Breath of the Beasts.

Defeating Calamity Ganon seem to have been one hell of a task. Link and Zelda is about to restore Hyrule back to what it once was, however, a Bokoblin Pack that seem clever than they are supposed to, might take a stop on the plans. ((This might contain sexual interaction between Link and Bokoblins, it is yet not decided, Don't like, don't read. ))


6. A Stronger Bond

Hey Readers! Yes it's been a little while since i last updated. Hopefully this chapter will make up for it :3 Once again I wanna give a big credit for my beta Reader Plz-humor-my-ships. They've done an amazing job to help out with this!


Chapter 6. A stronger bond.

Time passed faster than Link expected...

From the morning after he had stated his conditions, Vulx had really been speaking out justice from his side. And to his biggest surprise, the Hylian's conditions, those small three things asked for, to stick around the Pack longer than he'd planned to begin with, came to be fulfilled the very morning he was promised to get an update from Vulx.

He awoke that morning to Vulx shaking his shoulder gently, with him, a set of clothing that suited Link to perfection, warm clothes that fit to the cold icy weather that surrounded them.

The sensation he felt, once slipping on the thick set of clothes, it was a wonderful feeling. Especially after not having proper clothes on for days, only keeping a fur blanket around his mostly naked form. It would drive anyone to madness on some level.

The first condition he'd asked for was settled. He got a set of clothing, that suited him nonetheless and Link felt a tiny bit happier after getting that settled.

The morning didn't just bring Vulx around, but Oking too once Link had dressed himself. They'd sat together, eaten the breakfast in which Vulx brought for them.

In some ways, they'd had a kind of meeting. Vulx being the translater between the two of them, doing as well as he now could, though Oking seemed to have also learned a bit from Vulx, and he'd even tried to speak some of the Hylian's words back, but it only ended in amusement for link. Not to mock the leader, in which he assured Vulx it wasn't.

He just found it...cute? That the leader wanted to try and communicate with him as well, in his own language.

The second Condition was now also fulfilled, at least that's what Link understood from Vulx. Oking would keep Kagan away from Link, making sure there wasn't a moment he would be alone with the Black Bokoblin at any time.

As he had explained this to Vulx for him to translate, the expression Link observed on his face was full of seriousness and determination, as was his voice, this made Link feel... safe? Maybe secure?

He never thought the Bokoblins would be like this, despite the fact he wasn't a part of the pack, he was an outsider to them, yet they took him here, treated him as one of their own and helped him settle.

The thoughts also returned to... why did he even stay? He had the clothing now, he could easily disappear in the cold nights. Yet, Link settled down in the chamber within the cave given to him.

The days didn't seem to go so slow after all, especially not when his last condition finally went through a couple of days later. It was like Vulx had said. A couple of days of waiting to make sure Oking was in the right mood, when asking him was the best option.

He was finally allowed to go out with them to gather and hunt for food, and collect what resources the pack needed for the cave.


It was a couple days later, that Link again felt a shake in his shoulders. A dim light from a touch illuminated the room as the Hylian moved, opening his eyes with a tired expression.

They shifted and moved to look at Oking and Vulx. Confusion seem to settle over his face, both of them? What were they doing here?

"Vulx?" Link asked out, seeing the other extending a hand out to help Link up from his comfortable sleeping spot. "We hunt early today, Link. " Vulx explained, helping the Hylian up properly.

"Oh, I thought yesterday's hunt was fine for a couple of days?" Link asked, though seeing the expressions on the two's faces, it got him a little concerned.

"Thief in the night, stole meat, fruit. Got nothing to eat in morning." Vulx explained sullenly.

That came as a shock, a thief? He felt uneasy to hear such news, what if the thief had tried to hurt the others, or worse, been able to kill them?

He brought that train of thought to a sudden stop, kill, the others? Why did he feel more concerned for the Bokoblin pack now?

"Help hunt, yeah?" Vulx asked him, he kept the torch in hand, the flame making their sillhoutes dance upon the cave walls around them, celebrating the light, with flickering shadow.

"Yeah... Yeah of course" Link found that agreeable, besides he wasn't sure if he could go back to sleep, knowing something out there had been stealing their food.

He tugged on his thick coat over his shirt, walking with the two out from the smaller chamber.

Already, he could see the Red Bokoblins had split up in smaller groups. Some stayed back with what looked like the young kin in their pack, while others had a weapon in hand, ready to leave as well.

"Vulx?" Link asked, looking at the other while the Red Bokoblins exited the cave.

He noticed that Vulx just looked up at him, showing Link he had his attention. "How much do we need?" The Hylian asked, extending a hand out to get a weapon himself.

A rusty sword and a dagger was provided to him, in which Link slipped the dagger into the sleeve on his thigh, ready for use.

