The Creature

When Jim starts to help Cassie with a book assigned to them in reading class, Cassie and Jim start to see an ominous creature. It looks like a vampire but slimy, dressed in black, and with a wrinkled face. What could it be?


4. It's Here

    That night I woke up from a very bad dream. "Damn! I need to stop reading books like that," I whispered. It took me a few minutes to adjust to the lighting in my room, but before I could see clearly; it dawned on me. He said I would find out what "A fresh life" means, and I just found out.

    In my dream Jim and I were being chased by a buff warrior on a horse. Jim and I ran for our lives while this guy on the horse was trying to cut our heads off with a sword. The horse eventually caught up with us, and out of the corner of my eye I could see Jim fall to his knees. I looked over but found; not my brother laying on the ground, but my brothers corpse. His head had been decapitated, and my heart was racing.

    I tried to run, but my legs wouldn't respond. I kept telling myself "It's a dream, it's a dream. Run!" but no matter how much I told myself that I couldn't run. I couldn't even move my head. All I could move was my eyes and the thoughts in my head, but somehow I was moving; not away from my brothers' corpse, but towards it. 

     I leaned down towards him. I was scared; I didn't know what to do. "Help! Help! Someone do something!" But no matter how much I screamed, no one could hear me. My throat became sore and I could no longer scream.

     After my screaming died down, I started crying. Soon enough I couldn't see anything, but a blurry version of a screenplay. Everything in front of me looked so fake, but it felt so real. Not too long after I started crying, I got up and started running. Running to no extent.

     Soon enough I became tired and drenched with sweat. I kept running until I finally collapsed. I started to become really dehydrated and dizzy, and soon enough I blacked out. This is when I woke back up in my bedroom. My sheets had entangled me inside and had become soaking wet.

     Trying not to forget what I had just dreamt, I ran to Jim's room. "Jim! Jim! Jim! Wake up please," I pleaded as I ran to his bed. But once I got to his bed he wasn't there. "JIM!" I screamed. "Where are you?" This time when Jim didn't answer I started to cry. "Mom! Jim's gone!"

     I started to mom's room, but found that she wasn't there. I started to become really scared. "This can't be happening. Not now."

     "Oh, but it is happening. I told you that the king needed a fresh life. Didn't I?" came a very deep voice. With every accented word, another one of my heart beat was skipped. 


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