Zone Girl in the Apocalyptic World Book Two

New York, 2011.

A year has passed since the apocalypse arrived. As a group of survivors struggle to survive, they find out that others are waiting to live in the city that never sleeps.

The action packed sequel to Zone Girl....


1. New York 2011-One year later....


​Cara smothered me with her kisses.

"Mom, can we celebrate Christmas this year?", she asked me. I nodded. Trish watched the grimy roads for the rogues; Rich and James also watched for them, eager to post their co-ordinates on their I-phones. "I don't want them to know we're on social media", I said. Trish sighed. "Typical! I don't have anything; I have nothing!​". Cara, who was eight I think, (I'm not sure myself of her age; I am fifteen now and her adoptive mother), was something else during the blackness of the apocalypse in New York City.


​It was true that we hadn't enough money. 

​We walked along Central Park. Dogs were unleashed; other dogs were roaming alone. The homeless people grabbed discarded food from trash bins to feed their growing hunger. I ignored them, as we headed to the Island's wharfs. Fishermen had dozens and dozens of fish in grey nets; I ignored them because of the stench. And, yet, we all smelled the acrid smell of death reverberated around the city. We smelled the fish. A fisherman in his early sixties was cooking on the black pan. "You seem to need to eat. I'm Daniel Sanders". I introduced myself, Cara, and our friends; I knew how hungry my daughter was. "Well Stella, the world has changed; the world is black". I nodded. We ate the fish. "Food is scarce. I know. The apocalypse had drained our resources; there's nothing we can do". Trish shook her head. "We have to survive". She walked to a trash bin. "Everyone wants to survive; everyone wants to live", James said. Suddenly three green jeeps were driven by rogues down the smoke-filled roads. "Go!", he yelled. 


​I saw the first rogue who was dressed in military clothes. ​Even though it was Christmas, the festive season became just like any other day; the rogues weren't very festive. One of them, a twenty-two year old woman, armed herself with an air rifle; I watched her with intent. "It's time to come with us, Stella". Cara wept. "Don't take my mom....", she uttered. She was crying. "I'll be okay, sweetie". I hoped so, that is. James spoke. "There's been too many deaths. Let everyone celebrate Christmas", he said in a strong voice. The woman whispered to the other rogues. "Fine. But in the New Year we'll arrest you all". And they left in their jeeps...and disappeared into the darkness of New York.



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