Breath of the Beasts.

Defeating Calamity Ganon seem to have been one hell of a task. Link and Zelda is about to restore Hyrule back to what it once was, however, a Bokoblin Pack that seem clever than they are supposed to, might take a stop on the plans. ((This might contain sexual interaction between Link and Bokoblins, it is yet not decided, Don't like, don't read. ))


2. Awaking in a Pack.

"Easy! Easy!"

The wounded guard calmed down, trying to get his heart to stop beating so fast and pump blood around his veins.

Knowing this can damage him more, he slowly got onto his knees, a choking sob escaped him.

Feeling a hand resting on his chest, he looked at the Head Knight who pressed him down to the ground so he laid down. There was no need to make the guard further injured.

"What happened?" She asked, pulling out a sack from her belt and threw it on the ground beside her while ripping the clothing up where the wound was on the guard.

She could see the guard were shaking, but if it was out of fear or out of blood lost wasn't something she could confirm yet.

She tried her best to comfort the injured guard, knowing he had not been that old, yet not ready for such injury. Digging her hand in the sack, she got a few herb plants out, pressing them together and creating a bit of liquid from the herbs, she then applied it to the wounds.

"T-Trap... It was..a trap..." The guard uttered weakly, hissing in pain when the Head Knight applied the herbs.

"Link? Where's Link? He escaped, didn't he?" She asked him.

Looking into his eyes, she could see the light and hope in them slowly disappeared. Was he giving up?!

Gritting her teeth she grab hard onto his shoulder. "Answer me! Where is our queen's lover?!"

She knew she shouldn't be hard on him, but she was on a mission herself, retrieve Link safe and sound.

"T-Took... him..." Using the last bit of his strength, the guard pointed toward the location they had been. However, his arm soon fell limp down on the ground while a deep exhaled escaped his lips.

He was dead. Dying in her arms, but at least being able to help the last bit of his lifespan.

Gritting her teeth, she looked toward the direction the guard pointed, the very location the Bokoblins had been. Laying the guard down on the ground, eyeing him with pitiness, she moved onto her feet after grabbing her sack of herbs and ran toward the desired spot.

Reaching the outline toward the Shrine, she came to halt by the sight before her eyes. The guards that Link took with him, all of them laid dead among the grounds, in trees and pieces of some of them were not to be found either.

It made her stomach turn, she felt dizzy over the pure sight, despite her being in the Head Knight. She had seen some terrible things in her life, but never before has she seen this brutal of an attack.

Slowly moving forward and between the bodies and pieces of the Hylian, she eyed the area, trying to spot any kind of trace or hint.

Just a few meters from her, she spotted a weak glowing sword. Moving the last bit, she knelt down and picked up the Master Sword, which slowly dimmed out. It had not it's owner near, it was not going to be used by a mere person.

Looking ahead for her, she wanted so barely to run after the Bokoblins and safe Link, however, she knew that one against many weren't a winning fight for her side.

Making the hard choice, she let out a loud growl and warrior like scream, clenching the sword in her hand, she ran back toward the castle with an easy pace.

The red Bokoblin who carried Link on his shoulder finally were able to get the Hylian off. Using both his hands to easily get the Hylian down from his shoulder, he laid the unconscious Link down on a fur blanket.

It was a good thing that the Hylian still were tied on both hands and legs, in case he do suddenly awake and try to flee from the pack.

The Red Bokoblin glanced upon the unconscious form, seeing his face almost buried in the furry blanket.

Taking note that the Hylian were still bound on hands and feet, so he couldn't escape.

The next step the Red Bokoblin did, was to undress the Hylian from any kind of fabric, until the part where Link's lower half only were covered by his underpants.

Taking the fabric clothing with the Hylian smell and stuffing it in a sack, done with his mission, he walked toward the Black Bokoblin who had been watching from afar. Handing the sack over, they exchanged a few grunts and noises.

The Black Bokoblin threw the sack over his shoulder, walking out from their current location to find a river to toss the clothing in.

They were in no need to get any unexpected visit from those snobby creatures at the Castle far from them by now.

Most of the entire Hyrule kingdom would believe, that Bokoblins are stupid and terrible creatures, who can't make out any good thoughts or plan out anything. However, this pack of Bokoblins had seem smarter than normal.

One should never underestimate any kind of creature, they might even surprise you in the end.

