When Magic Collides

What is good or bad? What is dark and light? What happens when light is corrupted? Will anybody trust darkness?


1. At the Beginning

      People have been around for a long time, but, gods have been around longer. At first there was one god, Magic. Magic was a lonely being, traveling through an endless abyss of white. But over time it gained a mind. And then Conscious, Free Will, Feelings, and Time where born. But they where now alone, soaring through whiteness. But they hatched a plan, they created Color, and Life. Together they created a new world, at the center of this world they placed a goddess, known as Mother. Mother created, with the help of life all of the creatures on earth. Then Magic assigned Life to give each a gift. Life gave a gift to all except one. He stole some of Free Will, Magic, and Conscious, but as a result created Sin, Power, and most gods known today. Magic split itself in 2 creating light and dark. The 2 split halves joined the mortals on earth.

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