Breath of the Beasts.

Defeating Calamity Ganon seem to have been one hell of a task. Link and Zelda is about to restore Hyrule back to what it once was, however, a Bokoblin Pack that seem clever than they are supposed to, might take a stop on the plans. ((This might contain sexual interaction between Link and Bokoblins, it is yet not decided, Don't like, don't read. ))


1. An easy Mission?

So, yeah. Here I am again with yet another story, but this time I've gone into the wilderness to like the game "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild."

I am not so familiar with the whole Zelda timeline or story, Breath of the wild is the first Zelda game I've played, so please don't point out I can be wrong on some points, I'm doing my very best and also, it's a fanfic, so everything can happen xD

Anyway, I'll remind people again, that if you find grammar mistakes or spelling mistakes, i am still dyslexic. I apologize for that and hope you can all accept that small flaw of me. xD



It still were unbelieveable. Hyrule were saved once more by the Hero Link, Defeating Ganondorf, getting Zelda free and change the place by hours. No wonder the Hero had needed a rest.

100 years ago, they had started their plan on defeating Ganon, but now, after all those years, Link had awoken and took back the task to defeat Ganondorf.

Now, It was done.

With the last help from the Champion's spirits within the Divine Beasts, Link had managed to do it all by the hours limits.

Now, Hyrule were slowly getting back to normal. Princess Zelda had taken over the Kingdom, to help and lead when they were in need of rebuild the castle and many other places too.

The first few days, Link had been asleep within the castle's walls, exhausted after the fight and in need of peace to settle down. He had been permitted to take his rest and show up once he was well rested.

It had already been arrange for both Link and Zelda , that they would be married by the coming month. Despite Hyrule having a queen that will rule over the place and make it a greater place. Zelda however, still believed that they needed a second leader. A true King.

They still had a lot of work to do, but they were slowly catching up on taking their time. It so happened that Zelda watched the new recruits that wanted to become guards of the Castle or Knights, train in the front yard.

Someone needed to train them, but not many were capable of doing so.

Zelda let her hand slide a lock of her hair behind her pointed ear, looking at the new found guards train in combat sword fight. Of course they used wooden swords just to train, but out there...

The real battle would take another effect on them.

Zelda's attention were soon brought to her left, hearing someone approaching her. A smile tugged on her lips, seeing the Hyrule Hero, Link approaching her.

She noticed his face too were turned and watched the guards train down in the yard.

"They are dedicated their time and effort to train and become good knights of Hyrule. " Zelda exclaimed, glancing back at the guards with a soften look on her face.

She felt that Link leaned closer, half of his upper body leaned against the railing, so he were bent over to look properly down upon the training.

"They know how to swing a sword, however, some of their techniques ain't that good for a real combat." Link stated, his blue eyes focus on a few new guards, who lazily swung the sword on the wrong direction.

"Of course you of all people knows how to swing a sword..." Zelda too had leaned against the railing, her hands folded on top of the resting spot and eyes looking down, properly filled with guilt.

She haven't noticed herself, but Link obviously did.

He leaned over and placed a hand on her arm, which made her look at him.

Link had his head titled to the side, with a confused look on his face.

"If you feel blame for making me a great warrior, you shouldn't. I am glad to be one that I am." He explained. "The sword... it's not your burden nor your guilt..."

"I know, but because of me yo-" Zelda tried to interrupt, though she fell silent when Link held up a hand, making her quiet.

" Because of you, I am having the beast weapon and I'll always be there to fight for Hyrule, but also for you..." Link continued on.

It seem to calm Zelda while listening to Link's, even when she knew he was just saying it to make her feel better, she still wantd to believe those exact words.

"We'll get through this. Ganon is gone, Hyrule will slowly be rebuild. Look around..." Link said while gesturing a hand around them.

"People are rebuilding what once was broken, now we can live in peace." He exclaimed.

Zelda had followed Link's hand while it gestured for her to look around. Indeed, Hyrule truly were going back to normal, back to the beautiful state it had been once before. Even the flowers of the Silent Princess were regrowing again.

"The Head Knight wishes to speak with you by the way. I couldn't get a word out from her myself. Least not without your presence." The Champion exclaimed with a small smile.

Zelda returned the smile while looking back at the guards. "I'll come along, lead the way, Link."

As spoken sooner, Link already walked ahead and let Zelda get along with him. They both moved through the corridors within the castle, before they reached the meeting room for the Head Knight.

The Head Knight bowed toward Zelda and Link once they entered the room, showing her deepest respect and gratitude.

Seeing the display before her, Zelda puffed up her chest, standing in a very royal pose before speaking.

"Raise, you do not need to bow down for me."

"I shall always show my deepest respect toward our queen, my queen." The Head knight replied, but short seconds after raised from her position on the floor.

It had made Zelda's cheeks rush a bit with a red color, she still wasn't used to that people would see her as their queen and their leader.

