Breath of the Beasts.

Defeating Calamity Ganon seem to have been one hell of a task. Link and Zelda is about to restore Hyrule back to what it once was, however, a Bokoblin Pack that seem clever than they are supposed to, might take a stop on the plans. ((This might contain sexual interaction between Link and Bokoblins, it is yet not decided, Don't like, don't read. ))


4. Trust is Gold.

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Zelda's gaze looked distant as she stood outside, her current task was to check on the new guards, that they once again had recruited for the security of the castle.

The last team was slaughtered, while they were the culprits took her beloved Link. She still couldn't understand why they would take him.

There had been no traces of them, nor any traces for where they had gone, other than towards the North sides.

Bokoblins don't always work that well in cold weather, she couldn't tell of any reason why they would be there, or if it was just to mislead them.

It probably was to mislead them…


Zelda jumped out from her thoughts, looking at the Head Knight standing beside her. "Huh, what?"

"Did you pay attention?" The Head Knight asked, as she looked at Zelda. Obviously able to scan the worried and concerning feelings the queen was feeling.

"I apologize, my thoughts seem to wander off lately into another path than the one they should be on." Zelda apologized, clenching her fists a little as she glanced down at the men who trained to prepare for battle or everyday tasks.

"You surely are concerned for the warrior, My queen. It is by no doubt that you truly wish him back and that his well being is priority number one. " The head knight replied, gazing the way the Queen did, she watched a few of the new guards fail to protect themselves. They could do nothing but await for some to be good enough to go to battle.

It would take time, since they were so little in numbers by now.

"Have you searched for help in Kakariko Village, my queen?" The head knight asked. She almost groaned at the silly and hopeless attacks the new guards tried to accomplish.

"It has crossed my mind that I should, however, I believe they have suffered enough and has a great loss already. They once were many, but now they are little. I do not wish that death approach for any of their people till their time." Zelda stated as formal and normal tone a voice that she could manage.

"When was the last time you had a good nights sleep, my queen?" The head knight asked instead of arguing and moved closer to the princess. "Since the day Link was safe in the castle and not out on a mission." Zelda replied shortly. Indeed, her eyes seemed tired and distant looking.

She truly was determined to find Link and get him back safely, but surely she was not gonna be able to do that without any sleep or food.

"Once a few of the guards are well trained, we'll-"

"My queen!"

Both Zelda and the head knight turned their heads, looking toward a scouter who came running toward them, with something that appeared to be a wet sack.

"What is the distress?" Zelda asked, turning her body so that she was facing the scouter. Even in a situation like hers, she still managed to keep her royal posture and look like the queen they all needed.

"This was found in the river near Namika Ozz Shrine." The scouter exclaimed as he sat the sack down and took a step back, bowing slightly to his queen.

Zelda looked at the sack for a moment and hesitated, eyeing it with a look in her eye that resembled fear. Her thoughts centered on something bad already.

"Check it, please…" She asked the head knight.

The head knight stepped forward, grabbing the wet sack and untied the rope around it. She never wanted to show it to her queen, but she had been afraid of opening it aswell. What if it had been Link's corpse? Or bones from a meal of the Bokoblin pack that took him?
It could be anything like that….

A sigh of relief escaped the head knight's lips, opening and just seeing clothing. "It's a sack of clothes." She stated and showed it to her queen by stepping aside and let the sack show the clothing within it.

She thought that the Queen would be relieved over it just being clothing, but she slowly stepped forward and knelt down in front of the sack.

Grabbing one of the peices of fabric, she clenched it tightly in her hold and drew it out from the sack. Shredded and almost iripairable, she looked at the blue tunic that Link once wore, the lovely blue champions tunic that she had come to love seeing on the hero of Hyrule.

Despite it being soaked and gross feeling, she still held the wet fabric close to her chest.

"My queen?" The head knight wasn't sure what she was doing, it was not a sight a queen should show in front of her people.

