Breath of the Beasts.

Defeating Calamity Ganon seem to have been one hell of a task. Link and Zelda is about to restore Hyrule back to what it once was, however, a Bokoblin Pack that seem clever than they are supposed to, might take a stop on the plans. ((This might contain sexual interaction between Link and Bokoblins, it is yet not decided, Don't like, don't read. ))


5. Conditions

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Anyway, here's a new chapter! I hope you guys enjoy and I hope you enjoy the name I picked for the Black Bokoblin :3
I actually sat a voting on a few names, but in the end got this one x3


Chapter 5. Conditions

If there was one thing Link hated more than anything, then it would be the feeling of being trapped. It had been two days since the White Bokoblin, or as he now knew him as, Oking, had left in anger. Link didn't regret what he said, he still thinks they could have done so much more than attack and protect themselves. If they truly had wanted peace, they could have showed signs of it.

During this time, Link had been in protest of eating anything Vulx would give him. Each time the blue creature came in with a bowl, left and returned again, it would be in the same spot, Link being on the fur blankets and telling him, he's not hungry.

As much as Vulx disliked to see the Hylian not eat, he couldn't force it for him. It would easily break what fragile trust he had built.

One evening when Vulx left with the still full bowl of food, Link laid with his back to the entrance of the smaller part he was settled in. The Red Bokoblins weren't guarding him as they usually would. Maybe they believed Link didn't have any more ideas of running away.

They would be wrong though, Link had those thoughts in mind again. Get away from the Bokoblins, reach the castle and just tell Zelda to leave the pack alone. That they weren’t doing anyone any harm.

He had played that scenario in his mind for a couple of hours, how he would approach her, make her understand that those Bokoblins didn’t want to fight, but to just have… peace. Maybe she would react a little harsher than he did, claim that they wanted nothing but to hurt their people and kill everything they see.
Mixed thoughts went through his mind, some awful, some fine, others... gruesome.

Link didn't really want to admit it, but he sort of feared for his safety if the Black Bokoblin were to take over the pack. It had showed nothing but intentions of wanting to hurt him, signs that… weren't pleasant at all. Link closed his eyes a moment, trying to listen closely to the different sounds. He started to notice the pattern between the Bokoblins. How Vulx would walk, how the Guards would walk too.

Even how Oking had paced back and forth hearing those grunts and squealing noises. How he wished to learn their language so it was easier to understand them.

For the past few days, Link had collected as much information he could. In that matter of thought, more likely he tried to figure out the patterning for the Bokoblins. Seeing how much time he would have to be able to escape from the cave. He had somewhat of an idea as to how it was going to go.

Once they all fell asleep, those who guarded near the entrance would always walk around to check on everyone in there, in those moments, Link knew they would see to him as well as the first one.
He could then - after they would leave - go stealthily and sneak around them to get to the entrance. The cold was where he failed last time, he still had nothing to wear other than those fur blankets. He had in mind to keep one around him until he could reach a small village or horse stable.

Link heard the footsteps coming towards him, knowing he probably had drifted off in his mind again, he had lost track of what time it was. He closed his eyes, slowing and deepening his breathing a little to show he was 'asleep'.He could hear a small grunt, before the footsteps started to fade into the distance again. Link turned his head slightly, looking at the entrance to the small part of the cave he was in. It was dark out there, no fireplace was lit either.

This was his queue to escape!

Link tugged the upper fur around him, got up and sneaked over to the entrance. He looked out, seeing the Red bokoblins were huddled together and asleep nearby. He could only just spot a few Blue ones, including Vulx who seem to hold one of the small ones close to his chest.

Link frowned at the sight, he had never noticed the size difference before now. Was it a… child?

Shaking the thought from his mind, he glanced down another corridor path, seeing a dim light, probably from a touch going the other way.

One chance, it was what he had now. He moved from his spot, stealthily and snuck toward the exit of the cave. He could feel the cold breeze already, which made him tug tighter on the fur blanket around him. It wasn't long before he would be free, before he could run off and get to the castle again.

He heard a few of the Red Bokoblins grunt, it made him stop in his tracks and look back at them. One seemed to awaken, or so he thought as it just moved to cuddle closer into the others.
Link stood silence, an echo of a grunt came around. His eyes shifted over toward the corridor, the dim light seems to approach them again.

Link carefully tried to move again, to reach the exit and run off in the cold weather. He just needed a few more moments and he could run off! Just a few more steps….

He reached the exit, looking outside in the snowy storm that had approached in the night. He could hardly see a hand before him if he went out there. Link stared at the weather for a moment, his eyes watering from the sudden cold that surrounded him.