"Vulx not sure, late night, animals sleeping." Vulx answered and he seemed drained himself. Link felt a bit of pity for him, he always seemed to be helping Oking to keep control over the pack, provide them the food they all needed to stay healthy and going.

The Hylian followed Vulx out, looking over at the Red Bokoblins that still huddled up in a part of the front cave. It was interesting how they always seem to be huddling like that, but then again, Link could understand why they would do that, as it was a freezing cold enviroment they lived in.

"North we go, hopefully animals not notice." Vulx spoke out, he made a grunt and squeal to the scout members of the pack he and Oking had picked out that should be going along with them.

The Hylian's eyes soon landed on Oking, seeing him dressed in a thicker fur, the crimson red eyes managed to be caught with his.

"We now go, Link." Vulx said, as he tugged on Link's sleeve, drawing the Hylian's atteniton away from Oking again "Yeah... I'm with you..." Link said, as he followed along.

Once they exited the cave, Link instantly felt the chill nip against his skin on his face. It was a good thing he had managed to get the clothing now, since he knew he would easily pass out in the snow if he had tried to get out there agian.

"Two group spread, Hylian go with me, Oking take others." Vulx explained while they had wandered further North. Link had tried to keep up the pace with them, but of course he wasn't used to the Snow region that much. He'd hardly explored the place... only been to the stable that had been located around there.

He watched as Oking took three other Bokoblins with him, as they walked further away and disappeared into the thick blizzard snow.

If Link just had his Shehika Slate, then things would have been easier for him at least. But, he had no idea where they'd taken it, nor if they even had it in their storage anymore. Perhaps it was thrown away as they saw it as a useless tool.

"Vulx?" Link asked, managing to draw up beside the Blue Bokoblin, he saw the creature turning to pay attention to Link.

"Uhm, when you and the pack... got me that day..." Link wasn't sure if he should use the word 'capture, or 'imprison'. Perhaps it might offend him someway or another.

Vulx seemed to still listen to what Link was trying to say and he waited for the Hylian to finish before he would even speak a word. He still showed a high respect for Link, despite the fact that Link was the one that was captured and held a there against his will.

"My things that you got from me, there was a small item in my belt." Link explained, also making a motion for where it could have been.

"Did you...throw that away?" He asked him, there was a hint of hope that maybe they had kept his precious tool.

Vulx looked at him for a moment, remembering back again to when they had taken Link with them. "Vulx believe... Oking kept items in chest, clothes thrown away." He uttered out. "But, Vulx not sure."

There was a little spark of hope in Link now, hope that he might be able to get his shiekha Slate back again and hope that he would be able to use it.

"Oking will answer, if Link ask." Vulx said calmly to him while he looked at Link with an expression that showed he was sure about it.

Link couldn't believe it, if he truly could get back the slate, he would be able to do so much more, it could even help and benefit the pack too.

After all, he had come to care a more for the pack, seeing their soft sides, seeing how they actually interacted around each other and showed a very pacifistic way of living too.

Link opened his mouth as he was about to speak once more, but he was cut short as he and Vulx heard a distress squeal from one of the other Bokoblins in the distance.

Link acted fast, Vulx was hardly able to keep up with him, as Link had ran ahead to see why the distress call had been used.

The thick blizzard storm made them unable to see more than a few inches in front of them. But once getting further ahead, they were able to see one of the shorter and younger scout members along with Oking in the snow, Oking was stood protectively in front of the young one before a huge creature.

Link couldn't make out the creature, not before he came close enough.

Oh no! Was there a lynel around here? How had he not noticed before now? While he had not explored the way around here, he never thought a Lynel would be around here in this cold.

The mighty creature had tried to hurt the Bokoblins, Link noticed how Oking took in a large attack, being cast away from the youngling where it squealed out once more in distress.

Link held out the rusty sword as he ran ahead, just as the Lynel was to hit the youngling, Link blocked it in time and took a fighting stance in front of it "T-Take it and run!" Link called out to Vulx and Oking. He manage to block off the Lynel and get it's attention on him. Link was thrown down into the snow, but he was quick enough and got up again from the snow and moved.

He felt his heart rate increase, whilst the Lynel started to run after him. It Roared, swinging the sword it held dangerously, and Link just barely manage to dodge it. He held the rusty sword once more, stopping and made to jump up higher. He blocked another attack, but was roughly thrown back again in the snow. Link tried to get up as fast as possible.

He suddenly saw the Lynel and was almost face to face, as a heavy huff left his lips. He felt a sudden warmth spreading around his stomach and abdomen, his blue eyes looked at the bewilded red eyes before him, the beast above him seemed to only want him slain

He couldn't... go down like this.