"It's Link's clothes….What have they done? he's dead, isn't he? he's truly gone…" She whispered. Her eyes became wet, tearing up as she clenched the clothing tight to her chest. With her other hand she searched into the sack, there must be more than that, pants, the shirt, boots. Nothing else? What about his weapons? What about the Sheika Slate?

"No, no, no no no no…." She whined in a cry.

Zelda was helped to her feet by the Head Knight, dragged away from the remaing things in the sack. "It is not a good display you are showing, My queen…" The head knight whispered as she drew Zelda away from prying eyes. If any of the kingdom saw their queen in that state, they might lose hope in restoring Hyrule Castle and its villages around.

The Head knight needed to gather strong and brave men or women to help her search for that Bokoblin pack. If they truly had killed Link and tossed away the last remains of his things, they had to pay…

She was not gonna do it for her own sake or for Link's sake, but for her queen.

She wanted to get revenge for the loss the Queen now has to bare.

The sounds of grunts and squeals echoed in his ears, awakening him just a little, Link felt strange and unsure of the events that happened before he passed out. He groaned softly, which made one source of the grunts and squeals louder.

Opening his eyes, to see the blured vision of the stone walls, Red and Blue blobs in front of him. Wait, it wasn't blobs….it was… Bokoblins...right.

Link blinked a couple of times, trying to get his vision to focus. He just managed to see two Red Bokoblins walking away from a Blue one, that looked at Link with a very disappointed expression.

He never thought he would ever see such an expression on one of those creatures. He could almost guess who it was, the one who seem to understand his tongue.

"Awake, yes?"

Link almost wanted to curl into himself, the harsh and disapproving voice the Blue Bokoblin spoke with, it made him feel small and almost scolded like how he felt when Zelda scolded him for being reckless.

"Almost…" Link breathed out, trying to move some of his body parts to get some feeling going, only to then discover his hands were tied above his head, he was tied against the cave wall, still cold and only in his underpants.

"Trust… is gold, Hero. " The Blue Bokoblin started out. "Broken Trust, very bad." He said and let his arms cross against his own chest. "Broke Trust you did, running out while asleep. Leader no happy about it." He grunted, as Link looked at the Blue Bokoblin for a while.

He still tried to wrap his mind around what he really did… He was asleep, but awoke because of a nightmare, then… everyone else were asleep and he...tried to flee…

Closing his eyes, he felt a small swell of guilt building up in his stomach. The Blue Bokoblin had tried to build trust between them and Link broke it just hours after getting free from some of the bonds that held him down like an animal.

No wonder they would tie him back up, especially in a way he couldn't get down from. "Are you gonna hurt me?" The question itself sounded pathetic, but that's what Link kinda feared. Would a punishment be held upon him?

" Not my decision…." The Blue Bokoblin replied. "You hang there, think of what did…" He said straight out, before shaking his head and turning away from Link to leave.

Link still felt so cold and tired, his eyes became heavy again, it couldn't be because of the cold, could it? He could hardly feel his own body shiver, his vision became more blurry again.

He seem to pass out and awaken many times during the day, he hardly heard any sign of the Bokoblins near him.

"Argh!" Link uttered a painful noise, as a slap had gotten across his cheek. Being awake fully now, he looked in front at him to see the Black Bokoblin. Link narrowed his eyes a little, as he glared at the Black one. It didn't seem friendly at all, more amused over how painful the slap seemed to have been for Link.

Had Link's arms not been tied up above his head and the fact he was against the wall, he might had done something back to fight against the Black Bokoblin. He didn't want it to mess around with him, his heart however, beat fast. Somehow, he still feared the Black Bokoblin, but he didn't want to appear weak and pitiful.

The Black Bokoblin got close to Link again, getting in his personal space and really didn't seem to care at all for how Link's comfort would be affected. The Hylian turned his head away, as the stinking breath made his stomach twist and almost vomit. What the hell had they been eating?

