The Hunted

A boy, thought to be dead, marked to die learns about his powers. The beginning of war coming straight for him, pushing him to learn about his heritage. Seeking refuge with the one who can teach him all he needs, he and his friend run for the teacher, meeting few friends who can help him battle the foes.


2. Secrets

     "Jona! Jona! Jona! Wake up!" someones muffled yells become painfully clear to my ears. Rolling off of the bed away from the yells, my head smacks the wood floor with a loud bang. Hearing my roommates laughter I bolt up glaring at him as I launch myself between the two bunks, tackling him to the ground.

     "Filtiarn! You thick headed idiot!" I scream at him as I pin him to the ground, my knee on his chest. Expecting this he brings one arm up to block my fist as he uses his other to grab my shoulder flipping me over his head onto my back. Both of us get up quickly, I run at him again as he pulls both arms up to block my fist and again. As I make contact he brings his leg up to kick me to the side when I hear a snap from him, right after this before he kicks me away someone wrenches us apart by the collars of our shirt. We are thrown to opposite walls hitting them at the same time. For the second time that morning I hit my head, making black spots swarm the edges of my vision.

     "What has gotten into the both of you! Jona," she looks at me with a glare that can make a dragon cower before looking to her right, "and you Filtiarn? You are both late for training! Three hours late! Now, if you two are done fighting I suggest you finish the three-mile run and get to the training field before I do! If not, there will be consequences!" she finishes in a quieter but a much more menacing tone at the end. Turning around to walk out of the cabin she calls over her shoulder, "Your time starts now," she says as she walks through the open door.

    Sharing a glance Filtiarn and I bolt around the room grabbing all of my armor, weapons, and various training items before running out the door. As we go I put on my leather armor, tightening it, before I put my shirt on over it, attaching my weapons in the end. Running faster than we have in a while we watch our surrounding pass by in blurs as we weave around trees, bushes, and pack members as we jump over fallen logs and circle the human territories. We ran must of the way before slowing down to jog the last couple of meters. Falling into step with Filtiarn we began to slow our slightly fast-paced breathing back to a more calm and controlled level.

     Looking over at Filtiarn I notice he as his left arm pulled close to his torso, deciding not to say anything I start to look forward when he looks at me with a serious stare, "Jona, I know you can't smell it, but there's a rouge nearby. And there's a fresh sent of blood as well," I nod telling him to finish his thoughts, "I hope you brought your special blades."

     I give him a slightly offended look, "You of all people should know I don't take them off anymore. Not after the last time I left them behind. Have more faith in my abilities to be prepared for everything," I tell him in a low tone so only he can hear me, which he nod in response to.

     Looking forward he is about to say something when a black wolf attacks him from one of the bushes. The wolf pins him to the ground bitting onto his neck to keep him in place. I draw my stealth daggers from the sheaths strapped to my forearms, getting into a defensive position as I ready myself to attack when I am attacked from behind. As I am pushed to the ground I spin to face my attacker, landing pinned down on my back by a large black wolf with the same eyes as all those years ago from the river bank. I stop everything as I am pulled back to that night, the mark on my neck burning as I feel a surge of heat goes through me. My sigh sharpened, smell strengthened, and my ability to feel whats around me heightened. Being pulled back to the present, I ready myself to strike as the feeling inside of me strengthens in my hands as my blades gain a red hue with orange tints to them. The hew surrounds the blades and moves like a fire, slashing at the wolf pinning me down it jumps away missing a fatal wound. Kicking up I flip myself back onto my feet noticing a new slash mark going down the right side of its face crossing over one eye. The smell of singed fur taints the air as I ready myself to attack the one holding Filtiarn. Glancing out the corner of my eye I see blood running down his neck when all of a sudden Alpha launches out of the bushes attacking the wolf that was on me. Looking over I see Adolpha's, our trainer, mate bite onto the one pinning Filtiarn down. The Beta pulls him away from him as I go over to make sure he's alright.

     Alpha shifts back to his human form standing between us and the blue-eyed wolf, "Stay away from him Imorine! You know the laws!"

     The wolf, Imorine, steps back shifting into her human form as I help Filtiarn back onto his feet, "You of all living thing, Merblan. You are the last thing I would have expected to take in my son," she shakes her head at him. We move a bit to the right, away from Beta and the other wolf, and stand farther back behind Alpha. Looking at the woman the only thing I see are the eyes of my past.

     Backing away into the forest without the others noticing, I turn and run as fast as I can to my personal training ground. As I run away I hear someone yelling my name as I flee before all I can hear is my heart hammering in my ears. I sprint for a long while vision focused in front of me in the direction I need to go to get to all the special weapons I made for myself. Running I don't care about how loud I am or whats around me as I tear through bushes and branches, not stopping to see how close to the humans I am or if I am being followed. My eyes stay front and lock on the tree I am looking for, that holds all of my weapons and poisons. I run straight for it and leap up to the first branch a good ten feet above my head. Jumping up the tree I climb up to the circle of branches that form a makeshift armory with a trunk of weapons, bows, sheaths full of arrows hanging from branches, a stand with my black armor, and several small shelves of poisons and antidotes all in the top branches.

     Moving over to my armor I find a folded piece of paper with my name on it tucked into the black shoulder plates. I shove it into my pocket and pull on my armor, tightening it up once its all in place. Moving swiftly I put on the sheaths and bags to hold my weapons, poisons, and antidotes.

     Placing the last sword in place I jump down from the tree calculating how far I am from the nearest human territory. Once on the ground, I take off kicking dirt up as I sprint at full speed hoping to break through the border before anyone notices my plans and comes to stop me.

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