organization. And I trust her.” I say. “If she’s a spy, why is she here? What if she has her memories but just pretending? I mean she remembered Thomas.” Will says. “Idk but I think we should find out.” Jack replies looking at Crystal suspiciously.

End of Flashback

“Wow!” Austin said. “I heard about WICKED from Uncle Tommy and Minho. Is it true what they did to you daddy?” Annabelle asks. “I think you should ask your Uncles.” I replied. “Thomas, Minho! Get in here.” Crystal shouted. “Coming.” Minho called back. We then heard two sets of footsteps come in from the back yard.

“Hey guys. What’s up?” Thomas asked. “The kids want to hear more about WICKED.” I replied. Thomas looked at Crystal. “Are you sure they’re ready for that?” He asks her. “It’s up to you Tommy.” Crystal replied. Thomas looked at the adults then sat down next to Crystal and Minho sat next me. “This part might be horrible and sad so just beware.” Thomas told the kids.

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