Loren's best friend

loren falls in love with her best friend but which one?


1. the birthday wish

Today is my birthday and I am spending it with Mark, Zach,Harvey, Nick, and Ariel. I am so excited and today better be a good day. Who knows what I'm going to receive? I hunt for my favorite outfit to wear for today. Hm where could I have put it? found it! I put it on and work on my hair and makeup. Once I'm done I check out my masterpiece. I look AMAZING! Like Damn girl. 

I text the group asking if they are on their way. I'm so damn bored. ughhh.... I am such a drama queen. I turn on my speaker to put on music and the first song that comes on is "Pills and Potions" by Nicki Minaj. MY SONGGGGG!!! i dance to it and mid-twerk Zach walks in the room but doesn't say anything. I stop and turn towards him then run into is arms. 

"ZACCHHHHHHHHH" I squeal and he laughs at me twirling me around. My heart skips a bit and i wonder why... I know I don't like him right? Right? 







*So what do you guys think?*

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