The white Bokoblin glanced at Link's sleeping form on the furry blanket. Making sure he still had a few hours the Hylian would be gone in dreamland, he walked out, grunting at one of the REd Bokoblins while looking back at Link again.

He wanted to make sure that Link were guarded and if he was to be awake, The white Bokoblin would wanted to be informed about it immiterly.

Making the mission clear for the Red Bokoblin, the White Bokoblin waved his hand toward a few Blue ones, they were to get out and gather meat, fruit and whatever they could find to make a feast for tonight.

They were to celebrate the killing of a Hyrule Guards and the captivity of the Warrior that killed Calamity Ganon.

The head knight were out of breath, almost reaching Hyrule Castle with the Master Sword in her procession.

Knowing her body limit, she almost couldn't handle to run much longer. Out of breath, she paused on her running, bending forward and grabbing her knees, she needed to caught back her breath.

She looked around, noticing her surroundings while spotting a horse nearby a smaller stable.

Using her last energy boost within her, she went forward and grabbed a hold on the leashes on the horse to jump on it.


Urging the horse to ride forward, she looked up to the castle which still were a couple of miles away. She needed to reach the entrance of the castle, but she still felt how terrible it might be to deliver the message to their now Queen of Hyrule.

She could imagine a lot of scenarios going through her mind, how Zelda might freak out, how she would be angry.

She might even demand the whole Castle to go search for Link, cost what it must to return him back.

Shaking the thoughts out of her head, she urged the horse to run faster with another Yah and a kick to the horse's' sides.

Getting closer to the gates, the head knight soon jumped off the horse that seem well worn out too by now.

Storming inside and bursting inside the entrance, she glanced around while shouting for her queen.

"Our queen is in her study, what is the-"

One of the maid's had tried to speak with the head knight, but not being able to as the head knight had stormed off.

Getting through the corridors and up to Zelda's study, she suddenly burst in without knocking or call out she was going to.

"My queen!"

The moment she had entered, Zelda had been surprised and looked at the head knight.

She were trying on a very nice and purifying white dress, hand sewed by the finest of clothing masters Hyrule could require.

Waving her hand of the clothing master, she looked at the head knight when they soon were alone.

Eyeing around the head knight, she saw no one around her, but seeing what were upon her back, Zelda's eyes wide a little.

"Link...w-where's Link?"

Her voice barely kept together, gazing into the head knight's' eyes, she could already tell the bad news.

"No... he's not..." Shaking her head in disbelief, she overed a hand over her mouth.

Link couldn't be...

"He's not dead, my queen...Not as far what I've gathered."

Zelda glanced at the head knight, seeing she came closer and knelt before her while placing the Master Sword on the floor in front at Zelda.

"The last guard that barely was alive, manage to inform me that they were attacked. We've lost our new trained guards, everyone torn and killed by the spot." She informed, her voice harden a little as she felt it was her own fault.

She should had been there with them, but she did what Zelda had foretold her to do of a mission. Shadow them, keep Link safe and bring him home.

She deserved nothing, she failed her queen's given mission.

"Straighten up..."

Looking upon Queen Zelda, she could see the harden expression on her face. It wasn't just of anger, but she could see Queen Zelda were determined in her expression too.

"Gather the best of guards and knights, send out and scout for Bokoblin back and inform me immediately. Understood?"

Nodding, the head knight moved from her spot in front of Zelda, seeing the queen picking up the Master Sword. She eyed it, almost with a promise in mind.

When the head knight left, Zelda placed the Master Sword on her desk. "I shall bring him back so you both can be reunited again... I will not lose him, not again..."

Making the promise, not only for herself and the sword, she had looked out the window to the rising moon.

Her room illuminated in a shade of red.

Despite Ganondorf being gone, the effect of the moon still stayed around.

However, she had discovered that the beasts doesn't re-appear like they should. Ganondorf's powers was no more, so he couldn't regain the forms of the beasts. Those who were remain walking around Hyrule, would only get stronger.

Link felt his body being strange, his head throbbed, yet his skin felt soft and relaxed. At first his mind couldn't get to what had happened, he still felt very odd and dozy.

Trying to move a hand to his face, he felt both wrists wrapped into some itchy stuff.

Opening his blue eyes a little more, he discovered his wrists were bound. Panic settled on his mind, why were he bound? Why were he on a fur blanket?

So many questions came around in his mind, but hardly being able to answer them himself, he heard a squeal and grunt nearby that echoed through the stone walls.

shocked, he looked over to see a Red Bokoblin pointed at him and called out someone else.