His chin was grabbed harshly, and turned so he was forced to look at the Black Bokoblin. He narrowed his eyes at the Bokoblin, trying not to show so much as a sliver of fear within his eyes.

However, he soon felt the need to struggle, a hand wrapped around his throat and forced his head back against the wall, the Bokoblin sniffed around Link's face, and loosened the grip so he wouldn't strangle the Hylian.

"W-What do you want from me!?" The Hylian snapped, trying to kick away the Black Bokoblin, but he was pinned in a position where he hardly could get any good kicks in.

It sounded like the Black Bokoblin was amused, chuckling in a beasty way, he let one of his fingers caress over Link's chin and pass his lips. The other hand seem to roam around Link's chest, before it moved down along his belly.

"No. No, stop it!" Trying the best he could, Link made another attempt to struggle free, but it was no use. He hissed in pain as the Black Bokoblin dug his sharp clawss down in his thigh, pressing himself against Link and forcing a grunt to escape him.

The Hylian felt something odd poking at his knee, of course he had an idea of what it could be, but for the love of the goddess, don't let it be that….

Link looked into the Red eyes of the Black Bokoblin, seeing the intent for more from Link than what he really wanted to give. He felt horrible, and terribly frightened!


He had never called out for help before, but for once he really was in a situation that he needed it.

Link tried to struggle when the Black Bokoblin grabbed onto the rim of his underpants, he felt his body freeze, no… he wouldn't do it, would he?

"HE-! MHM!" Link had tried to call out for help one more time, only for the Black Bokoblin to cover his mouth harshly.

He didn't wanted this to happen, was the Bokoblin really gonna force him into this? He had never experienced anything alike this with another person, nor even to think about another...creature. He already felt disgusted, how the Black Bokoblin seemed to eye him as though he wanted to eat him for more than just a feast. It send a shiver down his spine. He didn't want it... he didn't want it… he didn't want it...


Link heard a loud squeal from the entrance of the smaller part of the cave. The touch from the Black Bokoblin weas gone. Link then opened his eyes again, a few tear drops had formed in his eyes and a few had even escaped, he did not want the Black Bokoblin to touch him. However, he had never thought it would bring him to such a state of tears.

The White Bokoblin appeared to be back again among the pack, it looked angered at the Black Bokoblin. It made a harsh squeal at the Black Bokoblin. Storming over in front of Link, pushing the Black Bokoblin away from him. It made harsh pointing motions at the Black Bokoblin along with what sounded like scolding squeals and grunts.

Link wasn't sure what was going on so he made sure not to move, in the end, he watched the Black Bokoblin walk out from the part of the cave.

Just as he seemed to be safe, he felt a tug on the rope that held his wrists tied together, he was lifted down from the hook on the wall, only to be thrown over the white Bokoblins shoulder as it carried him out.

"I can walk on my own!" Link muttered as he hit the back of the White Bokoblin. This really was like a damsel in distress moment, never in his life had Link thought he would end up in such a situation.

As the White Bokoblin walked with Link upon his shoulder, they passed by the pack where they all saw Link being carried away from the smaller part of the cave. "Let go of me!" He growled in a harsh voice. This really had him worked up after all, he didn't want to be here! Screw the trust and that they needed his help! He rather die now or face Calamity Ganon again and die in the matter of this fact.

Getting to another part of the cave, which seemed to have been a way bigger cave than what it appeared to be in the first place. The sound of the other Bokoblins died out as the White bokoblin walked further into the deep cave. It worried Link a bit, why would they get further away from the Entrance? Why did the White Bokoblin all of sudden move him instead of the others?

He was confused, his struggles and fighting had died out as he knew no matter what he did, he couldn't get down or try to reason with the White Bokoblin. After all, he wasn't that well spoken in his language, not to say that Link could speak a word of grunt or squeals either.

Would Zelda be able to find him? Would anyone ever be able to find him at all? Or was he doomed to be within the pack with no information to know what's going to happen to him. The only thing he had to communicate with the Bokoblins might not even wanna be near him now after he broke their trust.

