Breath of the Beasts.

Defeating Calamity Ganon seem to have been one hell of a task. Link and Zelda is about to restore Hyrule back to what it once was, however, a Bokoblin Pack that seem clever than they are supposed to, might take a stop on the plans. ((This might contain sexual interaction between Link and Bokoblins, it is yet not decided, Don't like, don't read. ))


9. A royal help

Chapter 9.


"The wound has healed properly." Sidon clarified a couple of days later. Sidon's hand caress along the scar on the Hylian's stomach, seeing as it had been healed up properly and just had the mere white line of a scar by now. Almost as if it was months old.

"Thank you for your help, Sidon." Link replied, he got onto his feet and grabbed his shirt. At the corner of his eye, he could see Vulx observing them too, but Link was able to tell that Vulx was worried.

Perhaps he had spent so much time around Vulx that he noticed the expressions the Bokoblin would show once in a while.

He must admit, he had been able to spot whenever Vulx came with good news or bad news to him whenever he had spoken with Oking, or if Kagan had been on the tyrannic run again around the pack, even gotten near Link without permission from Oking.

Sidon must've noticed the look between Link and Vulx, as he cleared his throat and got onto his feet himself. "Perhaps you'll join me on a little walk to get food for the both of you, Link?" Sidon requested ever so kindly.

He had to try and get Link a little alone too, he had so many questions, but also wanted to hear what Link had to say when he wasn't observed by the Bokoblin.

"You can stay in here Vulx, it's best you are not being seen by the guards around here."

Both Link and Vulx had looked up at the prince, it took less than a minute before Vulx made a nod in agreement.

"Fine, hurry back?" Vulx requested.

"Won't be long, I promise." Link said as he gave the Bokoblin a small smile, seeing that Sidon already went ahead to the door, in Which Link followed along.

He could feel the Zora prince had something he wanted to talk about, call it a six sense perhaps. "Sidon I-"

"You are reckless, Link."

Link stopped talking, looking up at the tall Zora with a questioned look upon his face. The prince must've spotted it from the corner of his eyes too, yet he kept his gaze ahead, arms folded on his back while he strolled along with Link through the hallway.

" Queen Zelda had been around our Domain before, requesting for our help in search for the pack that 'Killed' you. " Sidon explained, his gaze finally went down to Link while the Zora came to a stop.

"Why does she believe you are dead, Link? Why is the Bokoblin able to talk? Why are you with them? Why do they care?"

There were so many questions at once throwing at Link, he almost wasn't certain what he should be saying at this point. Instead, he took a deep breath, his hand placed on Sidon's arm in a relaxing way. Almost to reassure Sidon things were alright.

"It's... a long story. And that includes my own choices too." He exclaimed.

"I got time..." Sidon let his larger hand place on top of Link's as he knelt down in front of him, being on eye level with the Hylian by now. It properly took Link by surprise, but the Prince truly looked at him with great concern.

Link glanced down, unable to speak for a couple of seconds, but very slowly, he started to explain.

The Hylian truly knew this wasn't the best of ways to tell the Prince that, at first he had been kidnapped by the Pack but... after a bit of time, he had adjusted himself among them. But, what seemed to take the prince by surprise himself, was the smallest detail that Link explained by the end.

"I feel free..." The Hylian breathed out in a shaky breath.

"Free...?" Sidon questioned, his head cocked slightly to the side. Seeing Link nodded, he then explained. "Queen Zelda wants me to marry her and be her king, it means... no more running out, no more fighting outside the castle. I'll means my time outside will be very limited unless I have to visit someone or do things that a king is supposed to do." Link exclaimed in a worried tone.

"I'm not... I'm not ready for that, I never will be. I can't be bound to a throne, I can't do what a King is supposed to do and... She won't understand, she doesn't understand" Link said to Sidon "The day I was taken by the Bokoblins, it's another perspective of all what's going on. I... I feel hopeless." he whispered.

Link felt Sidon's large hands resting upon his shoulders all of sudden, which he could feel held a great comfort to them as well. The gaze the prince made on him was soft and understanding.

