Zone Girl in the Apocalyptic World Book Two

New York, 2011.

A year has passed since the apocalypse arrived. As a group of survivors struggle to survive, they find out that others are waiting to live in the city that never sleeps.

The action packed sequel to Zone Girl....


2. Christmas


"For Christmas you can have the teddy bear", ​I told Cara. She smiled. Then, as she hugged it, we all sang carols, as we walked away from the wharf....and to another place of safety.


​Christmas was over quickly. 

​I saw a group of teenagers waving at us. I spotted Anson Harrison. He was my neighbour. His parents were working for the Government; he was at New York Co-Ed High School. "I was concerned about you", he said. ​I didn't need him to be concerned about me; I was with Cara...and that was that mattered​, I thought to myself. And, as I stared at him, I knew that hooking up with a fifteen year old boy would be problematic.

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