Breath of the Beasts.

Defeating Calamity Ganon seem to have been one hell of a task. Link and Zelda is about to restore Hyrule back to what it once was, however, a Bokoblin Pack that seem clever than they are supposed to, might take a stop on the plans. ((This might contain sexual interaction between Link and Bokoblins, it is yet not decided, Don't like, don't read. ))


7. On Death Road

Chapter 7 On Death Road

Hello fellow readers!
I am back with a new chapter, I apologize for not updating as much as I should. IRL has been... well tricky lately for me, so being able to write on my stories, wasn't a possible option at that point. Though, I should be back somewhat now and hopefully be able to publish more chapters!

Vulx dapped a cloth over Link's head, seeing that the Hylian still has not awoken since the combat against the Lynel. He was getting on a lost road, not sure how to heal the Hylian at all. Their ways of healing weren't as good as anyone else.

Link had been pale due to the blood loss, it was still a surprise for the Bokoblin that Link was alive after that. Though, he thought Link might not be alive for much longer if he continued this way.

Vulx let a hand rest on Link's head, looking at him with empathy in his eyes. The Hylians body was shaking due to the pain, yet Link wasn't awake.

With the order from Oking, Vulx was at the bare bottom. If he didn't get help somewhere outside, they would lose Link and with that, properly the wrath from the Hylian kingdom.

Looking over at the exit of the craved out part of the cave. He knew Oking was still out and Kagan was roaming around the deeper caves to try show he was in command till Oking was back. Least he had the strict order not to be around the Hylian.

Even Vulx had noticed the way Kagan had his eyes on the Hylian, if it was to hurt him or have him as a mate, Vulx couldn't guess either of the two for now.

He knew what he was gonna do now, would betray their leader's orders, but Vulx is on the last straw now. He's unsure how to help Link, let alone get him back to a state he can be healed faster and get back again to their waking world.

He threw a fur blanket over Link, tugged him in and ensured that Link wouldn't be cold. It was gonna be a little difficult to try to get the Hylian out, but Vulx knew his ways.

He just hope that he could reach the place in time and search for help.

With Link settled on his back, all tugged in and also in a position that would be less harmful to him, Vulx managed to sneak out, past their guards and past Kagan. He only had minutes to spare a get away from the cold lands.

Vulx would pray and hope that he could get this done fast.

It had not been the first time nor the last time that they would get the camp settled. Zelda was in the royal tent, looking at the map over Hyrule, small flags had been settled from where they had searched, being Red Flags, and the blue flags is where they would go to next.

Zora's Domain had been a lost cost, neither of the Zora's had seen or heard from Link ever since he had been there to settle the Divine Beast Vah Ruta.

Exhaling, Zelda pinched her thumb and pointy finger against the branch of her nose, massaging it a little. She really did her very best to try and search for those who killed Link.

That pack was going to die, she would take revenge on them.

"Your Highness."

Zelda let go of herself, looking over to see the general getting inside. "Any news?" Zelda asked her, while she settled down upon the chair behind the table that contained the map.

"Some scouts in Tabantha Tundra near the Sha Gemma Shrine claim that they've seen a Lynel being slain by a Hylian." The general reported while she looked at her queen.

"It is not uncommon that a Lynel can be slain." Zelda proclaimed, seeming a bit uninterested in the topic "Any news of the Bokoblin pack?" She asked her general instead.

"That is... the thing, my queen." The general replied. "Bokoblins was around, the Hylian who slayed the Lynel was blonde, had skills like a master in sword combat and... The Bokoblins had taken him away after the combat, thus far what they claimed, it looks like the Hylian was wounded deeply." The general exclaimed, which by now got Zelda's peek of interest.

A blonde haired Hylian, combat skills with a sword. Bokoblins being around and taken the Hylian away...

It all seemed to fit more together than what Zelda thought.
Yet, maybe it could've been someone living in the area? Who, also happened to have combat skills with sword fighting and... had blonde hair too... It wasn't uncommon to have blonde hair, right? And sword skills...

"My queen?" The general asked when she frowned over Zelda being in deep thoughts. She could always tell by the expression that the queen let out once in a while. A mixture of thoughtful thinking and conclusions being held too.

"Grab my horse and take down camp, we'll get over to the location the scouts have seen this happening and search the area," Zelda exclaimed, standing from her seat and walked over to the small wardrobe to get her jacket and thick robes.

"Will that be wise, my Queen? We settled camp for tonight, it is unwise to travel in the night." The general said to her, while Zelda had turned to look at her.

"I gave the order, besides there are no more dangerous creatures anymore now than Ganondorf is gone." Zelda proclaimed.

The general made a small nod and bowed lightly to Zelda, before walking out the tent. Zelda might say it, but there was still a lot of creatures far from Hyrule Castle that could hurt them. The general had hoped Zelda's judgment wouldn't be that childish, but she was the queen and her orders were theirs to obey and command.