He wouldn't survive if he walked out there, even with a fur blanket around him. There was no way…

Trust… is Gold, Hylian.

The words from Vulx entered his thoughts. Surely, he didn't really… like what they had talked about, he didn't find their ways of 'making peace' good at all.

But, would he break a promise again? Would he break the little trust he just gained from them again? They searched for his help, even after they heard he defeated Calamity Ganon.
A young one from their pack had suffered a death too…

Why did it have to be such a difficult choice?

Suddenly, not being able to even make up his mind, a loud squeal echoed from the cave. Link snapped out from his thoughts, looking over to see one of the guards pointing at him, squealing loud enough to let the others know. Link just took a step back from the exit, they all awoke and took weapons, almost like it had been a warning signal.

He was met with a few that ran toward him, he reached out a hand, showing a non-threatening gesture

"W-Wait I'm not! -" Another loud squeal echoed around the cave, those who ran toward him stopped just inches from him. They lowered whatever weapon they had managed to grab, before they stepped aside and looked at Vulx who approached between them.

Link eyed him for a moment, seeing he looked at Link either with disappointment again or just a questioning look. Like he asked what Link was doing there.

"Breaking trust?" Vulx asked, waving the others off to show he could handle the Hylian for now. The others glanced at him like he wasn't in his right mind. However, they always did what they were told by those who had higher ranks. They left the Hylian to Vulx.

"I was-"

"Going out, freeze death you do." Vulx interrupted him. "Thought talked about this." He stated right after.

"Well maybe…. Maybe if you didn't keep me in a cave where I can do nothing! Then I might not have wanted to flee!" Link excused, his anger obviously shown in his words too.

"Bored, are you?" Vulx asked him, crossing his arms against his chest and looking at him for a moment.

"Wouldn't you be too, if you were locked away in a place where you couldn't do anything but eat, sleep and repeat? I'm going mental!" Link exclaimed.

"Mental?" Vulx asked with a frown. It made the Hylian look at him with a questioning expression. "What?" He asked.

"New...word, not get what meaning is." Vulx explained carefully.

"Mental? It's… it's like going crazy, insane… even though it's not really…" Link halted at his words, before he suddenly started to laugh. That only made Vulx frown too. Was the Hylian getting sick? Or… Mental?

"This can't be happening…. explaining my language to you? you learned already, why should i teach you more? None of you want to teach me anything…" Link grumbled down to the ground, feeling the breeze of the cold weather outside again getting to his skin. At this point, he couldn't care less. If he would freeze to Death, then so be it!

Link noticed a smaller shadow approach before him, looking up a bit, he saw that Vulx had bent down, meeting the Hylian at his eye level.

"Vulx is sorry for not approaching earlier." The Blue Bokoblin looked like he meant it too. He offered a kind hand, which he placed on Link's shoulder.
Link just looked at the other one, the gesture on his shoulder was somewhat comforting, nice even. He can't remember how long he had been here, it was near impossible to keep track on day and night at times.

Closing his eyes, he just let his head drop down to his knees again. Neither of them spoke again, Link just felt the kind gesture and rubbing on his shoulder from Vulx.

As much as he wanted to dislike the touch, it was... after all something that made him feel calm, making him feel better than he had been the last few days and nights.

"We make deal..." Vulx offered softly after a while, he tugged on the fur blanket around Link and made sure he wouldn't be too cold that near to the exit of the cave.

The cold breeze came around, this time, Link couldn't feel it that much.
It... felt nice that someone really seemed to care for him on other levels, as much as he had disliked the Bokoblins during his journey, he had never had a second thought about if they just wanted peace too.

It made Link feel terrible, all those he had slaughtered before he went to defeat Ganondorf and freed the Princess.
How could he even live among them with those memories in his mind, their blood on his hands? He felt terrible, sick to his stomach...

Link's attention was drawn back out from his terrible thoughts and instead focused on Vulcan who was looking rather concerned at the Hylian before him.

"Link... It's... Link..." Link replied, voice unsteady as he just curled himself further into himself. Both to block out the cold, but his insecurity suddenly flaring more than ever now.

"We...Deal can make." Vulx offered him. He again looked like he really wanted to make things work for Link among them.
Silence filled the space between them, Link felt eyes on him, not just from the other Red Bokoblins, but from the one special Black one that stood in the back, watching the two speak.

It sent shivers down his spine, causing him to tighten his grip around the fur blanket. For some reason, he felt more vulnerable with the Black Bokoblin staring at him, while he didn’t have a weapon on him.