"Even the word hopeless is not devoid of hope, Link," Sidon spoke softly. "I understand what you are going through. The position of being King scares you and not being able to be free and wild as you want to be."

Sidon brushed his thumb along Link's cheek, wiping away a fallen tear Link didn't even know fell from his eyes. "I wish to help, Link. But I also worry about your safety. It is true that I spoke with your.. friend." he said, gazing down the hallway for a moment before his eyes went back again to Link.

"He spoke also of great concern for you after the Lynel attack. He's done a terrible thing that goes against the pack itself. But, If you wish to continue being among them, I wish to help you stay that way if it makes you happy."

For the first time, Link felt a weaker part of him had to burst out. Someone understood what he really went through what he wanted to do and why he didn't want to return back to Zelda. Sidon wouldn't force him to get into a place that would curse him to be unhappy. He wanted Link to stay in a place where he can do what he truly wants.

The Hylian latched his arms around Sidon's neck, hugging him close. The small body trembled lightly as Sidon could hear the silent sobs, his own arms wrapped around Link's body, keeping the Hylian close against his chest.

"It's going to be alright, Link. Come now, we'll get some food for you and your friend, then you should be off to the pack again." Sidon spoke with such kindness in his voice.

After a little time, Link let his arms unwrap from Sidon and nodded in agreement. As if it had been a sign, his stomach even rumbled to show he was hungry.


A knocking on the door brought the Prince, the Hylian and the Bokoblin to silence within the room, by instinct, the Bokoblin went on to hide and for the odd reason too, so did Link. A guard entered the room by the mere second Link was out of sight.

"My prince, Queen Zelda and her guards have arrived at the domain."

The news brought Sidon to a lot of questions. It wasn't too long ago she's been around to ask for aid to get the Bokoblin pack hunted down, but now? What would she want now?

"She's requesting for you to the meeting with your father too." He exclaimed to the Prince.

"Very well." Sidon replied "Tell them I'll be there in a short moment. I just need to tend for a small thing, then I shall be there." he promised. The guard made a light bow at Sidon before he turned and walked out the room, closing the door behind him.

"I had a thought that she would come around, looking for you again," Sidon spoke out, once knowing the guard was out of hearing range.

"She's been here before?" Link questioned, he moved out from his hiding spot along with Vulx.

"She has, her rage is cast upon your newfound friends. The Bokoblins." Sidon exclaimed, his expression showed a bit of worry "She believes you are dead, her search for revenge is high and her mind properly has no common sense in her." He told him.

Link looked a little worried, he cleared his throat as he looked from Sidon to Vulx. "Run, we should..." Vulx said to Link "Warn Oking and others."

"I... agree..." Link murmured, his blue eyes went back again to Sidon. "What do you plan on telling her?" If it had not been because of his own expression, Sidon might never have guessed there was a big worry going over the Hylian.

The prince looked out the nearest window, he was silent for a couple of seconds, before he opened his mouth and said: "I shall not speak of you being here or how I found you near death bed either." Prince Sidon promised. "But you must run, hide and get the others out of her sight." He said while he stood and moved over to Link.

Sidon knelt down in front of him, so they almost were on eye level with one and another. "You've saved Zora's Domain, defeated Ganondorf. You've done so much more around Hyrule that no one asked you to do, but you merely did because who else would take up such big fights?" he asked but smiled and had a soft chuckle "I am forever in your debt and I wish you happiness and not misery. "

Link gave a small smile as he moved up and wrapped his arms around Sidon's neck, hugging him tightly. He felt the huge strong arms wrap around his small body too, returning the embrace.

"If she gets me, I know I'll not be happy returning back to the castle with her..." the whispering words came out and Sidon could feel that Link truly wouldn't be happy if Zelda got her hands on him. "I belong in the's where I feel free and happy."

"I'll keep her distracted for an hour, you gotta run far and ahead so she can't trace you," Sidon said while he leaned back and held Link out arm's length. "I'll get you and Vulx a bag of resources for your trip, food and all. A cloak too for you to hide in. After that, you and Vulx will run along and get back. Find another hiding spot for the pack." he whispered.