The general called out the rest of the camp to pack things together and get going, while another Hylian had gotten Zelda's horse to her so she could ready up.

She really had gone mad over getting her revenge on the pack who killed Link, she didn't look into things an extra time to ensure their safety?

A lot of the soldiers and generals had just followed Zelda's leading and command. So, they were heading toward the location the scouts had been seeing this Lynel slain.

The pain was pure agony, cold sweat drenched down through his body, or so he thought at least. Link wasn't able to open his eyes, nor was he able to move his body at all.

Sometimes though, his body jerked or trembled by who knows what reason.

Flashes of memories went through his head, as he felt he was in motion. Did someone carry him? Did someone place him on a horse and was going somewhere unknown?

He couldn't tell for sure, but he could tell the memories of the fight earlier. A small young bokoblin had almost been slaughtered by a Lynel, even Oking and Vulx wouldn't have taken down that big of a mighty creature.

It even was the first time, Link had managed to get one of them down. He does always respect them, as they were strong creatures and it was best to stay away from them and let them be.

But, neither he or the rest of the hunting pack had been able to see the mighty beast in the thick blizzard storm. It had been a random encounter for them all.

But, at that moment, Link knew his mind had changed. From the time he awoke in the Shrine of Resurrection till the moment, he had been held captured by the Bokoblin pack. He knew his mind and emotions had shifted over to a whole new view on those small creatures.

He had protected them against a threat, that he usually did to other Hylians or creatures that were in danger. He felt... attached to the pack.

But he also knew, he had been stupid to get the fight with the Lynel settled too. He should've saved the small Bokoblin and told the rest to run, distract the beast and avoid the fight.

Though, least he could drift off to a peaceful death, knowing he had done one last good duty, right?

Muffled voices and a big shriek came across to his ears, but Link wasn't able to awake. His body trembled once more, another shock wave ran through his body, his wound had opened and blood came oozing out again.

So this was gonna be his last...

He hoped that Vulx, Oking and the youngling least were safe. Not knowing if they were, it did set a worry through his mind. And he wasn't sure if he even could handle the thought, that someone or something else had gotten the youngling.

The muffled voice and the grunt and squeals weren't mistaken more. Link could guess that the Bokoblins had met someone on their way, properly someone who assumed they had harmed Link instead of the Lynel.

He felt a pair of strong arms lifting him in bridal style, a groan escaped him, but he couldn't stay awake much longer. Darkness claimed him again, mind went blank and sent him back in a nightmare world.

The thick Blizzard had approached them once reaching to the location, Zelda tugged her furry clothing tight around him, her loyal horse despite being forced into the weather had difficulty to get forward too.

"My queen, this blizzard won't stop before the morning!" The general called out for her queen. "We have to set camp and wait till morning." She suggested her.

Zelda did make her horse halt, the snow gathered upon their clothes faster than ever before. She had a mission in mind, but she was also realistic too. She couldn't let her people die in this cold weather, nor let them be buried underneath the snow.

Exhaling, a small fog of frost oxygen escaped from her lips. "Set up camp! Get everyone in a tent and start a fire to heat up." She ordered and slide down from her horse.

She had a feeling that in the morning, they would be getting the answers. Had the scouts really been seeing someone slain a Lynel in this place? If so, who was this person? If it even was a person...

While her people sat up the tents and made the camp ready, Zelda looked at the direction she thought it had happened. Her mind wandered over to Link. Had he been alive, he properly would've taken down that mighty beast.

Tears peaked at the corner of her eyes, but due to the cold, they hardly were able to drip down her cheek. She wiped her hand over her eyes, once hearing the general calling out for her.

Zelda looked at her tent already settled up and that her general opened up the tent opening for her. Zelda made a nod, walking over to the opening and letting one of the soldiers take her horse to a safer spot to the others, she went on inside in the warmth with her general.

"It would be wise to rest for the night, My Queen. You look exhausted." The general exclaimed, seeing the bags underneath Zelda's eyes. The general knew Zelda hardly slept, even she knew that Zelda was on a revenge road. Nothing could stop her, not after putting in mind she wanted to kill those small filthy beats that killed her beloved Link.

"Thank you, awake me once the blizzard storm is over," Zelda spoke in a monotone voice, she had wandered off in her mind, getting memories back in her head while she headed on over to the bed.

The general made a salute for her before she went on to secure the tent and get the night watch for now.

Neither of them knew, that they were being watched from a far distant, through the thick blizzard, red eyes looked among the camp, but soon disappeared away.

So, that's the end of this chapter. Putting you guys on the edge each time now, ey?

I've somewhat a plot in mind what's gonna happen, but I'll be glad to hear anything you guys could come up with too!

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