"Can we speak alone, away from...prying eyes?" Link requested. "Oking gladly speak alone, the two of us of course." Vulx offered Link a hand for him to follow along. Link hesitated a moment, looking at the other Bokoblins while following the Blue Bokoblin for a while, his thoughts went onto what he was actually doing in this situation. Why had he stopped trying to escape? Why had Vulx's words affected him so much?

Link noticed the rest of the Bokoblins going back to cuddle up against each other in the exact same spot, he found it kind of... adorable that the pack would do such smaller things.

Vulx had guided Link into one of the cave alcoves, assuming that they have already sorted things out how the rank system functioned within the pack. Leader and second leaders will be in private chambers, while the rest would be by the entrance along with hunters and scouts.
Another shiver ran down his spine, despite being away from the entrance the frigid air still got to his naked skin. It still annoyed him he had no clothing other than the fur blanket and his underwear.

"Seat, take Link..." Vulx made a hand toward the piles of furs, looking like the most comfortable seat in the smaller chamber within the cave. Link didn't hesitate, he moved over and settled himself upon the furs, already now feeling the warmth growing and clinging to his skin.

Why had he been stupid enough to think about leaving? After being around the others, they seem to in general care for him a bit, both for his health and mental state too.

"Oking... not return before long."
Link moved his head up, eyes locked with Vulx's for barely seconds before he nodded. Understanding what he kind of wanted to tell, there still was some issues with their way of communicating. Though, it wasn't that bad after all.

"Can we, you and I Vulx?" The Hylian requested, tugging the fur blanket closer around him. HIs heart beat sped up, why did he feel so uneasy all of sudden? Perhaps because whatever he was going to say, might go two directions from here.

First one, Vulx will be furious about Link’s request or even just try explaining from his view.

Or second, he would accept it and be speaking with Oking about Link's request.
Either way, Link was almost 99% certain, that Vulx would be furious.

"Of course, Hylian." Vulx exclaimed, somewhat even the Bokoblin could sense there was more to the subject at hand, before Link even got to speak.

"If...Vulx may..." He said, grabbing another wooden bowl and got some berries and a bit of fruit they had left, he turned on his heels and walked over to Link, giving him the bowl.

"Vulx has feeling, topic about second leader?" Crossing his legs while sitting India style in front of the Hylian, yet still having the small distance between them so Link wouldn't be uncomfortable with him around. Link was a bit taken aback, looking at Vulx with wide eyes, the other merely chuckled.

"Easy to see, Hylian." Vulx explained to him, folding his hands upon his knees and leaning back a bit.

"Second in command, Kagan... " He went on, thinking it might be easier for Link to have a name instead of keep referring to the Black Bokoblin as simple as the black one.

"Not very positive about... Hylian around pack. Thinking you danger us." He explained. "However, Oking, believes with you, change other's minds we are able to do." He said. Vulx made an urge for Link to eat a few berries, knowing well enough the Hylian hadn’t eaten anything for a long time. He must be starving, yet it was his own fault too for not eating what they offered.

"H-He's very... " Link looked down at the bowl, picking a few berries after seconds of thinking. " how can I explain..." Even Link at this point wasn't sure how to express his concerns.

"Kagan's... past, not that good either. Only reason, second in command he is, brother to Oking. " Vulx explained. "Kagan believes in... what you Hylian's say..." Vulx held a hand under his chin a moment, thinking over the right words to combine. "Who's alpha and who's not?"
At least he tried.

Link swallowed down the berries he had been consuming so far, half the bowl already emptied which showed how hungry the Hylian truly had been after all.

"You mean, who's the dominant and who's the submissive one?" Link hoped bitterly it wasn't the right term, but that's the closest he got to what Vulx meant.

"Link is right." Vulx confirmed.
It made Link's hand halt from putting more berries into his mouth, his eyes just starred at Vulx whenever he had confirmed what Link had tried to explain.
Oh no...

"D-Does that mean he's-"

"Kagan...always want Oking position. Showing he better leader, though..." Vulx rubbed his hands a bit, showing a bit of insecurity himself. "Kagan gets in leader position... Pack might not survive." He spoke out, showing it was something he feared.

"Vulx..." Link spoke this time, he had placed the bowl in the space between the both of them, his blue eyes met Vulx's. "I'm afraid of him... and I fear if I'm ever alone with him, he's going to be showing me how he's going to be the alpha..."
Finally, Link stated his mind and his biggest fear in this pack. He could see that Vulx seemed understanding about it too, though he also seemed concerned for the Hylian.

"Oking made choice taking you in, not thinking of safety for Hylian..." Vulx agreed. "Deal we make..." Vulx wanted to get back again to their original term, getting alone, speak over a few deals they could make.