Link nodded as he looked back at Vulx while Sidon let go of him. "Ready for this too?" he asked. "Vulx, always ready to return back. But...fear Oking's judgement of disobeying. " Vulx looked brave while he spoke, yet even Link could see the small fear of the leader's judgement upon him.

"I'll talk with him... You did what you had to try and save your last chance of survival, I can't judge you for that and nor should he" Link exclaimed.

Vulx nodded, his gaze went to the door where the Prince left just a few minutes ago. "He smart one... very nice Allie..."

"He's not an Allie, he's a friend." Link corrected with a kind smile.


"On time you would arrive, Prince Sidon," Zelda spoke loud and clear when Sidon came around. "My deep apology, Queen Zelda. I had a small task I had to look for." Sidon apologized, he let a hand rest on his chest to his heart where he made a slight bow to her.

"You've returned again I see, for what reason is the honour of your visit this time?" Sidon asked her.

"There are signs, that Link is possibly alive," Zelda spoke to them, her gaze wandered around to the Zora's but mostly they ended on Sidon. "A Lynel has been slaughtered by a blonde Hylian who wielded a sword." She explained to them.

"And what proof is there that the blonde Hylian is The Hero Link?" Dorephan asked, his gaze stayed on the Queen and seeing her facial expression told both him and his son a lot. She was determined to find the truth, the find Link and slaughter the Pack.

"Witnesses claim they saw the Hero, and who else in the whole Hyrule Region would even be able to take down a Lynel?" Zelda asked them both, her voice stern and serious in her claim. "Other warriors could take it as a task of strength to slay down a Lynel, while others might find it as a stupid doing," Dorephan claimed.

"I came here to ask for aid." Zelda said to them "Eyes over Hyrule. Zora's searching near the waters to see if those..."

Zelda came to hold as Sidon held his hand up, silence her before she could continue. "I am certain that our people would help you when you search for aid, Queen Zelda. But as I am next in Line to Zora's Domain, I also will take a decision now." Sidon said to her.

"Our people is still recovering from the Calamity Sir Ganondorf cast upon Hyrule. We are still very few in our soldiers and having all out soldiers out on a scout and watch for The Champion Link, who you last time claimed to be dead and swore your revenge on those who killed him." Sidon spoke calmly. "Forgive me, but doesn't that sound... odd even for you, my Queen?" he asked her.

Zelda felt her cheeks going a little red, being called out like that wasn't very fun nor showed how her mind still was fogged with rage and revenge.

"I want revenge..." She said in a cool tone. "I want them dead and I want them to suffer. They are the last pack of Bokoblins out there and if we don't find them, they'll spawn more and more around the place and once more they'll try slaughter everything and everyone that gets within their sight." The harsh words came from her while she walked closer to Sidon, her gaze cold as ice.

"I do not only ask for aid to search for Link. I ask for aid to find the Pack, slaughter them so they won't ever return again and take down our village and lands." She said to him. "Refuse me aid and-

"And what, your grace?" Dorephen asked, his eyes looked at her curiously at this point. "You claim war upon people who never harmed you once?" He asked

"You have to Dawn to answer my call of aid..." Zelda told them, she turned away from both of them and walked toward the exit.

Sidon exhaled shakily while looking at the exit she disappeared out from.

"She's a feisty one, my son. In her blindness of rage and revenge, she's not showing signs of clearing mind or reason" Dorephen exclaimed "She's blinded by it, father. But what do you advice us to do?" Sidon replied concerningly.

Dorephan too looked like he considered the options that they had. With Zelda blinded like this and knowing she can't see reason with them either. War could come upon their Domain, which neither of them, in the end, would want.

"Let her have a couple of our people to scout out, if you wish, you can be a part of it too, my son." He claimed in the end.

Sidon had glanced the way Zelda excited just moments before "I believe I would like to help out then. Someone is going to watch over our people too."

"Then it is decided," Dorephan claimed.

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