Zone Girl in the Apocalyptic World Book Two

New York, 2011.

A year has passed since the apocalypse arrived. As a group of survivors struggle to survive, they find out that others are waiting to live in the city that never sleeps.

The action packed sequel to Zone Girl....


3. December 24, 2011


​Christmas Eve was just a normal day in freezing, snowy, New York. 

Cara had imagined that she was a princess. It was her imagination that was at work. James focused on the ashy road. "We have to go somewhere that's safe. Maybe another shelter", he said. I had enough of shelters. The black smoke was thick; the smoke caused our eyes to water. We headed north. Up ahead was a stained sign with the words in italic: ​AIR RAID SHELETER​. We gasped in surprise. All of the people of New York were inside them during World War II; all of them were scared of the bombs. Decades later, World War III had happened last year. And, as the nightmare continued to put a huge strain on us, the inevitable danger we were in caused me to shiver.

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