"It came to my attention, that you wished for my presence?" She asked.

"Yes, My queen. My searching group has returned earlier this morning from scorting the areas. " The head knight explained, while she returned to the table.

Upon it sat a big map over Hyrule's lands and villages. The head knight pointed at their location right now, which was Hyrule Castle in Hyrule fields.

"As our current location, we are here." She moved her hand to the left of the map, pointing at Hyrule Ridge. "My team found a pack of Bokoblins upper North of Hyrule Ridge. " She explained before looking at Zelda and removed her hand from the map, only for it to rest on the edge of the table.

"From their view and perspective, it looks like they would get near the castle. I suggest we get a team prepared and-"

"Give me a few guards and I'll take care of it." Link interrupted, he stood by Zelda's side, hand a little raised and had a very determined look in his eyes.

"Link, as glad that I am for you defeating Ganondorf, I cannot simply let you-" Zelda, who tried to speak to Link about taking a rest and prepare himself for the coming month, got interrupted in the end too by the Hero himself.

"I am not worth much if i sit and look at things from a distant, I wanna be out there and make sure the last enemies are wiped out so we don't have to think about it for a while." Link explained, his blue eyes looked at the map on the table.

Reaching to his left pocket, he took out the Shiehka Slate and opened the map. Making a Pin Point on it, so he knew where to go. If he was clever, he could Teleport to Maag No'rah Shrine and surprise the Bokoblins.

Looking up, seeing Zelda stood before him, arms crossed and her face expression didn't look that much amused.

"As the Princess and now Queen, least I will order you to take some of the guards with you. Once you and the guards has wiped out the Bokoblins, you shall return here immediately." Zelda stated it a little harsh, however, Link knew that she really just wanted his safety to be priority number one.

He was after all gonna be the next King of Hyrule, standing by her side.

That moment of realization sat a few thoughts through to his mind.

Being a king means he needed to be within the Castle all time, he might not be allowed to get out there and fight.

He love the fights, he love to be out there and swing The Master Sword, or any kind of weapon he was left with.


Getting out from his thoughts, he looked at Zelda. Giving a quick smile. "Sure, I will do as you say, Princess."

Zelda felt the tip of her pointing ears going red. "We already discussed this. Link. " She muttered. "It's can call me that now."

"I know, I just need... to get used to it." Link said while scratching the back of his head and chuckled a bit.

"You shall go get a group of the guards. Get to the location and wipe out the Bokoblins." Zelda ordered and looked at the Head Knight "Can I have a word with you, alone?" She asked.

"Of course my queen." The head knight said, both of them then looked at Link.

"I'll be going then." Link turned and walked out the room, closing the door behind him and the sound of his running soon disappeared. He did seem excited over to finally get out again and fight some monsters.

"What do you wish to-"

"I want you to watch him from a distant, let him handle the mission, but make sure he's gonna be fine and get home." Zelda said without looking at the Head Knight. Zelda's hands folded together, holding them against her chest while her gaze were elsewhere and distant looking.

"I do not wish for him to be harmed, I want him back to the castle fast as possible once the Bokoblins are dead. He's gonna be our king and he shall lead Hyrule with best intentions."

The Head knight could see that Zelda's face expression had a serious tone to it. She would not let Link down nor get him harmed. Understanding the orders, The Head Knight bowed once more to Zelda.

"I shall do as you please, my queen." replying with a serious tone herself, she looked up at her queen with Determination in her eyes.

She would fulfill the quest.

After Link's mind, the mission were quite simple actually. Well, least what the Hyrule Champion thought. Getting to the location the Bokoblins Pack were hiding, killing them and wipe them out so the wouldn't appear at Hyrule Castle.

Sounds like a very simple task, right?

"Master Link?" A guard asked when he moved up on front to Link. "Are you certain we can just go ahead and kill them? What if they don't even wish to hurt anyone?" The innocent of the guard's words sat Link's focus on him, looking at him and seeing the eyes that yet had to experience a war or if you go smaller, a fight.

"You are new, so of course you are gonna doubt yourself in this situation." Link replied.

Looking behind him at the following guards, who barely just had been able to fight each other in the castle, Link then turned back his attention to the innocent one that walked along his side.

Giving him a small smile, Link let his arms fold behind his head while they walked, eyes looking up at the sky that appeared very nice and cloudless.

"They only wish to hurt people, everyone that just cross their path will be their prey to hunt. They will appear, kill and where are you then? Dead." He wasn't gonna sugar coat this, because it was reality over how the Bokoblins' behavior were.

"D-Does it mean, that if I took a stroll through the forest path's, they would just appear and attack out of nowhere?"

Looking back at the innocent guard, Link almost felt the pity for him. Knowing he simply were curious to know about their behavior, but sensing the fear too.

"You are correct. They don't care if you die or not, it makes their life easier." Link looked ahead for them, stopping their walking. He could recognize some of the environment.

