The Creature

When Jim starts to help Cassie with a book assigned to them in reading class, Cassie and Jim start to see an ominous creature. It looks like a vampire but slimy, dressed in black, and with a wrinkled face. What could it be?


1. The Book

    "Jim? Mom asked you to help me, so come do it," I yelled. 

    Hi. My name is Cassie, and Jim is my mean, stubborn brother.

     "I'm not helping you with some book study that you have to do for a school project," Jim yelled from upstairs.

    "Mom! Jim won't help me with my book assignment. He's being a brat again. Mom, please tell him to help me," I yelled to mom. Mom was the best. She favoured me over Jim; however, that's only because I listened to her and he didn't.

    "Oh, so you think I'm the brat now, Cassie? Says the one that gets everything she wants."

    "At least I didn't get forced to go to boot camp, and then run away. I actually listen to mother, and when she tells me to do something, I do it," I loved being sassy with my brother; a smart aleck was what I was born to be. I ran to my room, slammed the door, and collapsed onto my bed. 

    I started to think about the work that I had to do for reading class and raised myself to grab it. I, unfortunately, go to Bronze High School; the same school as Jim. I laid back down on my bed and opened the book. The very moment the pages were parted, a gush of wind came through my open window. Hmm, that was a weird coincidence.

    I glanced at the first page and began to read. I finished the first chapter within twenty minutes, but when I looked up I felt dizzy. Through my blurry vision I saw something tall, dark, and intimidating standing outside my window, but by the time my sight cleared, the person outside my window was gone. "Jim!" I yelled with fear.

    "What, Brat?" He shouted, running down the stairs. He shoved my door open and found me on the floor holding my head. "What the hell are you in that position for?" But he felt something off and ran towards me.

    "Have you ever read that book?" I asked, perturbed, pointing at the book on my bed.

    "You called me down here because you're worried about a book?"

    "NO! I'm worried about what I saw outside my window," I finished telling him what happened and he told me that he had never read it before. He took the book and went back to his room. About twenty-five minutes later, I heard my name echoing down the stairs.

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