New Hedgehog on the block.

Lucy and Natasha Parker are two sisters living on a polluted Planet of Mobius a planet inhabited by antrhomorphic animals but when Lucy gets caught by Robotnik, a warlord and scientist and used as a slave to eliminate the freedom fighters, its up to Natasha and her band of new friends help to rescue her sister.
Sonic the Hedgehog@ copyright Sega.
Sonic Satam@ copyright to DIC Entertainment.
Lucy, Natasha and their parents belong to me.


1. Sacrafice.

I jolted awake finding myself in a city that's when I remembered I lived in Metropolis with my sister, Lucy and my mother and father but where are they now? I got up my legs were so sore I walked over notice darkness everywhere I couldn't see anything than that's when I remembered something mom! Dad! Lucy where are they that's when I noticed something next to me it was crouched but I could see it was human. That's when I noticed the black hair and one earring in its ear "Lucy?! Is that you?! What happened I can't remember anything" I said Lucy looks up her eyes were red her clothes were torn to pieces on her body "mom and dad are gone...." she replied I stared I wasn't believing her.

"Where are they Lucy?" I asked "they're gone Nat!! They're dead! They're murdered!!" Lucy replied almost screaming my name I stared in shock at my sisters wounded body blood soaking her shirt I shook my head in disbelief. "No that can't be....." I mumbled my parents were dead they were never coming back.... I turned away I couldn't bare to see my sister in this state she was 3 years older than I was I knew she would know that I wouldn't understand.

That's when I heard menacing laughter as a figure loomed over us I saw Lucy look up tears rolling down her eyes "well, well, well if it isn't the little brats who tried to shut down my Roboticizer" says the figure ending with laughter I felt hatred burning inside me. "What have you done?! What are you going to do with us?" I cried my eyes burning "well since you crossed over my territorial grounds I say either I let you live and be turned into robotic slaves for my empire or die or I'll use one of you as one of my test subjects" the figure says. "One? why one? as if we're gonna join you" I said "fool you dare speak to me like that you deserve to die" the figure replied "stop! I I'll be your test subject just let my sister go..." replied Lucy I turned shocked. "hmm... it seems one of you came to your senses fine I'll let one of you alive the other stays as my test subject for my 'project'" The figure said.

"What is this project anyway?" I asked "its top secret and only Sonic and those blasted freedom fighters will know S.W.A.T bots lead her out to prison cell" ordered the figure "No! I won't leave my sister!! Lucy!!" I cried as a couple of machines try to lead me away. Lucy was just staring with a guilty look why wasn't she doing anything?! "Lucy!!" I screamed as I was led away as the doors shut in front of us that's was the last time I saw her as a human. the doors to a prison cell was opened the robots rudely shoved me into the cell and the door closes and locks all by itself. I banged on the door. "Let me out!! I have a right to my freedom!! Let me go!!" I kept it up till I had no strength left in me as I leaned on a wall and slid down to the floor crouched *I wish mom was here, she'll know what to do* I sighed.

I sat there for what it seemed like hours that's when I heard an explosion and screaming, a high pitched scream it was Lucy! I recognise it instally it sounded as if she was in pain and agony "Lucy hang on!" I screamed "that blasted hedgehog has ruined my plans again!!" Cried the same deep voice from earlier as I saw him and his bots rushing out in retreat there stood a large figure smaller than the other that just retreated it was a hedgehog! He was covered with blue fur and peach coloured fur he had a cocky looking smile he wore gloves and red and white shoes.

"Looks like Robotnik won't be bothering us for a while" I heard him say holding what it looked like a ring in his hand?...Paw? a little fox popped out of a backpack which he had on his back he turned as he saw me banging on the cell. "Sonic there's someone in there!" He cried *oh thank god!* I thought sighing with relief as quick as a flash the hedgehog broke the cell and grabbed me before the ceiling collapsed there was fire everywhere burning the place.

That's when I remembered something "m my sister where's my sister? did you rescue anyone else?" I asked the hedgehog turned "no except for a female hedgehog she was bleeding pretty badly and her clothes are badly torn don't worry we got her out in time" the hedgehog replies. "Did she say her name?" I asked hoping for a good sign that my sister was safe and unharmed. "Um no not exactly she passed out from exhaustion before she could say anything" the hedgehog replied I stared in sadness I was fearing my older sister was dead....

Five hours later the 3 companions arrived at a small tree and a part of it opens and the hedgehog uses the entrance as if it was a slide he was still holding me bridal style while going down. As the slide finished we appeared to be in a small village and of course animals populated it I saw what it looked like a female chipmunk? squirrel I don't know "hey sal!" Cried the hedgehog *oh they know each other* I thought. "Hey sonic did she came from Metropolis?" asks the female chipmunk/Squirrel thing "yeah she did she claimed to have a sister as well but she doesn't know where she is, How's the female hedgehog? how is she doing?" the hedgehog asks.

"She's in a pretty bad state Bunnie already patched her up so she should stop bleeding now she is still unconscious but is suffering pretty badly" the chipmunk/Squirrel said "c can I see her?" I asked the three critters turned to me I felt embarrassed "sure but please be careful with her she is pretty fragile at the moment" the critter said. the two critters plus the fox led me into a cabin which posted as a hospital clinic? inside a bunny with legs and right arm made of metal sat on a stool next to a bed inside was a female hedgehog who looked a little like the one who saved me same coloured fur just lighter in colour.

I was deeply saddened by this the bunny looks up "sally thank goodness your here the poor thing was acting up again she almost attacked me but luckily she passed out from exhaustion" The bunny says the female hedgehog she was sweating pretty hard she was also shivering as if in a freezer. "She's suffering a fever for now but she should be able to get back on her feet in a few weeks or two" the Bunny states I turned to the hedgehog worried that's when I noticed a pink pearl earring in one of its ears I remembered Lucy loved pearl earring epically pink could this possibly be Lucy? was this the reason why that guy robotinki was so secretive about?

"Lucy......" I said staring at the ill hedgehog...



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