Pulling out his Sheikha Slate, he opened up the map system and zoomed in on their current location. He was right, they were close to where the Bokoblins had been spotted.

"It seem like we are close." Link announced, he went out from the Map system and returned his Sheikha Slate to his left hip belt.

"Get your weapons ready! We won't know if they are ready to attack once they see us!"

Making sure everyone had a weapon, as Link commanded them to get ready. He looked at the chosen weapons from each the guards. Seeing some had chosen a close combat weapon such as Spear, swords, etc, while some seem to be better off as a ranger with Bow and arrows. Even some Lizard Boomerangs.

Making a nod, Link pulled out his Master sword and pointed straight ahead. "Run toward the point, if you see a Bokoblin don't hesitate and kill it!"

After the given order, Link took the lead and guided them toward the outline of Maag No'rah Shrine. They were barely just able to see it, but the blue light in the stones leaded their way to it.

Of course it was one Link had gone through, if it had not been, it would had appeared orange in the stone color.

Getting out from the thick mess of bushes and trees, they reached the desired location.

Looking around, they couldn't spot any kind of Bokoblin. The shrine stood mighty as always, a few places they could see the footprints of the beasts.

However, they couldn't spot any of them.

"Search around." Link signaled them to move around as spoken, while he himself walked toward the Shrine.

Glancing at the old piece, a flash of memory went through his mind once he had solved the puzzle within it.

Moving away from the Shrine and over toward the campfire, he noticed there were still a bit of glow within the burnt wood.

Reaching out and hovering a hand over the campfire, he leveled his hand to feel when he could get the hint of warmth from it.

"Master Link..."

The same guard from before came up to him, panting a little, his face expression appeared to be worried.

"I think they already moved!" An archer called out from a tree branch above the Shrine. Jumping from from the tree branch, the Archer too walked over to Link along with a few of the others that had searched around.

"What is the plan then?"

Getting in a proper position again, Link glanced around the newly trained guards. "You say that, but the campfire is still warm."

By the announcement of the campfire, none of them had been prepared for what was coming next.

Hearing a scream of severe pain, they turned their attention to one of the larger guards, a spear had gone right through the back and out through the chest.

A shriek came from a Red Bokoblin. Before they even could manage to draw their weapons again, they had been ambushed.

A horn was blown in the distant, Red and Blue Bokoblins appeared out from the bushes and trees, attacking the guards and killing them with ease one by one.

"It was a trap!" The Archer from before, who by now stood by Link's side reached onto his back to grab and arrow. Placing the thing wooden arrow upon his bow, he shoot after a Blue Bokoblin, who jumped into the air to attack another one of the guards that was at the upper front.

However, the arrow that he shot missed. They watched the Blue Bokoblin knock down the guard, splattering the guts out from the guard's stomach.

"Everyone retrieve!" Link shouted to the others. Pulling out his Master sword, which had a nice blue glow to it by now, he showed he was ready to take them out.

It should be easy, just like before he defeated Ganondorf when he needed to find weapons and get to each of the Divine Beasts.

"Master Link! Look- Arugh!"

Looking toward the guard, who he had known to be the very innocent one. Seeing the head be decapitated from the shoulders, as a Black Bokoblin swung the sharp rusty sword against him.

His focus had been on him, emotions going through his head, which made him unable to focus on his surroundings that exact moment.

A hard bash got to the back of his head, knocking Link out in one go. The other guards had not manage to take care of Link. nor themselves.

They had been brutally murdered by the Bokoblins Pack. It appeared that no one were alive from the guards.

The Black Bokoblin, who had knocked Link out looked down at the Hylian. Grunt with an annoyed noise, he raised his spear and were ready to pierce it right through Link's chest.

However, his action were stopped by their leader, The White Bokoblin. He had Shrieked at the Black one, stopping him before he could do damage to the Hylian.

They both looked at each other, exchanging a few grunts and shrieks. The white Bokoblin snapped his fingers and pointed toward a Red one, who had ropes wrapped around his left shoulder.

The Red Bokoblin walked toward them, seeing the sign that the White one did toward Link on the ground.

None of the Bokoblins had noticed a guard, damaged, but hiding in the bushes and watched them.

The Red Bokoblin had tied Link's wrists and Ankles together. Standing again, he turned around so his back was to the Hylian on the ground. The White Bokoblin grabbed The Hylian and threw him on the Red Bokoblins shoulder.

Pointing toward the North, the pack seem to be marching toward Hebra Tower and so on.

Choking in fear, the injured guard manage to get up and limp away from the place.

The injured Guard didn't manage to get that far, feeling his body fight against the movement and opened injury that bleed heavily.

He almost got past a few trees, until something jumped down in front at him, making him scream out in fear and pain.


That was the end of the first Chapter.
I hope people will tell what they think, give it a like or comment that would make me very happy. ^^ So, if  i  should continue this, then please tell me :3

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