The Creature

When Jim starts to help Cassie with a book assigned to them in reading class, Cassie and Jim start to see an ominous creature. It looks like a vampire but slimy, dressed in black, and with a wrinkled face. What could it be?


2. The Creature

     Days later... "Jim? What are you doing?" Mom yelled.

     "Um, helping Cassie," he lied. "Um, what do you need, mum?"

    Mother answered with a angry tone, "No you're not, because Cassie is standing with me right now, so I'm going to ask you one more time. What are you doing?"

    Because Mom had caught Jim in the act he got grounded for the rest of the month and had to help me with the whole book study. I went upstairs after mother grounded him, got my book, paper, and a pencil, then came back downstairs to the study room. I sat down with the biggest smile on my face and opened the book. 

    "Maybe this time if something happens then it will happen to both me and Jim," I raised my voice. Now that Jim had to help me nothing could -in any way- ruin my smile. Until...

    Again when I opened the book a gust of wind came flooding into the room. "Was it just me or did a whole lot of wind pass through here?"

    Mother came over checking my forehead for any possible signs of a fever. "Oh honey you're burning up. You should go to bed." I hated it when mother was concerned and she's been that way a lot lately; ever since father passed; made sure everyday that Jim and I were fine. Apparently if she's right I've had a fever sixteen times in the last week. Concerned mothers always have a reason to be concerned.

    "Mother that's the third time today. Trust me I do not have a fever," I tried to convince mom.

    Jim came over and opened the book, and yet again another gust of wind. Jim stared at me with a worried look, but started to read out loud. Again, only this time less dizzy, I saw it. It stood in the doorway next to mother. I got Jim's attention and indicated that something was behind him. He slowly turned around and screamed, "NO! MOVE MOM!"

    Mom, confused and worried about us, looks next to her only to find, in her vision, nothing. "What? Don't ever scream again. You hear me Jim Jr." Oh boy when mother called him, Jim Jr., you knew she was mad. Jim and I went up to my room and started to talk about what we'd seen in the study doorway.

    In the next two days we'd seen the black clothed person, at least we thought it was a person, twelve times. We had to take extra precautions with this thing hanging around us every time we open the book. Soon enough this thing came up to us and started to talk in some kind of tongue that we understood.

     "You two need to help the king or you will die when you finish this book, and if you don't finish it then you will have a horrible life," he said then disappeared.

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