Somehow, it made him feel guilty. While lost in his thoughts, he had not paid attention to his surroundings, to see where they went or where they were going. However, once he was removed from the White Bokoblin's shoulder, he was once again concious of the world around him as he was settled in the softness of a fur blanket once again. Frowning, he looked at the blanket, before looking back at the White Bokoblin.

His eyes wide for short time after as he looked at the beast, seeing he held a sword out. Link held his tied hands up, trying to block a coming blow. He knew it! They were gonna kill him now and feast on him!

The tightness around his wrist loosened the dissapeared, feeling the rope slide down along his arm and hit the fur below him too. Carefully, Link opened his eyes again, looking at the ropes that bound him before. For a second time, a Bokoblin had not made a move to damage him or initiate a killing blow with a weapon toward him.

They had freed him from his bonds... again.

Confused, the his blue eyes looked at the White Bokoblin, it's back was turned to face Link, as it seemed to be making something over the warm campfire within the cave room they currently were in.

He wasn't sure what the white Bokoblin was doing, he knew he wasn't gonna try anything. Because 1. The White Bokoblin had the upper hand, as they were the leader and probably the strongest in the pack. And 2. Link didn't wanted to feel any more pain for now or cause any untrustworthy moments.

He had been stupid enough to try and escape, his mind still wondered what Zelda would be thinking. Had she found the sack with his clothes? Would she assume he was dead and long gone?

Did she search for revenge?...

All those thoughts went through his mind, as he sat on the fur blanket. His focus soon came back, as he felt a soft fur tugged over his shoulders again. Looking up, he found himself face to face with the White Bokoblin, watching it tug the fur properly around Link to keep him warm.

Getting the warmth from the fur, it was now he discovered how cold he actually was The adrenaline from the previously events still had his mind reeling, but had started to calm. His body shivered lightly, he pulled the fur tighter around himself as he curled up and tried to cover most of his body. His head tilted down a little, so the fur covered a bit above his mouth.

It was lovely and warm….

Opening his eyes, seeing the White Bokoblin sit cross legged in front of him. Handing over a wooden bowl to him as well. At first, he thought it would be Rice and FIsh Meat, but his eyes wide a little when he looked into the bowl.

It looked so much better than the rice and fish meat. In the bowl were Gourmet meat, hard to get hands on if you weren't hunting all day long. When the White Bokoblin urged him to take the bowl, Link took it with little resistence, he didn't want to offend him.

With the scent of the food, he could almost make out what the White Bokoblin had been cooking. It was a Gourmet Meat Stew?

He had no idea the Bokoblins could make such meal, his mouth watered, before he dug in. The taste was amazing too, it made him want to eat more and more.

He had not heard or seen a second Bokoblin entered the cave, it bowed toward the White Bokoblin in a respectful matter, before it took seat by the Campfire. First, when the grunt and squeals came around. Link glanced up to see the Blue Bokoblin.

He could almost tell them apart, also the fact that the Blue Bokoblin started to speak.

"He hope meal is satisfying, even you don't deserve." The Blue Bokoblin exclaimed. "It is apology, for Second command Black Bokoblin." He explained in a softer tone of voice.

"What is his deal?" Link asked, wiping the back of his hand over his mouth to get some of the juicy meat off his chin.

"He believe, control he is. " The Blue Bokoblin explained. "No leader home, he takes command." He muttered, gazing at the fireplace almost as if the Blue Bokoblin had gotten lost in his thoughts.

"I see…" Link replied, setting the empty bowl down and tugged the fur around him, his gaze was lowerd to the floor, in which the two Bokoblins could take a sign of what it meant.

"Listen I'm-"

"Sorry?" The Blue Bokoblin interrupted. "Yeah...I shouldn't have-" Link tried, but once again the Blue Bokoblin interrupted him. "Trust is gold, Hylian. Broke the little trust given, not good." He accused.