He wasn't sure if he even were able to get up and escape, he had no idea where he was in Hyrule or how many Bokoblins that were nearby either.

With no weapon, shield or...

Slate...His Sheikha was gone too...

With neither of the items on him, he can't do anything, not without being killed while trying to just lift a pinky.

The grunting became louder, Link's attention were brought up upon a Red Bokoblin who had appeared from the small entrance to the part of the cave he was in.

He wasn't sure what to think or do in this situation at all.

Looking at the Bokoblin approaching him, Link feared for his life. He had no thoughts what they intended to do with him, nor had he an idea if they might kill him.

Perhaps torturing him first, then kill him afterwards. Who knew what the creatures would do to him.

He only feared for his life, when he had no armory or weapons upon him, nonetheless, he couldn't even spot a weapon on the Bokoblin that he could try fetch and get himself free.

The Red Bokoblin stood tall in front at Link, grabbing onto the ropes, which still kept Link's wrist bound tight together. Forcing the Hylian to sit up right upon the fur blanket.

It held something between Link's hands, a bowl which contained food. Confused, the Hylian looked back up at the Bokoblin.

The Red Bokoblin pointed at the food within the bowl, then gesturing to Link's mouth afterwards, making a clear signal to what he intended Link to do with the food.

It should be quite easy to translate that small part, the gesture and signals, but Link weren't focus on half of what was going on. He still were in a bit of panic mode, his mind still rushed with questions.

Why weren't they squealing and trying to kill him? Harm him? Just by a small amount?

It confused him to a high level. Not touching the food, he put the bowl down on the fur blanket.

It might had been a mistake, since the Red Bokoblin squeal at him with a frustrated noise and grunt.

Link weren't sure what he really meant, was he mad over Link didn't eat? That he didn't obeyed the order? Or didn't understood what the Bokoblin said?

It was suddenly like someone had opened up for the whole cave, a cold like feeling appeared in the cave. Looking behind the Red Bokoblin, a Black one approached the part of the cave.

It made Link frozen in fear.

He knew that the Different color Bokoblins had ranks in their packs, or so he always assumed whenever he had seem them around Hyrule.

The Black Bokoblin stepped closer toward them, eyeing the Hylian mostly as he came beside the Red Bokoblin. It grunted at the Red one, looking at it before it made a nod toward the exit of the room.

Link along with the Black Bokoblin eyed the Red one leaving. By the small distant to the others, Link could hear the pack jumping, cheering and properly celebrating for whatever reason they might had in mind. He didn't knew their language, nor able to understand or speak it, so he couldn't know what the real reason could be behind it.

His attention got back to the Black Bokoblin with him, who stared at him with a sick and twisted face expression. It almost made Link's stomach turn, seeing that look he archived from the beast.

It slowly knelt down to Link's level, leaning closer and sniffed at him. The champion felt uncomfortable and tried to pull away, only for his back to lean against the cold stone wall right behind him. He were soon trapped between the stone wall and the Black Bokoblin.

Closing his eyes, Link exhaled with a sudden breath. Feeling a grip around his bound hands.

His arms raised and pinned against the wall behind him, shaking, he felt further trapped.

"Let go!" Trying to sound up front and almost alpha like, Link had snapped at the Black Bokoblin, trying to show who was the boss between the two.

However, it had to come to a failure. Link swore he could hear the Black Bokoblin almost laugh at him, it came out as a mix of squeals and chuckles. It almost sounded funny, if it weren't for the situation that Link currently were in.

It didn't surprise Link, that pain was the next thing he felt. The Black Bokoblin tighten it's grip on Link's arms, making the Champion groan lightly in pain.

Trying to move away and get a kick to the Bokoblin, he tried to struggle and fight against him, but all for nothing.

The Hylian let out a painful whine, feeling the Black Bokoblin pressing himself harder against Link, using a knee to press against one of Link's lungs, closing a bit of the airways for the oxygen to float.

Link could hardly get a gasp through, feeling the Black Bokoblin putting its entire weight onto the knee that kept Link's lung under a big pressure.

It was like it didn't care for Link's well being at all, which weren't much of a surprise either.

Link had assumed it from the start, The Bokoblins properly just wanted to taunt him, torture him until he would be breaking down. Reaching a breaking point so to say.

They could come with whatever, any kind of torture, Link refused to break down.