"I have three conditions if I need to stay around for a bit more..." Link spoke out, already knowing they had to get down to business at this point.

"Listen...I will..." Vulx relented, sitting and looking at Link with his full attention.

" 1. I require to get some clothes, so I can manage to get outside when I need..." Link knew the first request would be...almost close to impossible, but yet, Vulx sat and listened to his conditions.

" 2. I want to get out and help to hunt after meat, food, just anything. If you want me to be close, get some of your guards on me, I just... I'm getting crazy sitting in here and not knowing what time of the day it is." Link spoke right after. Silence was still from Vulx side, still like he was listening. He made a nod for Link to go on.

"And...3..." Link cleared his throat, however, once looking at Vulx again, his eyes showed a mix of determination and fear. "Kagan stays away from me... no matter if Oking is here or not, he's not to get near me..." With the last condition spoken, Vulx made another nod, before chuckling

"Hard request you come with, but... Vulx will speak with Oking. Believe two can be made, but third... might be of the better days to ask Oking." he exclaimed.

"Hylian, I hear concerns of yours. I take no light of them, they'll be spoken to Oking." He told him "For now, night is still here, Oking back in morning hours. Rest, friend. Give you a news in the morning." Vulx spoke, getting to his feet and went on over to the exit.

"Kagan not come here, private chamber for Oking. Only Vulx allowed along with you." He promised the Hylian that Kagan wouldn't be getting in there, least, that's what Link needs to believe for now.
He could never be sure, he could never know what Kagan would do to be alone with Link.

Especially not now, when Link knew what Kagan's intentions could be. It made a shiver run down his spine whenever the thought ran through his mind. Just to imagine...

No, he wasn't going to even think more about it.

"Rest, Hylian..." Vulx spoke once more, tone going soft and kind. Link gave a nod, looking at the other and even gave a kind smile. He felt light in his heart, he spoke of his concerns, he sat his conditions... now, Link could only rest and await if his conditions will be fulfilled.


The voices around her didn't disturb her train of thought, her fingertips touched the blue tunic she held in her grip, caressing the spots where it seemed a spear would have pierced through. Through the chest and out at the back?
What a horrible way to die... Zelda still couldn't believe that her beloved Link... would be defeated by a pack of filthy lowly creatures.

She was blinded by anger, blinded by the grief she felt for losing her Link. Hero of Hyrule, her...soon to be husband and Hyrule's new King. he was. He can't be that now he's gone...


Zelda's eyes shifted, looking at her knight that glazed upon her with concern, yet a firm look that showed the meeting they held, still was Important.

"I apologize... continue..." Zelda held the Blue tunic down upon her lap, yet still caressing the soft fabric.

"There's no lead to where the pack has gone, no Hylian's or other creatures have seen them leave or shown what direction they were headed." The knight informed her. Several people around the meeting room gasped, as Zelda slammed her fist down the table, standing up fast and looked at the map before her.

"I want that pack found, and I want that pack destroyed..." her words came out with anger, sadness and determination to have the Bokoblin pack destroyed.

"They need to pay for what they've done..." Her fist loosens a bit, looking at the map of Hyrule. They need help... not just from their own kind, but from The Zora's, the Gerudo's, The Rito, Korok's and Goron folk. They needed a variety of search teams out there. The further they could search, the sooner they could find that damn Bokoblin pack...

"Prepare a horse for me, we'll get around Hyrule to ask everyone for help. If they see a Bokoblin pack, they need to inform us." Zelda spoke out, keeping her grip on the Blue Tunic tight as she moved around the table.

"Meeting's over, get everyone that can be ready for travelling. We are going as soon as I've changed to a more fitting outfit." She stated, not waiting for any of them to state their 'yes queen, as you wish' before she already left the room.
Walking down the hallway, still feeling so empty and enraged, she entered her room and let the heavy door close behind her. Tears streamed down her cheeks, as she lowered herself to the floor and clung the Blue tunic to her chest.

She would get revenge... she make them suffer, meet a brutal fate and Death.

"May the Goddesses give me strength, so I can avenge you, my dear Link..." Zelda whispered hoarsely. She tried deeply to keep back her ugly sobs and tears, but it was difficult.

Taking a moment, before she got onto her feet, she held her head up high and walked over to the closet. She needed her armor, weapons, everything that would be needed to be out there again.
In case they would be attacked, in case something would come up, she would be prepared, she had to be.

So, that's the end of the chapter and don't worry, I'm already making Chapter 6 as you are reading this! (Or, have done it if you find this story once it's actually done x3 )
I'll be happy to get feedback :3 Even what you guys think will come out of this.

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