The First Game

How was the first hunger games?


1. the Reaping

Today it was the day of the reaping. No one really knew what it was. They said it was to celebrate That the war was over. It had been one year since the war ended, exactly one year. but somehow I was kinda scared because I felt like something was wrong. Normally the capitol wouldn't care much about other districts, the only thing they care about is the things we provide them. In District 11 we provide grains so you would think we get loads of food, but we aren't allowed to eat any. If we eat any of it, we will get whipped in the public square. I haven't had any food today but it's only ten so yeah. The only foods me and my family get is the food I find in the forest outside the district. if the peace keepers find me out there I will get killed. me and my best friend Caleb always hunt together. I'm really good with a bow and he knows a lot about traps. I wonder if I have the time to hunt a bit before the reaping. 

"why not?" said Caleb. I looked over my shoulder and saw Caleb outside my window. I immediately ran outside "hi," I said "let's go, no wasting time," he said. we walked to the forest cause we didn't want to seem desperate because then we might get caught. after we had hunted for a little while, we went home to bathe and get some clean clothes on because we wanted to look good because it was on live tv. The bell rang and it was time to go. When we came we were put in different lines after age. I was put with the other 16-year-olds. then a lady walked up to the stage she knocked on the microphone. I have never seen anyone dressed so funny before

"Attention everyone," she said "and welcome to the first year of hunger games ever, you will tribute a young man and woman to fight against 22 other tributes to death one man or woman will come back and live the rest of their lives in fame and peace" I was really scared I had already figured that if I was chosen I was going to die. "okay let's pick a girl first" she drawed a little note from the basked "Hazzel Ambergaze come on up here" she said. I froze it felt like hours before I started walking up the stage.

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