Link tried to get oxygen down to his lung, the pressure upon it became difficult and hard for him to even try.

The struggling hardly worked for him, as The Black Bokoblin had the upper hand in this. He couldn't do anything, but accept he was getting defeated by the beast.

He felt like fainting, feeling light headed and dizzy. Seeing small pringles of white stars around his vision. He almost passed out just by the small amount of weight upon his lung, however, a sound came from the entrance of the place.

The pressure upon his lung lifted, coughing lightly and curling in on himself, he heard a few loud squeals and grunts, which came from another Bokoblin.

Looking up at the Black Bokoblin, who had him trapped before. He saw it was slapped across the face by a White Bokoblin. It seem to be the very leader of the pack, one to keep the others in control.

The Black one seem angered, however, he walked off without any reply or payback for what the White Bokoblin had done.

Noticing how the White Bokoblin glanced after the other, it's attention were brought over to Link instead, gazing upon the Hylian body.

Link almost felt very awkward, having such filthy beast looking upon him like that, as if he was the next meal they were gonna consume.

What if he was?...

"I-I don't taste good, I..." Link felt panicking, he stumbled over his words as he pressed himself against the stone wall, just hoping he could disappear into it.

He was so clueless about his situation, it almost became scaring for him now.

The White Bokoblin came closer to him, which made Link's heart beat faster than ever before. He closed his eyes, moving his bound hands up to cover for his head to protect it.

He had failed Zelda, he had failed Hyrule. He might had defeated Calamity Ganon, but not being able to wipe out a single Bokoblin Pack at all.

It was embarrassing for him to know, this was his story about how the Hylian, The Champion, Hero of Hyrule would die.

He would rather had died by Calamity Ganon's hands, instead of such lower creatures.

The Hylian felt a gentle touch on his hands, feeling they were pulled down from his head, though in a rough manner. Looking at the wild White Beast, he thought this would be the end of him.

However, he got his hands unfold, where the Bokoblin placed the bowl in between his hands. The same bowl of food like before.

The White Bokoblin looked into Link's blue eyes with it's own Ruby Red ones, almost like he wanted to tell him something.

Just as he was thinking, the White Bokoblin opened it's mouth. Gesturing to the bowl "Eat... You." The words came out rough, unhuman with the beast hint.

It surprised Link nonetheless, but also sat him in big confusion. Did the Beast wanna eat him? Or for him to eat what was in the bowl?

"W-What?" The Hylian uttered with a hoarse voice.

The words slipped past his lips before he even could think about stopping himself. Looking down into the bowl, first now being able to think of the bowls contain.

It had cooked fish with Rice, not his ultimate favorite dish, but it was better than nothing, and to admit it himself, he was quite hungry too.

Link held the bowl up, trying to eat, but it became clumsy to watch, as his bound hands only could hold the bowl, not being able to scoop any of the food out from the ball.

He heard a weird grunt, making him look up at the White Bokoblin. His eyes wide, as a shine from a knife caught his eyes.

Thinking that the white bokoblin was gonna stab him, Link pressed himself hard against the wall behind him, knowing he couldn't escape though, he still tried.

Almost dropping the bowl with the food, his arms soon were cut free. Frowning, he looked at the ropes sliding off his wrists and dropped on the floor.

His blue eyes glanced at the White Bokoblin again.

"Stay..." The white Bokoblin pointed at the fur blanket, making it clear for Link to stay on it.

Just as it seem like Link would be left alone, he noticed the Bokoblin took off something from it's shoulders, another fur, but a little larger than the one Link were settled on.

He watched, as the White Bokoblin threw it over Link, before making it draped down on Link's shoulders.

Feeling slightly confused, yet... very warm all of sudden, he couldn't handle but snuggle a bit into the warmth. First now, really noticing how cold it had been to lay without any clothing on almost.

The White Bokoblin raised from the floor, giving Link a warning look, before turning and walked out from the smaller part of the cave, properly to join the others in the middle of the feast.

Half confused over what just happened, Link's thoughts were drawn back again to the food, as his stomach rumbled.

He wouldn't deny the food, when was the last time he ate?

That was also a thing he couldn't remember.

Digging in with two fingers, he scooped up some rice and ate, while peeling off the juicy meat from the fish.

This was strange, he had never experienced the Bokoblins like this. Usually they would just go kill and attack anyone.

Why not kill him?

So many questions remained in his mind, but yet, he had to discover what the Pack had in mind.

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