Of Fire and Ice

For the Movellas Inspired Fanfiction Competition. Based off Lost to the Flames.


1. Chapter One

Rune Oakes was far from the perfect girl. At her last school, she'd been almost expelled for getting into too many fights. In her old town, she'd been forced to move after causing the death of her girlfriend during a party.

When she'd first started at Borthwick Academy, Avery hadn't known any of this. The first night there he'd seen her sitting on the stairs on the verge of tears, and the only thought that occurred to him was that she needed his help. And so that's what he gave her.

And over time they'd grown. She'd become one of the strongest fire weilders he'd ever met, had fallen in and out of love, had had her heart broken a thousand times over, but she was still beautiful. Still so bloody strong.

Standing at the altar, Avery smiled, watching her walk down in her silken white wedding gown. And he thought, maybe she wasn't perfect. In fact, she was nowhere near perfect.

But she was Rune Oakes. She was strong, and intelligent, and beautiful. And she was his.

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