"I have so many things going on in my head, alright? The Princess- no the Queen wanted me back to the castle and-"

As link tried to explain, he saw the White Bokoblin raise his hand to stop him from talking. He grunted lightly at the Blue Bokoblin, but his eyes stayed on Link.

"Leader no excuse wanna hear. Understands you return one day, but now… he wish help." The Blue Bokoblin explained, moving away from the Campfire a bit, he joined Link and his Leader so they sat in a three man circle.

"Uhm... I see.. hey listen, do you guys have names or something?" Link uttered quietly, he still weren't sure if he was gonna call them Blue 1 and 2, or whatever silly names he now could come up with.

"Of course, you no think we name's got?" The Blue Bokoblin asked, making a small chuckle as he grunted at his leader to what Link had asked.

It even seem to amuse the White Bokoblin, he made a chuckle too, before making a grunt and squeal at the Blue Bokoblin.

"Your name?" The Blue Bokoblin asked Link, making at point at him first. "Rumors not given name of Hero, just given titles. Your name?" he asked.

"I...uhm…"Link rubbed the back of his head a little, looking down a bit. "Link… my name is Link…" He told the Blue Bokoblin.

The Blue Bokoblin smiled, as he looked at the leader, seeing he tried to get the information given to him as well. Then, the Blue Bokoblin made a hand on his own chest. "Vulx. Given name, Vulx." He exclaimed, before he made a hand at the leader. "Oking. Leader Oking."

Link almost chuckled a bit, those names sounded so weird, but he could kind of make sense of them.

"Because he's supposed to be a king?" Link asked. "In way you could say." The Blue Bokoblin, better now known as Vulx explained.

"How do you say, nice name?" Link asked him, his eyes stayed on the White Bokoblin, Oking.

Vulx chuckled, before he settled back a moment. He drew something on the ground, in which Link scoot a bit closer to look at.

So not enough with that the Bokoblins were clever, they also had their own signs of writing? Interesting… it really bewildered Link that they showed so much more than what they appeared to be before.

Nice name, Oking.

Oking looked at the text on the ground, seeing that Link pointed at the text and then at him right after. He made a nod, accepting the compliment that Link gave him.

"We ask for help….Link." Vulx exclaimed quickly afterwards. "We dying species, your kin...kill everything and everyone." Vulx said, as Oking did his best to try and listen in.

"What can I help with? I can't do anything." Link replied to him.

"No true…" Oking said this time, his words not coming that clear through like Vulxs words did. However, Link did believe he kinda understood what he tried to say.

"Hero of Hyrule, defeating Calamity Ganon… set free lot of creatures, include us." Vulx exclaimed with a hand gesture toward Link. "Words comes around….you help us...we leave Castle alone. We no want harming Hylians, just be peace."

Link sat quiet a moment, listening to Vulxs words. So they just wanna live in peace? If they had wanted to be in peace, they didn't have to kill…

"You killed guards…" Link stated quietly. "You gave them no mercy… you just killed them…" He said, as he moved a little back.

"They killing us too...lost one of our kin… young, hardly in age for fight." Vulx exclaimed too with a more harsh looking facial expression.

"If you wanted peace, you could have done so much more…" Link said to them "Instead of attacking, you could have showed signs of not wanting to harming anyone! You could-"

Link stopped as Oking stood, hard expression on his face as he looked at Link. Vulx stood and got in front at Oking, trying to calm him as he spoke with a grunt and squeal.

Oking replied with a few harsh Grunt and Squeals, before turning and walking out. He looked like he lost the temper and needed a moment to collect himself, so he wouldn't be doing anything to the Hylian.

Vulx then looked at Link, a softer expression on his face. "No letting go before deal has been done. Apologize, Hylian. Part of Pack you become…"

With those words mingling in the air, Vulx left too, but over his shoulder he said "Trust is gold….no running this time."



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