The Girl in The Maze

Have you ever wondered how you met the love of your life? Well Crystal sure does. She remembers like it was yesterday.


The box comes to a halt and opens.
T: "Who is it Newt?"
N: "Its a girl" He looks up at Thomas.
The girl lays there unconscious and then begins to stir.
C: "Where the heck am I?"
She slowly gets up and
looks around at the group of boys staring down at her. Her eyes linger towards Thomas and cocks her head.
C: "Thomas?"

End of flashback

My interpretation of The Maze Runner
(Cover made by Zireee)


11. The Bet

Thomas’s POV

“No. I’m pretty sure it was Minho’s idea” I said. “Tommy, it was your idea. You said so as we walked out of the Homestead.” Minho laughed. “Oh yea.” I laughed and continued with the story.


“Minho, I bet you that Crystal and Newt will get together right now because it’s been pretty obvious from the start.” I say as we’re both outside the door. “I believe you but it may take a few days more. Agreed.” Minho out our his hand and we shook on it.

“Minho, I have to tell you something. You have to promise not to tell Newt.” Thomas says. “Ok. What is it?” I ask. “I had sex with Crystal and I don’t want to tell Newt because I know he’ll never forgive me for it.” Thomas replies.

*Meanwhile back in the Med Jack room*

Minho and I left the door cracked a little so we could hear. We look through the window and see Crystal and Newt talking.

“Why would you think you’d get rejected?” I hear Crystal ask. “B-B-Because I didn’t think you’d like me back. I’ve had a crush on you ever since you came to the Glade but Thomas took you under his wing.” Newt looks down at his limp. “Who would ever love someone with a limp.” Newt mumbles and puts his head in his hands.

“Remember the story I was telling you.” Crystal says. Newt nods. “You and Thomas had been spending so much time together that I thought he was the one you liked.” He counters.

“It’s true we’ve been spending time together but I don’t like Thomas in that way. I think of him as a brother.” Crystal begins.

Minho and I look at each other in shock. “Oh God!” I say. “What?” Minho asks. “I had sex with my sister.” I mumble under my breath. Minho doesn’t hear me and we went back to watching.

“As for the other person, he’s very stern, helps other Gladers if needed, isn’t afraid to tell someone how he feels, etc.” Crystal says. “Who is it?” Newt asks. Crystal looks down at the ground for a minute then back up at Newt. “It’s you Newt.” Crystal smiles, interlocking her fingers into Newt’s hand and kisses his cheek.

“Yes! I knew it!” I shout with glee. “Awe man.” Minho said. Crystal and Newt turn to look as Minho and I trip and fall into the Med Jack room.

“Were you two eavesdropping?” Crystal asks. Minho and I look at each other. “Pst no.” We say. Newt and Crystal both glare at us. “Hey, at least you two weren’t doing it just like...” Thomas starts. Crystal glares at him. “Like what?” Newt asks. Nothing!” Crystal says quickly. “That would’ve been hilarious.” Minho said. “Don’t get any ideas.” Newt replies. We all laugh and walk out of the Med Jack room and went downstairs.

End of flashback

“That’s so sweet!” Annabelle cooed. “That’s great!” Austin exclaimed. “Thanks kids.” Crystal yawned. It was getting pretty late and I could see Newt and Crystal almost pass out. “I think it’s time for you kids to go to bed. We’ll tell you the rest tomorrow.” I said. “But Uncle Tommy, what about the Griever attack!?” Austin asked. “We’ll save it for another day alright. Now off to bed.” I replied.

Newt fluttered his eyes open a little and mouthed “Thank you” to me then fell back asleep. Minho and I got up to get ready for bed and left Newt and Crystal asleep on the sofa.

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