The Fight Never Ends

Just a lil bit of how I feel here n there...


2. Secure


         That’s how he makes me feel.

         He makes me smile and laugh through the midst of my emotional tears, that were brought on by both the petty little things and the deep stuff that plague my mind for months, let alone years!

         When a battle between logic and emotion rages on inside of me, he somehow manages to take my hand with a soft, gentle smile and put this internal war to temporary rest. For more than just a few mere moments too.

         I may have been acquainted with him for just over two years, and even more intimately for the last 6 months, but he’s gone from being someone I couldn’t care less about to becoming my whole entire world! It feels like I’ve known him forever…

         And yet, my love for him grows stronger each and every day that we’re together. Not because of the way he looks or the big gestures he makes, but because of the little ways he makes sure I feel happy and safe.

         Like how he smiles faintly at me before we lean in for a kiss.

         The gentle way he caresses me as we hold each other close.

         How he makes time to spend time with me in the middle of each game.

         Comforting me in those big arms of his whenever I have a panic attack.

         Making me feel like I’m the prettiest girl in the world even when I’m sick.

         There’s a million more ways he makes my heart skip a beat while putting a smile on my face, but this relationship has brought me the strong sense of security I’ve yearned for a long time.

         He’s the first person I’ve ever been with where I can see a long and happy future. Where I feel content enough for my love to just grow and grow and grow without the fear of it sizzling out or me doing anything stupid and wrong that would push him away or scare him off.

         I love everything about him! The good, the bad and everything in-between. He sees me for me and not the illnesses and baggage that I have dragging along behind me. He loves me and my imperfections, just as I do with he and his imperfections.

         When I’m in his arms, it feels as though the world could be destroyed, yet we’d go completely unharmed. He makes everything seem as though it’s at complete peace, even when we have a lot of problems going on at the time.

         The new experiences I’ve felt and gained with him over the last few months have only enhanced the fulfilment I feel when I’m with him.

         I can only hope that this love and security I have with him will remain for many years to come, and that we’ll make many more memories together to add on to the ones we’ve already created. In addition to this, I also look forward to learning more about the little details that make him so unique and lovable.

         I will always share my love with him for as long as I shall live and beyond because to me, Iwan Jones shall forever be the only one for me. 

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