He had so much he needed to do, he had so much he needed to know, he needed to get through.

With tremendous effort Link let out another battle cry, he lifted his rusty sword and thrust it forward, managing to also get back an attack on the lynel.

The beast roared in pain and then withdraw his own weapon from Link's body, causing the already dangerous wound to flow slick with blood, too much blood.

Link felt weak and dizzy, he felt he might not be able to fight anymore against the Lynel, it was a strong creature after all and he'd hardly ever managed to slay one down before.

Link fell to his knees with a soft gasp of pain, vision growing blurry, the only thing that kept him up was the rusty sword he had stabbed down against the ground only moments ago, watching tiredly as the Lynel growled and looked down at him.

He expected another attack, but while trying to keep an eye on the mighty beast, he saw it turn and run away.

Why had it done that?

Link closed his eyes, feeling the cold from the snow and blizzard reaching him faster now than ever before, chilling him to the bone.

Was this really the end of him now? Well, at least he'd tried to protect one of the younglings of pack, showing some respect for those creatures he had once thought were no more than filfthy and a pest to the kingdom.

Oh how wrong he had been...

They just wanted peace after Link took down Calamity Ganon, maybe even before that. They had only done what they thought was best for their own pack and family.

They had protected their own when they thought Hylians were just killing them for fun, and hunting them for sport.

Link's body grew heavier, relaying more and more on his prop against the rusty sword, his eyes fluttered closed against his will as he fell into the snow, soaking the white coating of snow with his crimson red blood.

It cold, so cold, and getting colder the more of his life warmth seeped into the ice...

If there was one thing Prince Sidon had not expected, it was the Princess of Hyrule to come around for an unexpected visit to the Zora's Domain.

At the moment he stood a little in the back, watching the... well now queen speaking with his father, what the other things they were discussing were, was something that Sidon wasn't very clear about.

His thoughts had wandered somewhere else.

If Queen Zelda was here, shouldn't she be guided or lead there by The Champion Link?

Where was the Champion Link?

Worried, Sidon moved further away from the spot he had been watching them converse from.

"My prince, you look worried."

His thoughts faded again, hearing a familiar voice speaking to him. Looking a little down, he saw the elder Zora, Muzu looking at him with a concerned tilt to his aged brow.

He always had been one to care for the royal children for their king, Dorephan. Whenever the king had been busy and worried, Muzu had to take care of the royal children.

That meant, Mipha and Sidon.

How he missed his elder sister, Mipha had always been a grace to the kingdom, so lovely and helpful wherever she would set her fins.

"I am alright, Muzu. " Prince Sidon replied kindly "I do only find it very oddly that Queen Zelda is here. What are her wishes here and why is Champion Link not with her? It appears very odd for me that he's not here... is he hurt still?"

The prince had uttered his concerns very well, despite that Link before helped Zora's Domain and it's citizens, Muzu still had a grudge for how badly he had treated Mipha and how Link had been the fault for her death too.

He would always hold the grudge for him, and it pained him that Sidon had seemed to like the Hylian too. "It is better not to be concerned about it, my prince. Perhaps he's at the castle and resting like usual, the fight with Calamity Ganon might've exhausted him to the point he really needed the rest."

Of course, Muzu wouldn't really believe himself the way he spoke, he still spoke with a little resentment in his tone. But tried covering it as well as he now could.

Sidon knew, and sometimes he might not always want to speak with Muzu about the Hylian Link.

Every Zora in Zora's domain knew that Muzu will always have a hard time about Link, even if he had helped them before.

The taller prince looked back toward the throne room in which Dorephan and Zelda held their meeting. He had wanted to go and ask what the meaning of Link's absence was, but he didn't want to appear rude.

He just had a very bad feeling that something was up, yet he couldn't be 100 procent certain about it.

"Prince Sidon..." Muzu spoke once more, catching his prince's attention again.

"I believe it is wise for you to speak with your father after the meeting is done, you as always, don't have to figure out these things yourself." Muzu spoke with truth, even when Sidon was quite happy to figure out things without directly speaking to his father.

"No worries, Muzu, I know I can ask him, but I do not wish to burden my father whilst he's holding a meeting." Sidon spoke kindly back "I'll have a walk maybe clear my mind, please inform my father that I might be gone a couple of hours" He said while walking past Muzu, of course the elder Zora had no idea why Sidon would be gone for hours, but he had an idea of what the prince was up too.

It never surprised him, that the king's children had taken a very strong liking to the Champion Link. First Mipha, now Sidon. It broke Muzu's heart to know that neither of the royal children would set their eye on another Zora.

"One day... " He breathed out, before turning around, setting his back to the direction Sidon had gone "The fault will be the Champion's if the Zora's not gonna survive..."

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