The Fight Never Ends

Just a lil bit of how I feel here n there...


4. Puzzle Master

She has the knowledge of the whole universe in the palms of her gentle hands. With a sweet, simple picture or a short, snappy story, her life unfolds with jigsaw pieces as she teaches you the difference between right and wrong, good and bad, and now and then.

Her hands flow with ease as she weaves rainbow balls of wool and silk into beautiful works of art. The patterns emerging between her quick and nimble fingers as though it’s her second nature due to years of mastering her craft.

Along with the beauty her hands create comes the brilliant tricks her mind uses to solve the most unsolvable of puzzles with just a simple clue, a scrap of paper, and a rickety old pen.

Yet sometimes, she doesn’t even need the pen and paper as she intensely watches over us like a guardian angel with her calming eyes. Your unknown secrets unfolding in front of her before you even know you have any.

Every moment spent with her in every waking day adds yet another small piece to the many memories she’s sewn together over the 71 long years of her joyful life. A life that seems almost like a fantasy when she reminisces over time.

This includes that shimmering white smile and squeaky clean round glasses of hers every time you visit her. You always know there’s a cup of tea and a small treat waiting for you, especially when you haven’t seen her in a while. It’s almost as if she’s ready and waiting for you before you even step out of the front door.

Like a chess board, her soft words of wisdom seem simple, yet have a far more complex meaning behind them. The moral behind the story holding far deeper emotions than a white bishop trapping the black king to end the short war.

Just like a crossword clue to fill in the blanks without any extra emphasized hints.

For all the nans in the world, I could never replace mine for the simple fact that she connected the dots in my life like a map. Her strength and willpower will always lift me up higher than anyone will ever know because I know she is one of God’s protective angels.

No matter where she is.

And like sudoku puzzle, our family will never be complete without all 9 of us being there. Holding each other up through the good times and the bad because that’s what she taught every one of us to do. To be there for each other, no matter how angry or upset we are with each other because we will always be in each other’s hearts, no matter where we are.

I’m proud to say that if anyone asks me how I got to the happy end of the tunnel I am today, I’d say that it was because of her guidance that I pulled through and became the person I am today.

And all because she’s our family’s puzzle master.


Dedicated to Maz Windridge, diagnosed with pancreatic cancer Feb 2018.

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